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Daata Editions Launching May 14 – Press Release

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Daata Editions

A new online platform for the sale of artist commissioned video sound and web art editions

Launching May 14, 2015


Launch during May art fairs in New York include a viewing area at NADA, and programming partnerships with Salon 94 and Soho House New York.

New York  (April 17, 2015) – Daata Editions is a new online platform dedicated to the support, promotion and collecting of artists’ digital moving image and sound. This new and innovative way to collect art is designed specifically to be a native platform to a new generation of artists who are working with video, sound, and web (mediums), and which are not easily exhibited in the traditional gallery context. Daata Editions is founded and directed by curator David Gryn, and developed by London based web agency Studio Scasascia. Daata was born of a need seen by Gryn via his work as a curator, noticing the concerns of galleries, institutions, and collectors interested in artists working in moving image and sound. Daata Editions is a remedy to this, a new business that commissions and empowers artists to develop new work, and creates a seamless and playful platform for collectors and viewers to access and experience this material.    

Launch Commissions 

Daata Editions will be launching by commissioning 18 artists to create six new – video, sound or web artworks each.  All of the works, each in an edition of 20, will be available online for sale and research. The website is designed to be an easy to use and aesthetically appealing interface for collectors to browse and acquire the works. The Daata Editions website is ideal for these works, as a native platform, Daata presents digital commissions for digital distribution.

The first group of artists commissioned to create new artworks for the launch of Daata Editions are: Ilit Azoulay, Helen Benigson, David Blandy, Matt Copson, Ed Fornieles, Leo Gabin, Daniel Keller & Martti Kalliala, Lina Lapelyte, Rachel Maclean, Florian Meisenberg, Takeshi Murata, Hannah Perry, Jon Rafman, Charles Richardson, Amalia Ulman, Stephen Vitiello, and Chloe Wise. In addition to the commissioned editions available for purchase, all subscribers to the platform will receive a free Jon Rafman artwork, made specifically for Daata Editions launch. Art writer and curator Lucy Chinen has written the first texts for the website. 

Launch Programs and Events

Daata Editions is launching in NY during the week of the Frieze Art Fair, May 11 to 17, 2015, with a series of events, including a collaborative viewing area at NADA New York (May 14-17) and a Frieze Art Fair brunch, hosted by renowned collector and philanthropist Anita Zabludowicz at the Neue House VIP lounge in association with the Frieze VIP program on May 16. In addition, passers by on the Lower East Side can enjoy a month long screening on the Salon 94 video wall on the Bowery, next to the New Museum, and another month long screening program will be at Soho House, New York, running from May 11 to June 15, 2015.  

About The Team

Daata Editions’ team has a strength of experience and credibility that is unique in our art meets digital world and aims to create a marketplace platform that will be a fun experience as well as educational. Daata Editions’ Director, David Gryn of Artprojx and Curator of Film, Art Basel in Miami Beach has a strong reputation worldwide in producing, curating and promoting artists’ audio visual projects and events that have consistently excited and attracted large audiences and introduced new audiences to the arts. Responsible for the design and development of the platform is London-based Studio Scasascia, who have extensive experience in cutting edge web development for international clients including Damien Hirst’s Other Criteria, Berlin Biennale, Sounds of the Universe and the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.

For more information, please visit www.daata-editions.com

Media Contact

Molly Rowe / Andrew Huff
Third Eye
molly@hellothirdeye.com / andrew@hellothirdeye.com


Diaspora @ the V&A – Fri 17 April from 6.30pm

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Diaspora:Staying Power #4

DIASPORA at the V & A
Fri 17 April 2015 18:30 – 22:00

Join the Shrine Synchro System and their guests as their musical installations celebrate and animate the history of the struggle, splendour and success of black communities across the UK from the 1950’s to present day.

Join the amazing Errollyn Wallen around a grand piano singing Tottenham Tunes; fix up, look sharp at the 70s inspired Caribbean barbershop; exult in the Gospel of the promenading IDMC choir; soak up the cool of bluesy rock with one-man-band Lewis Floyd Henry, hang out at Larry Achiampong’s Song for my Mama installation, and celebrate the legendary sound system culture of the late great Duke Vin with a DJ set that hits the spot with Rita Ray and Max Reinhardt.



Thanks to all the stunning artists and contributors, Jack-arts.com and Artprojx.com


Diaspora @ The V&A feat Larry Achiampong

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Scan 20

Song for my Mama by Larry Achiampong

Diaspora @ The V&A 17/04/15
The Shrine & The V&A Present
Friday 17th April 2015
The V&A
The Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL
The Shrine Synchro System’s Musical Installations celebrate and animate the history of the struggle, splendour and success of black communities across the UK from the 1950’s to present day at The V&A.

Join the amazing Errollyn Wallen around a grand piano; fix up, look sharp at Faisal’s barbershop; exult in the Gospel of the promenading IDMC; hang out at Larry Achiampong’s African Soul Food Hot Spot [Artprojx] plus 21st Century street music from Lewis Floyd Henry’s One Man Psych Band.

FREE Entry

More Info

‘Song for my Mama’ by Larry Achiampong is a new multi-sensorial installation – meeting the aural, visual and gustatory senses in a memory – based artwork that retrospectively (re)visits, the Larry’s childhood and relationship with his mother and her efforts to single-handedly create a home of love and familiarity for her 3 children, whilst being surrounded by poverty and prejudice in east London between the 80s and 90s.

The work entails the artist playing multiple sets of records from his mother’s record collection upon the backdrop of a visual installation that memorises a sequence of events; the artist’s mother’s recipe and method for preparing a favourite West African dish – jollof rice, and the gathering of people at traditional Ghanaian events i.e. wakes and naming ceremonies.

Larry Achiampong is a British-Ghanaian artist who has exhibited, performed and presented projects in various institutions within the UK and abroad including Tate Britain/Modern; London, Hauptbahnhof (dOCUMENTA 13); Kassel, Iniva; London, ICA; London, Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Project Space; London Westergasfabriek; Amsterdam, Ausland; Berlin, Sound at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014 curated by David Gryn and the Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation; Accra.









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