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Waltzing, Driving and Reflections at Art Basel Miami Beach

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 programming and events

TONIGHT – Thursday December 6 at 8pm and 9pm

ART VIDEO NIGHTS at Art Basel Miami Beach

For the outdoor screenings at the New World Center, David Gryn of Artprojx has selected eight programs running over four nights.

Location: New World Center, SoundScape Park, 500 17th Street, Miami Beach
Admission to Art Video Nights is FREE.

Thursday December 6 at 8pm – Universal, Dreams & Anthems 

Animation blends with live-action, fiction with history, the earthly and the sublime. The program concludes with a grand finale: an unusual rendering of the American national anthem.
Mauricio Lupini | Repeat after reading (BADA DIDI), 2006, 58” | Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo
Drew Heitzler and Sam Sharit | ZERO, 2012, 2’30” | Blum & Poe
Josiah McElheny | Island Universe, 2005-08, 19′ | White Cube
Daniel Steegmann Mangrane | 16mm, 2008/11, 4’52” | Mendes Wood
Pedro Reyes | Baby Marx TV Series (Episode 1: On Surplus Value), 2011, 7’04” | Labor
Ruben Ortiz Torres, Emmanuel Lubezki | Como TV, 1985, 3’31” | Galería OMR
David Zink Yi | Huyano y fuga detras, 2005, 3’43” | Johann König; Hauser & Wirth
Chen Xiaoyun | Love You Big Boss, 2007, 4′ | ShanghART & H Space

Thursday December 6 at 9pm – Waltzing, Driving & Reflections
Dancing, driving, flying through the air: in one way or another, the films in this section feature movement as a formal device or a theme, with a nod to the history of the cinema and the history of music.

Mauricio Lupini | Repeat after reading (DIBA DUDA), 2006, 55” | Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo
David Adamo | Anniversary Waltz, 2007, 3’54” | Ibid
Jesper Just | Sirens of Chrome, 2010, 12’38” | James Cohan Gallery, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Galerie Perrotin
Jack Early | What to do with a drunken sailor?, 2011, 5’44” | McCaffrey Fine Art
Takeshi Murata and Billy Grant | Night Moves, 2012, 6’01” | Salon 94
Terence Gower | New Utopias, 2010, 17′ | Labor
Susanna Wallin | Echo Park, 2012, 2′ | Courtesy of the artist
Sefer Memişoğlu | Breeze, 2011, 8’18” | NON
Michael Sailstorfer | Raketenbaum, 2007, 1’30” | Johann König

also today

ART SALON at 4pm

Artist Talk | The Poetics of Enchantment
Jesper Just, Artist, New York. in conversation with David Gryn, Curator of Art Video, Founder of Artprojx



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