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Daata Editions New Artist Releases & NADA Miami – Coming Soon – Press Release Info

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Daata Editions is excited to announce the forthcoming release on Dec 5 of new artworks by Ollie Dook (trailer), Jakob Kudsk Steensen & Puck Verkade (trailer), along with new works selected for Daata’s Curated section by Bob Bicknell-Knight with artists featuring in Flow My Tears; Shamus Clisset, Stine Deja, Bex Ilsley, Rustan Söderling and Thomas Yeomans, to coincide with Daata featuring at NADA Miami in December 2018.

Puck 1

Image: Puck Verkade, Lucy Live, Courtesy of the artist and Daata Editions

Daata Editions at NADA Miami, 6-9 December 2018, Ice Palace Studios, 1400 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33136 www.newartdealers.org/

Daata at NADA will feature new artist releases on framed iPads in the Daata Editions booth 3.01. Animal Charms, features the newly commissioned artworks by Ollie Dook (Animal Stories), Jakob Kudsk Steensen (REWILDLING) and Puck Verkade (Lucy Live), each in their own way deal with themes of evolution, extinction, preservation and new alternatively reconstructed realities where the boundaries between animal and human are blurred as part of the contemporary experience.

The works will all be available to view and buy online on December 5.

Jakob Kudsk Steensen’s video work for Daata, REWILDLING, will be on show simultaneously in conjunction with RE-ANIMATED, Kudsk Steensen’s first institutional solo show in Denmark, taking place at Tranen in Copenhagen, and curated by Toke Lykkeberg.

Daata Editions x Vanity Projects are delighted to present Puck Verkade on view at both Vanity Projects Miami and Vanity Projects NYC coinciding with the presentation at NADA. Puck’s new artwork Lucy Live will also be part of Verkade’s solo presentation at Forde in Geneva, opening on Dec 6. Puck Verkade TRAILER

Ollie Dook and his Daata commissioned works Animal Stories will feature in a group show Silly Symphony including artists; Dook, Andy Holden, Bobby, Philippe and Sputnik, Dec 8 –  Jan 5 at Ex-Baldessare in Bedford. Ollie Dook Trailer

At NADA Miami, Daata will also show new composite artwork of Tracey Emin’s six Daata Editions commissioned sound poems and will be playing Jacolby Satterwhite’s suite of eight videos En Plein Air Abstraction.

A new curated online playlist by Bob Bicknell-Knight Flow My Tears featuring artists Shamus Clisset, Stine Deja, Bex Ilsley, Jillian Mayer, Jonathan Monaghan, Rustan Söderling and Thomas Yeomans will also be available to view online. Flow My Tears TRAILER

Full Press Release attached, more information and images HERE

Daata Editions

New Art Dealers (NADA)


Blink Burn – The Pratt and New World Symphony Collaboration – Miami Beach – Dec 7

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Pratt x New World Symphony present

A unique performance during Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017
Followed by a cocktail reception co-hosted by Pratt Alumni Miami Network

Thursday, December 7
6pm Performance
7pm Reception

SunTrust Pavilion, New World Center, 500 17th Street, Miami Beach

Free and open to the public; reservations and more information at



Please join us for BLINK, BURN, a new addition to the landscape of Art Basel in Miami Beach. This collaboration between Pratt Institute and New World Symphony (NWS) explores the creative possibilities that emerge when film/video artists engage deeply with sound artists/musicians. This yearlong collaboration, conceived by David Gryn, curator of Film & Sound for Art Basel in Miami Beach and Director of Daata Editions, will culminate in a high-profile visual/aural event on December 7 during Art Basel in Miami Beach. It will feature original video work by select Pratt students accompanied by NWS fellows’ live sound performance.


BLINK, BURN, led by Lisa Crafts at Pratt and Michael Linville at NWS and London based artist Molly Palmer, encompasses four different video and musical pieces that explore the general theme of human impact and the multifaceted, complicated nature of humanity.


Composed by Christopher Hernacki (Bass Trombone Fellow) and Zach Manzi(Clarinet Fellow)
Performed by Nick Castellano (Horn Fellow), Christopher Hernacki and Zach Manzi
Moving Images by Alexander Mejia with creative partner Sieanna Janae Williams

Lifeblood is an exploration of urban existentialism through the depiction of the interior and exterior spaces we inhabit; a suggestion of the relationship between our biology and the structures around us. This piece features sequences of textured video layers, cutouts and deep instrumentation to weave the genetic fabric of our collective experience.

Zodiac Suite

Performed by Andrew Chilcote (Bass Fellow)
Moving Images by Lou Goncalves

Zodiac is a textured moving image work that interacts with a live performance to create a dialogue between the sound and the image. It combines hand–processed 16mm film and handmade colored pencil drawings with digital software. The style, color and timing of the images were inspired by the musical momentum, intensity and notations of Lucas Drew’s Zodiac Suite as performed by Andrew Chilcote.

Ex Materia

Mary Reed (Bass Fellow): performing her original composition: Cosmicomics
Moving Images: Natalie Carvallo, Emma Dold, Holly Durgan, Lauren Kolar

The cyclical nature of creation and destruction is explored in this scrolling exquisite corpse. Ex Materia combines stop-motion, hand drawn animation, collage and live action video to create an otherworldly universe inspired the hypnotic composition Cosmicomics by Mary Reed.


Utopia, composed by Ludek Wojtkowski (Violin Fellow)
Moving Image by Christopher Rutledge with creative partner Lauren Pedrosa

What will happen after sea levels rise? What life will emerge from a post-human climate? Through animation, drone footage shot over Miami and a combination of live and pre-composed audio, Utopia addresses these questions.


Conception idea:

The idea to bring both entities together has emerged after my many years of working with Art Basel in Miami Beach as both Film and Sound Curator, and hosting the screening program taking place in Soundscape Park at the New World Symphony. It is aimed at the empowerment of students and future artists at the time of the annual city’s focus of the art fair and bring student bodies together to explore true collaboration, which for any filmmaking and most creative disciplines is so valuable and vital. (David Gryn)

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 22.55.26

Film & Sound at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017

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Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 14.58.59

Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017 – Trailer

From December 7 to December 9, 2017, Art Basel will present a premier program of film and video works that focus on the universal language of dance and movement. Selected from the show’s participating galleries by David Gryn, Director of Daata Editions and Artprojx, this year’s program will present films by artists Jibade-Khalil Huffman (Anat Ebgi), Jen DeNike (Anat Ebgi) and Tin Ojeda (303), as well as a series of short films by Robert Stiegler, Samantha Hill, Morton & Millie Goldsholl, Ruth Page, Larry Janiak, Helen Morrison & Sybil Shearer, Helen Morrison & Sybil Shearer, Latham Zearfoss all from the Chicago Film Archives (Corbett Vs. Dempsey) collection. Sound is by Hans Berg (Gio Marconi, Lisson). These featured artist programs take place at SoundScape Park, New World Symphony, Miami Beach.


In addition, Marian Masone, New York-based film curator, has selected ‘Boom For Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat’ (2017), directed by Sara Driver, for a special cinema screening. Art Basel, whose Lead Partner is UBS, takes place from December 7 to December 10, 2017 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Full Press Release: ABMB_2017_l_Film_announcement

Chicago Film Archives


Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 14.36.46

Image still: Free Jazz Vein 2017, Tin Ojeda (303 Gallery)

David Gryn Interview on Artload

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Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 15.41.22

The Artload interview, David Gryn

David is Founder/Director of Daata Editions and Artprojx and is Curator of Film & Sound, Art Basel in Miami Beach.

Interviewed by Artload’s Vivian Gandelsman

See full interview here: http://artload.com/video/david-gryn


Music in Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016 – playlist 1

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The Music in Film & Sound at Art Basel in Miami Beach

selected by David Gryn, Daata Editions

We screen works on the vast wall of the New World Symphony Center designed by Frank Gehry and utilize the 160 speaker surround sound system based in Soundscape Park – it is a natural and rather obvious environment to consider music as a focus. This year I selected artworks that employ the universal language of music and choreography.

I view my role as that of a facilitator, aiming to get the best outcome for the constituent galleries, artists, art fair, venue, city and the various audiences. I look for simple triggers to encourage galleries to submit related work and aim to show as much varied material as possible, offering maximum opportunities for exhibition of artwork beyond the confines of the Art Basel in Miami Beach Art Fair in the Convention Center. My goal is also to show work that will excite and engage the widest possible audience.

In considering the programming around artists and their use of music, I realised that certain music lingers in my head and over many decades, including: music that is fairly dark, somber and yet remains deeply life affirming, and artists as diverse as Augustus Pablo, Philip Glass, Chopin, Arvo Part, and Eleni Karaindrou. This abstract and instinctive logic formed by rhythms, repetitions, echoes, depth of bass, shifts in keys and chord progressions are some of the musical elements that drive my selection processes. I am often attracted by artworks that affect me like certain music does; a thud in my chest, reverberations through my body, tingles down my neck and spine. I definitely make my selection decisions on how a moving image artwork sounds.

“How do we arrive at these decisions or indeed make them” – so I posed this question to myself – while planning my process for selection this year. So I asked galleries to consider their artists who have made Film/Sound works that connect to music in any way. But in posing this – I had to think how does music influence me and my decision making. 

How do I stay integrity driven to myself and how do I make a programme that makes sense from so many different submitted artworks, albeit all moving image – but that and their music is the only true common thread (but common enough ….)

So I decided to plan a programme that I have always wanted to do. That takes numerous artworks and builds musical/sound crescendo from their composite sounds and creates an overall viewing/listening experience – that may enable the audience to engage and experience much like they might at a classical concert, piano recital or a heavyweight dub sound system (via one piece of music or a selected combination of musical tracks).

Now – I don’t know if I will or have achieved my goal in terms of the best possible output – but I have started a process that will lead my decision making processes hereonin.


brain pattern no 1

Aint no Sunshine, Best Dressed Chicken in Town – Dr Alimantado, Horace Andy, Lee Perry


The Orphée Suite for Piano- II. Orphée’s Bedroom – Philip Glass


Baby I love you so/King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown – Jacob Miller, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby


By the sea (Eternity and a Day)  – Eleni Karaindrou 


Lets Live in Love, Dub – Horace Andy, Wackies


Fur Alina – Arvo Part 


Rise & Shine, dub – Bunny Wailer


Variations – Howard Skepton


Earth Wind & Fire, Dub – Paul Blackman, Augustus Pablo


Nocturnes – Chopin


David Gryn: Sound and Vision

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Returning to curate the Art Basel Miami Beach Film program for a sixth year, David Gryn explains why music has inspired his choices, and how audiences can catch a glimpse of the ‘Best Dressed Chicken in Town’.


Each year, as evening darkens the skies over Art Basel Miami Beach, visitors gather on the lawns of SoundScape Park to experience video works from some of the world’s most exciting artists. Sharing picnics, drinks, or simply being absorbed by art, they sit beneath the towering 7,000 square foot projection wall of the New World Center as it displays a program of films carefully chosen by curator David Gryn.

“My selections are quite instinctive,” says Gryn. “I am often attracted by artworks that affect me like music does; a thud in my chest, reverberations through my body, tingles down my neck and spine.” Fittingly then, music is the theme of this year’s program. “As [the New World Center is] a concert venue, music is inherent to the place we show the work and contextually it has a strong resonance. Asking galleries to submit films which engage with music in some way felt like a natural choice.”

Through this year’s theme, Gryn hopes to create a larger-than-life show to excite and engage the broadest possible audience. “Music is something universal. When you have dialogue in a certain language, you often exclude people outside it. Music, like art, crosses that divide – a sort of abstract language that has its own voice and says something about the human condition.”

Be enveloped by art

The program includes a set of 28 short films screened under the title Best Dressed Chicken in Town. “This was named after the 1970s reggae track by Doctor Alimantado, which has long inspired me. The idea behind it was to combine artworks using music and sound which, over the program’s two hour span, swell to a crescendo,” Gryn explains. And though he will not be drawn on a favorite this year (“I picked them, so they’re all my favorites!”), he singles out Terrorist of Love by Keren Cytter as being a film which never fails to make him smile, while Wilhelm Sasnal’s Kiss is “utterly wonderful.”

In addition to the screening of films, this year also heralds the third edition of Surround Sound, a specially commissioned program of sound works designed to take full advantage of SoundScape Park’s 160 speaker surround sound system. “I view my role as that of a facilitator. I aim to serve the artwork, the artist, and the gallery well by presenting pieces which will have the most resonance with the audience in the setting that we have.”

The communal act of experiencing art in this way is something special, says Gryn. “You get a sense of excitement, something you can palpably feel. You really do see an audience being enveloped by art. That’s what this platform achieves – and it encourages galleries, their artists, and a wider audience to take time with mediums that often don’t get much of a look in at events like this. There’s not another experience quite like it in the context of an art fair. Period.”


Taken from an Art Basel Interview https://www.artbasel.com/post/detail/2653

The Artist as Composer – in Conversations and Salon series: Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016

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molly palmer, fountain, 2016

Conversations and Salon: Art Basel’s 2016 program in Miami Beach. Art Basel’s Conversations and Salon series will bring together celebrated artists, galleries, art historians, writers, curators, museum directors and collectors from across the globe, including Alexandre Arrechea, Wafaa Bilal, Francesco Clemente, Mark Dion, Lady Bunny, Julio Le Parc, Glenn Ligon, Tony Matelli, Jill Magid, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Damián Ortega, Bernardo Ortiz, Molly Palmer, Howardena Pindell, HE Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi, Howard Rachofsky and Sun Xun among others.

Sunday, December 4, 2016
2pm to 3pm | Artist Talk | The Artist as Composer
Molly Palmer, Artist, London; Susannah Stark, Artist, London; Kathryn Mikesell, Founder, The Fountainhead Residency and Studios, Miami; Rachel Mason, Artist, Los Angeles. Moderator: William J. Simmons, Lecturer in Art History, City College of New York, New York. With an introduction by David Gryn, Curator of Art Basel’s Film sector and Founder of Daata Editions and Artprojx, London.

The Conversations and Salon talks are programmed by Mari Spirito, Founding Director, Protocinema, Istanbul/New York.


info on all the talks art basel press release


The Art Basel in Miami Beach Film & Sound program in Soundscape Park will be Free to attend on Wednesday, November 30 thru Saturday, December 3. The surround sound program starts at 6pm until 8pm and repeats each of the days, this is a compilation of sound artworks, played nightly during the fair from 6pm until 8pm, featuring artists commissioned to create or reform work into surround sound installations. This year’s artists include: Molly Palmer, Sussanah Stark, Ain Bailey, Zoe Buckman, Jonathan Montague and A.K. Burns.

The Film program starts at 8pm each night with a two hour compilation, repeated daily, of 28 moving image artworks screened under the title ‘Best Dressed Chicken in Town’. Artists include: Ana Mendieta, Anri Sala, Derrick Adams with Ramon Silvera, Samson Young, Kudzanai Chiurai, Edgardo Aragón, Luther Price, Catharina van Eetvelde, Ara Peterson, Matt Copson, Martin Creed, Jillian Mayer, György Kovásznai, Tromarama, Kim Gordon, Li Shurui & Li Daiguo, Adam Shecter, Brian Alfred, Dashiell Manley, Haroon Mirza, Zak Ové, Cabelo, Lena Daly, Nate Boyce, Tomislav Gotovac, Rodney Graham, Keren Cytter.

With a title borrowed from a classic 1970s reggae song by Jamaican dj/singer Doctor Alimantado, this year’s short film program focuses on a selection of international artists who engage with music in a multitude of ways. All the films in this varied and exciting program demonstrate the power of music to attract an audience, keep it engaged, elicit suspense and tug at the heartstrings. Similar to classical symphony works, the order of the films builds up to a crescendo creating an awe-inspiring magic derived from the works in their entirety.

Each night at 10pm there are uniquely featured Film program’s including a Rita Ackermann, Christian Marclay Double Bill on Wednesday, November 30, and a Liliana Porter and Alfredo Jaar Double Bill on the Friday, December 2.

On Thursday, December 1 a feature titled New Parthenon, with works by artists: Ain Bailey & Sonia Boyce, Anna Grenman, Rashid Johnson, Alex Prager, Penny Siopis.

The final screening titled Love Songs is on Saturday, December 3 will include four short films by Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal.

All the works have a strong relationship with music.






Tuesday, November 29, 11:00 am
New World Center, SunTrust Pavilion
Coffee, tea and light pastries will be served
Free with RSVP/ticket

Featuring David Gryn, Kathryn Mikesell, Molly Palmer and John Kieser

RSVP/Tickets: www.nws.edu/insights

David Gryn, the curator of Art Basel’s Film & Sound programming and Director of Daata Editions in conversation with Kathryn Mikesell, founder of The Fountainhead Residency & Studios, Miami, and Molly Palmer, a London based artist commissioned for the Surround Sound program and will be resident at Fountainhead. Hosted by John Kieser, Executive Vice President and Provost of the New World Symphony.

A conversation around the curation of this years Film and Sound programming for Art Basel in Miami Beach and its relationship to music, the New World Center, collaborations between the various organisations, artists, residencies, curators and future plans and aspirations. There will be a chance to join in the conversations and ask questions.

For more information on the 2016 Art Basel events in SoundScape Park: http://www.nws.edu/events-tickets/art-basel-at-soundscape-park/.


Film and Sound at Art Basel in Miami Beach at SoundScape Park

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Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 16.18.20

Sue de Beer – The Blue Lenses

Our Hidden Futures

Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2015


The Artists Surround Sound Project

Curated by David Gryn of Daata Editions and Artprojx

SoundScape Park, New World Center, Miami Beach

December 2-5, 2015 from 6pm



Artists: Ida Applebroog, Micol Assaël, Anna Barham, Breda Beban, Sue de Beer, Janet Biggs, Pia Camil, María Fernanda Cardoso, Carla Chaim, Talia Chetrit, Liz Cohen, Rineke Dijkstra, Tracey Emin, Barbara Hammer, Suzanne Harris, Camille Henrot, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Judith Hopf, Shirazeh Houshiary, Fritzia Irizar, Jaki Irvine, Anna K.E. & Florian Meisenberg, Nikki S. Lee, Simone Leigh & Liz Magic Laser with Alicia Hall Moran, Anna Maria Maiolino, Jumana Manna, Shana Moulton, Zanele Muholi, Kristin Oppenheim with Don Maclean, Cornelia Parker, Howardena Pindell, Berna Reale, Mary Reid Kelley, Marinella Senatore, Ann-Sofi Sidén and Jonathan Bepler, Cauleen Smith, Melanie Smith with Rafael Ortega, Catherine Sullivan with George Lewis and Sean Griffin, Diana Thater, Nicola Thomas, Minnette Vári, JoAnn Verburg, Marnie Weber, Susanne M. Winterling, Chloe Wise & Claire Christerson, Guan Xiao.


Artists: Sofie Alsbo, Alice Jacobs, Mariele Neudecker, Camille Norment.


303 Gallery, Galeria Raquel Arnaud, Arredondo \ Arozarena, Marianne Boesky Gallery, mor charpentier, Pilar Corrias, CRG Gallery, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Goodman Gallery, Marian Goodman Gallery, Garth Greenan Gallery, Gavlak Gallery, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Sies + Höke, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, Kalfayan Galleries, Kerlin Gallery, Galerie König, KOW, Simon Lee Gallery, Pace/MacGill Gallery, Lehmann Maupin, kamel mennour, Galerie Nordenhake, OMR, One and J. Gallery, Peres Projects, Metro Pictures, kaufmann repetto, Casas Riegner, Galeria Nara Roesler, Salon 94, Sicardi Gallery, Jessica Silverman Gallery, Galerie Gregor Staiger, Stevenson, Simone Subal Gallery, Galerie Barbara Thumm, Cristin Tierney Gallery, Tilton Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, ZERO…

The New World Center’s projection wall will be home to a selection of this year’s premiere program of films and videos titled “Our Hidden Futures.” Curated by Art Basel film curator David Gryn, Director of Daata Editions and London’s Artprojx, the lineup will highlight an international selection of emerging and established artists, encompassing a range of moving image works that illustrate the breadth of these various analogue and digital mediums.

Join us for these events in SoundScape Park. For detailed information about each event, please click here or click on the image for each program.

Wednesday, December 2

6pm | Sound work
Mariele Neudecker, Figure of 8 (Rainforest, Ecuador, sound recorded at height: 1.39m, 9.78m, 22.59m, 30.79m and 37.26m), 2015, Galerie Barbara Thumm

8pm and 9pm | Short Film programs 

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 14.56.20

Rineke Dijkstra – Marianna (The Fairy Doll)

Fairy Doll; Running time approximately 58’; the 2015 Film program will open with a selection of short works in which artists focus on single portrait to reveal nuances of the human condition.

Rineke Dijkstra, Kenyatta A.C. HinkleCarla Chaim, Anna K.E. & Florian Meisenberg, Anna Maria Maiolino, Howardena Pindell.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 15.19.13

Marinella Senatore – Speak Easy

Speak Easy; Running time approximately 78’; Speak Easy will consider the artistic use of the creative, the audience, and the allure of the arena, the theater and the theatrical to explore the unsaid or unsayable.

Simone Leigh & Liz Magic Laser with Alicia Hall MoranJumana MannaJoAnn Verburg, Melanie Smith with Rafael Ortega, Marinella Senatore, Catherine Sullivan, Ann-Sofi Sidén in collaboration with Jonathan Bepler.

Thursday, December 3

6pm | Sound work

Sofie AlsboClose Encounter, 2015, courtesy of the artist

9pm and 10pm | Short Film programs

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 15.46.01

Catherine Sullivan – Afterward via Fantasia

Afterward Via Fantasia; Catherine Sullivan with George Lewis and Sean Griffin, Afterword via Fantasia, 2015, 60ʹ, Metro Pictures

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 15.50.57

Marnie Weber – Sea of Silence

Sea of Silence; Running time approximately 56’; works within Sea of Silence reflect on the poetic silence of the absent and, in so doing, create a louder and much more visceral language.

Marnie WeberCamille Henrot, Shirazeh HoushiaryCauleen SmithMinnette Vári, Tracey Emin, Nikki S. Lee.

Friday, December 4

6pm | Sound work

Camille NormentToll – Dissonant Image, (Re-mixed and mastered from 2011 version of Toll), 2015, courtesy of the artist

8pm and 9pm | Short Film programs

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 16.07.45

Janet Biggs – Duet

Duet; Running time approximately 45’; Duet will present artworks that embody pairs, the split screen, duos and unions, which are found in the style of the film, the artistic process or within the narrative.

Janet BiggsZanele MuholiNicola ThomasTalia ChetritSue de Beer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 16.25.30

Barbara Hammer – Snow Job

Snow Job; Running time approximately 62’; selected works in Snow Job use satire to communicate messages that engage and humor us.

Berna Reale, Shana Moulton, Mary Reid KelleyBarbara HammerDiana ThaterChloe Wise & Claire ChristersonIda ApplebroogBreda BebanJudith Hopf.

Saturday, December 5

6pm | Sound work

Alice JacobsThe Intent I Owe, 2015, courtesy of the artist

8pm and 9pm | Short Film programs

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 17.15.26

Janet Biggs – Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point; Running time approximately 58’; Vanishing Point will feature a selection of artworks which employ kinetic and choreographed movement to investigate the factory, machines, and the futility of war, as well as the demise of manufacturing and its consequences.

Breda BebanMaría Fernanda Cardoso, Janet BiggsFritzia Irizar, Suzanne Harris, Anna Barham, Guan Xiao, Susanne M. Winterling, Pia Camil, Cornelia Parker.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 17.22.58

Bikini Carwash; Running time approximately 52’; the seven works in this program will explore the great outdoors, capturing urban and rural encounters.

Liz Cohen, Marnie WeberJaki Irvine, Micol Assaël, Kristin Oppenheim, Cauleen Smith, Milena Bonilla.


For the full list of films featured at Art Basel in Miami Beach in 2015, please visit artbasel.com/miami-beach/film

ABMB 2015 Film Trailer https://youtu.be/aqgSICzFuuc

Artlyst http://www.artlyst.com/articles/art-basel-announces-2015-film-programme-for-miami-beach-fair

ARTnews http://www.artnews.com/2015/10/23/art-basel-miami-beach-2015-announces-film-program/

Artlyst on Talks program http://www.artlyst.com/articles/artists-and-art-professionals-lead-talks-programme-at-art-basel-miami-2015

New World Symphony Insights Talk http://www.nws.edu/events-tickets/concerts/insights-artists-film-and-sound-with-david-gryn/

Soundcloud tracks https://soundcloud.com/david-gryn/sets/the-artists-surround-sound

New World Symphony https://www.nws.edu/events-tickets/art-basel-at-soundscape-park/

Strangelove Moving Image Festival 16-20 March 2015

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Still from OM Rider (2013) by Takeshi Murata, courtesy Salon 94 and Ratio 3

Central Saint Martins is pleased to announce Strangelove – an ambitious college wide moving image festival devised and programmed in collaboration with artist Terry Smith (workinprogress) and curator David Gryn (Artprojx).

Usingspaces throughout the Kings Cross campus the festival programme will include screenings, installations, talks, workshop, events and symposia to generate cross-disciplinary discussions and draw attention to the way moving image has become an inescapable part of our everyday experience.

The festival will celebrate the diversity of moving image practice and explore the relationship between art, fashion, communication design, drama, performance and popular culture featuring the work of students through to prominent and established international artists, designers, directors, screen writers and performers.

19 events, as well as the exhibition in the Lethaby Gallery, will be open to the public, allowing a glimpse into the fascinating and innovative world of moving image at Central Saint Martins.

Throughout the Festival there will be an information desk in the Crossing at the front of the Granary Building.

Featuring artists including:

Anne Bean, Babette Mangolte, Beatrice Gibson, Brian Alfred, Brian Bress, Cecile B. Evans, Charles Richardson, Ciprian Mureşan, Clunie Reid, Dara Birnbaum, David Blandy, Douglas Gordon, David Austen, David Bickerstaff, Elizabeth Price, Gary Stevens, Gun Holmström, Hayal Pozanti, Jennifer Reeder, Joan Jonas, John Smith, Jon Rafman, Jordan Baseman, Kevin Frilet, Larry Achiampong, Laurie Simmons, Leo Gabin, Livia Benavides, Mark Wallinger, Marnie Weber, Martha Rosler, Maya Watanabe, Mikhail Karikis, Nate Boyce, Ornana Films, Parker Ito, Paul Bush, Prem Sarjo, Rachel Rose, Rashaad Newsome, Saya Woolfalk, Scott Reeder, Stephen Irwin, Susan Hiller, Tabor Robak, Takeshi Murata, Tony Grisoni, Veronika Reichl, Vest&Page, Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, Yan Xing and many many more artists, film makers, students, teaching staff with their works from across the Central Saint Martin’s creative and artistic disciplines and output.

For the official and comprehensive information with booking details – see http://strangelove2015.tumblr.com/

Tuesday 17th March | 14.30 – 17:30
Studio Theatre
UAL staff and students only

Other guests can get access – more information on how – coming very soon – email artprojx@gmail.com


Armchair Surfers Digital Revolutionaries (Screening)

Tuesday 17th March.

14.30 – 17:30

Studio Theatre
UAL staff and students only

Curated by David Gryn and Terry Smith

We are all digital revolutionaries – as we use, observe and interrogate this ever-developing medium that extends, entrances and baffles us in equal measure. These programmes present works that engage with our everyday static surfing and obsessive interaction with the natural language andour enamour with all things digital and internet.

Screening programme


Still: Un Chien Andalou, Ciprian Mureşan 2004, 51” David Nolan Gallery, Wilkinson Gallery

Part 1: IP Overlords
Running Time: 48 mins

Un ChienAndalou, Ciprian Mureşan 2004, 51” David Nolan Gallery, Wilkinson Gallery
A-PHAN-OUSIA, Maya Watanabe 2008, 4’45” 80m2 LiviaBenavides
Rock Your Body, Brian Bress 2005, 4’45” Cherry and Martin Gallery
A Lifetime of Likes, Hayal Pozanti 2014, 25” Jessica Silverman Gallery
Vatican Vibes, Tabor Robak 2011, 5’16”, team gallery
The Tent, Elizabeth Price, 2012, 12’, MOT International
IP Overlords, Hayal Pozanti 2014 12” Jessica Silverman Gallery
Oh Baby, Leo Gabin, 2013, 2’49” Elizabeth Dee Gallery, Peres Projects
Scroll Sequence, Nate Boyce, 2014 5’33” Altman Siegel Gallery
OM Rider, Takeshi Murata 2013 11’39” Salon 94, Ratio 3
Mobile Blinders, Hayal Pozanti 2014, 15” Jessica Silverman Gallery

Parker Ito Wipeout XL 2014 (screen res) 4

Still: Wipeout XL (Miami Beach), Parker Ito 2014, 15’44” Chateau Shatto

Part 2: Wet Dave (boom boom)
Running Time: 50 mins

ChimaTek: Hybridization Machine, Saya Woolfalk 2013 3’40” Leslie Tonkonow Gallery
Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights, Brian Alfred 2014 3’, Ameringer McEnery Yohe
Wipeout XL (Miami Beach), Parker Ito 2014, 15’44” Chateau Shatto
Virtual Diaspora, Hayal Pozanti, 2014 22” Jessica Silverman Gallery
Rehearsal (Miami edit), Charles Richardson, 2014 4’ Cabin Gallery
A Minute Ago, Rachel Rose 2014 8’43’’ Pilar Corrias Gallery
Empathy Box, Hayal Pozanti 2014, 22” 2014, 25”, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Wet Dave (boom boom), Clunie Reid 2009 5’34” MOT International
KNOT, Rashaad Newsome 2014 4’ Marlborough Gallery
Juan Gris Dream House, Jon Rafman 2013 2’ Zach Feuer Gallery

Barefoot Skank

Soundtrack to Samurai Story by David Blandy, Barefoot Skank, by Nick Raphael / Manasseh Sound System with Artprojx in Dub

Part 3: How happy a thing can be
Running Time: 47 mins

Samurai Story, David Blandy and Manasseh 2008 8’10” Seventeen and Artprojx, commissioned by Parabola
How happy a Thing can be, Cecile B. Evans 2014 9’30’
How to make extinction, David Blandy 2014, 9’48”, Seventeen
F for Fibonacci, Beatrice Gibson, 2014, 16’20” Laura Bartlett Gallery
To Bite, Biters (Larry Achiampong and David Blandy), 2015, 3’35”

morgan sucker

Still: A Million Miles Away, Jennifer Reeder, 2014

Wednesday 18th March


Studio Theatre

In Focus screenings by

Martha Rosler

Mark Wallinger

Susan Hiller

Douglas Gordon

Yan Xing

Jordan Baseman

Laurie Simmons

Scott Reeder

Jennifer Reeder

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David Gryn


Artprojx worldwide

Curator, Art Basel in Miami Beach Dec 2015

Daata Editions launching May 2014


Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach: Documenting an egalitarian perspective – David Gryn interview

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Saudi Gazatte_The Gallery Jan 24, 2015

‘Film at Art Basel: Documenting an egalitarian perspective’

Interview with David Gryn, Curator Film, Art Basel in Miami Beach since 2011

Saudi Gazette, Mariam Nihal, Saudi Arabia, January 24, 2015

(the article is based on the following q&a)

1.      Tell us about this year’s Art Basel and the most challenging part of organizing the film sector for this year?

This year’s Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach had an underlaying vision of ‘playfulness’, the playfulness of internet gaming, online action, art making, dance and performing, colour, sound and music. This was conceived to communicate both to the galleries to consider submitting artists moving image works that were engaging and also to consider the audience in Miami during an art fair, that will want to sit and watch artists’ films that are enthralling, exciting, thought provoking and entertaining. The challenge is to encourage the majority of galleries to think about artists moving image during an art fair and to attract an audience that have so many competitive events during an art fair week in Miami. My other challenge is to encourage galleries to think about artists who are statistically underrepresented by them and think egalitarian and have a global perspective.

2.      How has film and video art developed during the course of the last decade?

Technology over the last 10 years has exponentially been enhanced, this has enabled more and more artists to consider film and video and digital platforms as other powerful mediums to use for their work. Several well known artists such as Steve McQueen, Sam Taylor-Wood have gained notoriety and are celebrated for their feature films that have engaged with Hollywood and the Film industry, therefore this aspect of an artists career, that starts with artists experimenting with film and video to make art works has a now grand vision for many artists and that making feature films is a possible natural output of being an artist. We are also firmly part of a digital, online world and the impact of that on artists work and their career is ever evolving and improving. I planned the talk with Chrissie Iles, curator at the Whitney Museum and artist Tabor Robak and Rachel Rose – titled Playfulness: artists as online gamers, surfers and armchair digital revolutionaries and this was really to give a position of where we are currently finding ourselves in artists practice and in showing this art medium too.

3.      What plays the biggest role in developing art and design?

The artists’ vision and belief in their aesthetic truth. The art fair and galleries only exist because of artists and we need to keep remembering that our role is to support their vision and enable these arenas to be platforms for their voices and how they can inspire, inform, enchant us in every way.

4.      Tell us about the greater role of film art at Art Basel.

Film at ABMB provides the art fair a platform to show works by artists that do not get seen too often at international art fairs. It also enables the general public to see durational works for free, and be part of the citywide art experience and understanding. We show work on the 7000 sq ft screening wall of the Frank Gehry designed New World Center, with a powerful 35k lumen projector and room in SoundScape Park for over 1000 people to see each of this years 8 screening programmes. We also introduced the Art Basel Film Library inside the fair this year, which gave fair goers a chance to interrogate and personally view all the films that were selected for the fair.

5.      Which artist who participated in the show did you most enjoy working with?

I enjoy the whole process of working with the galleries and their artists. This year we introduced sound to play on the amazing 160 speaker, purpose built surround sound system in SoundScape Park working with Raed Yassin, Jennie C. Jones, Larry Achiampong and Stephen Vitiello. Some artists such as Hayal Pozanti, Parker Ito, Charles Richardson completed edited works specifically for the program. I also collaborated with Tabor Robak on the programme I coined ‘The Digital Revolutionaries’ including his work, Jon Rafman, Oliver Laric and a tribute to Harun Farocki. Saya Woolfalk, Dara Friedman, Marcel Dzama, Charles Atlas, Marnie Weber, Takeshi Murata, Rachel Rose were works by other selected artists that had a great resonance with me.

6.      What is the role of art fairs like Art Basel on the medium? How does the fair help nurture the scene?

Art Basel approached me to work with them 5 years ago, to help nurture an area that needs inproving at the art fair and at all art fairs in general. Art Basel recognised the need for the support of artists mediums that do not all have immediate commercial attributes, which often get overlooked by us all during the hustle and bustle of preparing for and being at art fairs. We have to treat film, performance, sound as important and valued mediums in our art world, therefore they will become big and more valued, it is an obvious logic, but one which we all need reminding of and our constant attention.

Main image: from the Art Basel in Miami Beach, SoundScape Park screening of Charles Richardson’s ‘Rehearsal’, 2014

David Gryn, Artprojx worldwide, Curator of Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Curator at Royal College of Psychiatrists, Director of the Strangelove moving image festival at CSM 2015 and of a brand new Digital Art Editions model launching soon in 2015 …..