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A Statue is Present – The Cass School of Art and the Royal College of Psychiatrists

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A Statue is Present

Mikey Cook,Travis Jeppesen, Jérémie Magar, Daniel Silver

curated by

Caterina Berardi, Rebecca Edwards, Jack Parrott, Mariaelena Soligo

The Cass School of Art MA Curating the Contemporary


The Royal College of Psychiatrists
21 Prescot Street, London E1 8BB

Exhibition dates: 9th April to 9th May 2015
Private View: Thursday 9th April 6-8pm

The Cass School of Art MA Curating the Contemporary students present their first exhibition in collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatrists that draws on the history of Melancholy & Raving Madness, two XVIII Century Caius Ciber statues, to investigate improvements in the treatment of mental health through contemporary art. The show features newly commissioned multi-media works by Mikey Cook,Travis JeppesenJérémie Magar and Daniel Silver, which respond to the statues and bring back their presence under a new, positive meaning. Each works re-interpret the statues, once emblems of disturbed individuals, to testify the sociological process triggered by psychiatry: a radical change of attitude towards individuals suffering of a mental disorder.

The project is born under the initiative of David Gryn director of Artprojx, for The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

For the exhibition Daniel Silver recreates their presence in the form of two marble sculptures, a furthering of ideas on his extensive body of work where faces and expressions are scrutinised to form contemporary busts. Another remix of historical references into a contemporary context is the attention to detail which Mikey Cook employs in his installation assemblages of particularities based upon his extensive research process.

Travis Jeppesen’s monologues will form the basis of a sound piece where the fictional nature of the exhibition will come into play by giving the inanimate statues a voice and life beyond the confines of their collective histories. Asking questions of ‘normality’ in relation to the exposure and subsequent concealment of Melancholy & Raving Madness, Jérémie Magar will show a series of interweaving video works; the mundane will be juxtaposed with idea of hyperbolic metafiction where “madness lays never far, and often within trivial normality.”

A Statue is Present runs alongside a series of public events, including a reading of Travis Jeppesen’s monologues by the artist himself.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication featuring essays and writings by art historian and critic Richard Cork, Caro Howell, Director of the Foundling Museum, and artist, novelist and art critic Travis Jeppesen.

The exhibition is curated by Caterina Berardi, Rebecca Edwards, Jack Parrott and Mariaelena Soligo.

RCP Press Release




A K Dolven and John Giorno ‘JA as long as I can’ Vinyl Launch – Rio Cinema 8 March

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photo: David Gryn. A K Dolven at Rio Cinema


‘JA as long as I can’ Vinyl Launch
Made in collaboration with John Giorno and curated by Gaby Hartel.

Saturday 8 March, 2.30pm
Rio Cinema
107 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2PB

Presented by Artprojx Cinema and The School of Sound

This project is supported by NABROAD/ Norwegian Collaborative Organisation for Contemporary Art Abroad and is part of NABROAD’s International Projects 2014

To coincide with the vinyl launch of A K Dolven and John Giorno’s ‘JA as long as I can’, David Gryn (Artprojx) and Larry Sider (The School of Sound) will introduce the work, which will then be followed by a drinks reception at Wilkinson Gallery between 3.30 – 5.30pm.

The individually numbered, and limited edition of 500, white vinyl is signed by the artist and will be available to purchase.

RSVP to events@artprojx.com

‘JA as long as I can’ by A K Dolven & John Giorno, is curated by Gaby Hartel and will also be played on 9 March at Palais de Tokyo, Paris http://www.palaisdetokyo.com/fr/events/john-giorno-et-ak-dolven



A K Dolven at Rio Cinema to Wilkinson Map copy


A K Dolven http://www.akdolven.com/

Artprojx Cinema www.artprojx.com

Rio Cinema http://www.riocinema.org.uk/ 

Wilkinson Gallery www.wilkinsongallery.com/

School of Sound www.schoolofsound.co.uk/

Edition Block http://editionblock.de

Palais de Tokyo http://www.palaisdetokyo.com

NABROAD/ Norwegian Collaborative Organisation for Contemporary Art Abroadwww.nabroad.org/