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A Case for Digital Art by Molly Elizalde – SWEET

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A Case for Digital Art
New media artists are creating some of the most innovative and exciting art today. But how do you find a platform for work that only exists on a screen? The art marketplace, Daata Editions, has the answer and they want to share it with you.

By Molly Elizalde


May 25, 2016

The concept of digital art is a much-debated topic. For collectors, the idea of buying a work that’s not a physical object can be hard to grasp, and that makes it difficult for galleries to show the art in question. But the fact of the matter is that digital art is some of the most weirdly wonderful, smart work being made by young artists today. They just need a platform for it.
That’s where Daata Editions comes in. The pioneering online marketplace commissions 18 video, sound, and internet artists to create six new works each season. Launched last year, and now in its second series, which was released last week, Daata has worked with established artists such as Tracey Emin and up-and-comers like Chloe Wise and Amalia Ulman. Paradoxical filmmaker Jon Rafman is even giving away his Daata commission for free!

The most important part is that Daata is giving these artists the ability to create works that might not otherwise be made. And for that, we should all be grateful!
See daata-editions.com for more information on how to buy something!

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boyleANDshaw curate Late Night Live: Draw at Turner Contemporary Fri 24 Aug

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boyleANDshaw at Turner Contemporary

boyleANDshaw present …

Late Night Live: Draw
24 August 2012
6 – 10pm Throughout the whole gallery Free (drop in)


boyleANDshaw, DJ Chris Coco, Jonny Trunk, Malachy Orozco, Keeley Forstyth, Donald Bousted, Blanca Perez-Bustamante, Claudia Molitor, Alan Dickinson, Ortelius Drew, Kevin O’Connor and Tracey Emin’s work


Join them at Turner Contemporary for their monthly free Late Night Live event, when the gallery stays open until 10pm. Artist duo boyleANDshaw curate a night of live art and music inspired by the act of drawing bringing together a vibrant mix of live music, performance and talks in response to the Tracey Emin’s new body of work.

Exploring themes of drawing, love, sensuality and the sea, expect mellifluous summer vibes from the legendary DJ Chris Coco, a bespoke quirky track-list of mood music from the consistently intriguing Jonny Trunk and a sensory sound installation from boyleANDshaw with actors Malachy Orozco and Keeley Forstyth.

Plus a sound intervention by microtonal musician Donald Bousted, a light sculpture by artist Blanca Perez-Bustamante and films by Claudia Molitor and Alan Dickinson.

There will also be a chance to get involved in with drop-in drawing activities, including the collaborative, mobile and performative drawing project Ortelius Drew, a large-scale participatory live drawing performance with boyleANDshaw and an intervention from artist Kevin O’Connor.

Adrian Shaw and Matthew Boyle have been working together for five years, creating boyleANDshaw in 2007. They have been gradually building a unique experimental practice in London, developing their approach to experimental and ‘open’ practice. Working collaboratively with varying numbers of performers, they create and produce live art events that explore the possibilities and developments evoked by cultural icons, found imagery, personal history and the connections they plot across science, theory, culture and society. Using these as a starting point they generate imaginary trajectories in order to realise hidden narratives and create imaginary scenarios that become new works in their own right. boyleANDshaw have sought their sources in the realm of the unrealised art work, tragic histories of failure and the surreal nature of the artist’s dream. boyleANDshaw’s practice draws on a contemporary interest in repetition, multiplicity, the ‘refrain’ and a disregard for the borders of biography, fiction, analysis, object and performance. They hold that by working with conditions of production rather than predicted ends it is possible to open up trajectories leading to some insight into the ‘new’ of unseen possibilities.

boyleANDshaw will be reworking a performance work that was made for Calvert 22 in response to the exhibition Alexander Ponomarev: Sea Stories. Titled THERE ARE THE LIVING, THE DEAD AND THOSE WHO GO TO SEA, it explored themes of the sea, seafaring inspired by Turner’s late paintings.

They have also done loads of stuff with Artprojx

Ortelius Drew:
Ortelius Drew is a collaborative, mobile, and performative drawing project. Taking the city as their principle subject matter, they focus on public settings of leisure (gardens and parks), sites of temporary architecture as well as public museum collections.

Donald Bousted:
Donald Bousted is a composer, sound and installation artist, film maker and guitarist. His most recent work focuses on combining elements of all these interests. Typically, the work completed in the last 2-3 years has sought to integrate elements of film, performance and live art plus multi-sourced (up to eight-part) electro-acoustic elements transmitted from varied ‘qualities’ of source (from ‘high’ quality PA to ‘low’ quality exciter-speakers).

Claudia Molitor:
Claudia Molitor is a composer and sound artist whose work draws upon the tradition of classical music but extends across video, installation and fine art practices. In her work music notation is often approached as a form of drawing, lifting it off the ‘hidden’ page of the score and making it visible. Running through her practice is a curiosity in un-noticed and fragile sounds, structures and thoughts. It approaches music making in an exploratory and mischievous way, creating intimate and at times playful experiences.

“In her work music notation is often approached as a form of drawing, lifting it off the ‘hidden’ page of the score and making it visible”

They will be screening a film work called Mani’festo which has been hosted by The Wire magazine but never been shown in a gallery.

Blanca Perez-Bustamante:
A visual artist and lecturer of new media in Madrid at URJC http://www.urjc.es/. She has been a visiting researcher fellow at CCW (Chelsea), University of the Arts London, in 2011 and 2012, where she presented audiovisual performances and live art. She has collaborated with artists Kaffe Matthews, AGF, Matthias Kispert, Shu Lea Cheang, John Hegre, Max Hattler exploring new media performance, the plasticity of sound and image, and improvisation in audiovisual performances, in places like Matadero (Madrid), HKW (Berlin), Laboral (Gijón), Goldsmiths (London).

For this event she will be presenting a light installation, a contemplatative experience of the moving organic images, ephemeral and unexpected. The outcome are fragmented lights as representation and/or remembrance of what we watch but multiplied and moving through the space.

Jonny Trunk:
The man behind Britain’s most consistently intriguing record label Trunk, who will curate a bespoke track list mood music for the night.

Chris Coco:
Chris Coco is a producer, DJ, musician, broadcaster, journalist. Chris Coco has years of experience and an enviable reputation as a DJ and music programmer. He has a broad knowledge of a range of music styles from cutting edge new electronica to old soul and reggae to classical. He has made music shows and documentaries for BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2; and made compilations for the Playboy brand and Ministry Of Sound.

Malachy Orozco:
Actor, musician, writer

Alan Dickinson:
Alan Dickinson is a creative documentary filmmaker based in London. Alan has produced and directed an eclectic array of short films that centre around investigations into the portraiture of people, places and ideas. Through his films he explores how the manner of presentation transcends each frame and tells a story all its own.

For this event he will be presenting a new film work, a montage of clips from his film Dreaming of Dreamland, shot in and around Margate in 2010. A series poetic images of Margate including the sea, amusement arcades, the seafront and the disused Dreamland amusement park.