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A Goth Life – A Stranger Love Playlist – Daata Editions

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A Goth Life … (A Stranger Love Version playlist)
Curated by Daata Editions
Space Bar & Gallery, Folkestone 13/14 March 2017 

FREE continuous screening all day 11-5pm presented by David Gryn, DIrector of Daata Editions.

Strangelove Time Based Media Festival 9-24 March 2017

A Goth Life Playlist

Takeshi Murata – Witch Rises, 2015

Jacky Connolly – Anhedonia, 2017

Leo Gabin – Girlhood, 2015


Rashaad Newsome – Put Some Respect On My Name, 2016

Ed Fornieles – Shoot, 2016

Larry Achiampong  –  The Ascent (100 Degrees), 2016

Yung Jake – How, 2016

Zadie Xa – Deep Space Mathematics // The Transfer of Knowledge 1, 2016

Tracey Emin – I Can’t Love Anymore, 2016

Jillian Mayer – Web Cam Love Song, 2016

Leo Gabin – Lips, 2015

Hannah Perry – what are you thinking about, 2015

Casey Jane Ellison – Do You Seem Wonderful Casey Automated Private Test (DYSWCAPT) 5, 2016

Jake Chapman – POODLES,  2016

Tameka Norris – i don’t feel anything, 2016

Scott Reeder – Bands, 2016

Hannah Perry – sick off smoke, 2015

Jacolby Satterwhite – En Plein Air Abstraction #7, 2016

Zadie Xa – Deep Space Mathematics // The Transfer of Knowledge 2, 2016

Rashaad Newsome – Banji In Da Basement, 2016

David Blandy – Moon, 2015

Rachel Maclean – Let It Go – Part 4, 2015

Hannah Perry – Waiting here, 2015

Leo Gabin – Awesome, 2015

Rashaad Newsome – SPICY, 2016

Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings – Vanila, 2015

Thora Dolven Balke – YD1, 2016 (sound)

Zadie Xa – Deep Space Mathematics // The Transfer of Knowledge 3, 2016

Keren Cytter – Terrorist of Love, 2016 (a Daata & Artspace co-commission)

Ed Fornieles – Poisoned, 2016

Hannah Perry – keep the peace, 2015

Jacky Connolly – Anorexia, 2017

Takeshi Murata – Plant Whisperer, 2015




Image: Takeshi Murata, Plant Whisperer 2015 (courtesy the artist and Daata Editions)

Daata Editions News: Anhedonia, Jacky Connolly, Chrissie Iles, NADA NY, Andrew Goldstein, A Goth Life, Strangelove, Cacophony at MOUart, NAUSEA VR …

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Daata Editions latest news …


Daata Editions Presents

Anhedonia, 2017 by Jacky Connolly

NADA New York, March 2–5, 2017

Daata Editions – Booth 1.03
Skylight Clarkson North, 572 Washington St. New York, NY 10014

Jacky Connolly’s Anhedonia, 2017, a New Daata Editions Commission. 18 minutes, screened daily throughout the art fair opening times.

Anhedonia talk: Chrissie Iles, the Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York will be in conversation with Jacky Connolly on Saturday March 4 at 3pm in the NADA New York Auditorium, introduced by David Gryn of Daata Editions.


Daata Editions presents a new Foreword by Andrew Goldstein, editor-in-chief of artnet News

When it comes to existing in the ebb and flow of the art market, the paradoxical conundrum of digital (aka new media) art is present in its very name: While we live in an increasingly digital world, making such art ever more essential to mirror our lived experiences, the fact that we can’t touch this advanced variety of art with our own palpating digits makes it harder to sell, trickier to collect, and less commercially viable on the whole. …

Will this new art form one day come to us through subscription services, with physical objects as upsells? Will access to streaming digital art eventually be bundled together with other paid services, à la Amazon Prime? The commercial viability of digital art depends upon the continuation of such experiments, with persistent ingenuity and the ability to see beyond the time-honoured mechanism of gallery sales. For this reason, Daata Editions deserves our gratitude, and support.

Read the full text here


A Goth Life … (A Stranger Love Version playlist)
Curated by Daata Editions
Space Bar & Gallery, Folkestone 13/14 March 2017

FREE continuous screening all day 11-5pm

Strangelove Time Based Media Festival 9-24 March 2017

A Goth Life is a compilation from artwork editions on Daata Editions
Artists: Larry Achiampong, Thora Dolven Balke, David Blandy, Jake Chapman, Jacky Connolly, Keren Cytter, Casey Jane Ellison, Tracey Emin, Ed Fornieles, Leo Gabin, Yung Jake, Rachel Maclean, Jillian Mayer, Takeshi Murata, Rashaad Newsome, Tameka Norris, Hannah Perry, Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Scott Reeder, Jacolby Satterwhite, Zadie Xa.



A playlist selection of Artist Sound on Daata Editions.

MOUart, Beijing, China

19 March – 19 April 2017

Artists: Larry Achiampong, Sofie Alsbo, Thora Dolven Balke, Jake Chapman, Matt Copson, Graham Dolphin, Tracey Emin, Leo Gabin, Joachim Koester & Stefan A. Pedersen, Lina Lapelyte, Rashaad Newsome, Hannah Perry, Ariana Reines, John Skoog, Stephen Vitiello.
Curated by David Gryn

A collaboration between http://mouart.com and http://daata-editions.com
Image: Leo Gabin – Surfer Ho Remix, 2015


NAUSEA – A VR Exhibition by Metaphysics

Now Available via Daata Editions.

NAUSEA – A Virtual Reality exhibition for the HTC Vive curated and produced by Philip Hausmeier and his startup Metaphysics presents six artworks by the artists Eddie Peake, Florian Meisenberg, Anne de Vries, Rubén Grilo, Jack Strange and Anna K.E. The works are connected through an innovative portal system, showing a prototype of how art could be experienced in the future.

STRANGELOVE Time Based Media Festival 9-24th March 2017

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Strangelove Time Based Media Festival 9-24 March 2017

From March 9th-24th join us for a sixteen day celebration of artists video, film, performance and sound as Strangelove Festival takes over, the streets and spaces of Folkestone. With a packed programme of live events, screenings, exhibitions, workshops and talks Strangelove Festival brings together the diversity and talent of over 125 international, UK and local artists. Video works from artists that include Mark Wallinger, Richard Wilson and Tracey Emin.

This innovative festival merges live events, screenings and exhibitions at Strange Cargo and the Sassoon Gallery with some unexpected takeovers popping up throughout the programme. Festival highlights include a Secret Strangelove programme of encounters and performances, artists including Lucky Bert will activate unusual spaces around Folkestone and a special free screening of Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove will take place at the Silver Screen. A special project by BAFTA nominated screenwriter and director Tony Grisoni, whose film credits include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the acclaimed TV serial Red Riding.




Image still: Anhedonia by Jacky Connolly 2017 (courtesy the artist and Daata Editions)

A Goth Life … (A Stranger Love Version playlist)

Curated by Daata Editions
13/14 March 2017 FREE continuous screening all day 11-5pm
Space Bar & Gallery

A Goth Life — is a selection of artist works that compiled together make a composite tale of our joyously souless, self-reflective, insular, tension and angst ridden times. The use of the internet is our guide, confidente, entertainment, mirror, window, general outlet and has created a real alternative social reality, with artists commentating on and providing a contemporary anthropology for this coming of age.

A Goth Life is a compilation from artwork editions on Daata Editions
Artists: Larry Achiampong, Thora Dolven Balke, David Blandy, Jake Chapman, Jacky Connolly, Keren Cytter, Casey Jane Ellison, Tracey Emin, Ed Fornieles, Leo Gabin, Yung Jake, Rachel Maclean, Jillian Mayer, Takeshi Murata, Rashaad Newsome, Tameka Norris, Hannah Perry, Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Scott Reeder, Jacolby Satterwhite, Zadie Xa.

David Gryn, Director and Founder of Daata Editions and Curator of Film & Sound, Art Basel in Miami Beach and Co-Founder with artist Terry Smith 0f Strangelove will present the screenings.

Twitter @strangerlove @daataeditions

Instagram @strangelovefestival / @daataeditions

Facebook /strangelovelondon / @daataeditions

FOR PRESS ENQUIRIES AND IMAGES: chantelle@strangelovefestival.com

FOR MORE FESTIVAL INFORMATION: info@strangelovefestival.com


Strangelove Moving Image Festival at Central Saint Martins 16-20 March 2015

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A festival conceived by Terry Smith, artist and David Gryn, curator, along with Mark Dunhill, Dean at CSM – to bring an art school together, empowering and engaging students, teaching staff, artists and general public via moving image from every arts discipline across Central Saint Martins.

More links:








Strangelove interview with David Gryn and Terry Smith

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An interview with David Gryn (Artprojx) and Terry Smith (workinprogress) about their collaboration on the Strangelove Festival.

How did your involvement with CSM on the Strangelove Festival come about?

DG. Terry and I had an initial meeting with Mark Dunhill where we all expressed our hopes to find ways to empower and unite students from across the disciplines and courses at CSM, as well as shining a light on what happens inside the college for those on the outside.

TS. It was a good basis for a collaboration, Mark was very keen to find a project that brought all of the college together under one umbrella. This made sense for David and I who have been talking about an artist’s film and video festival for a number of years.

I understand that your own practice relates to film and video work – can you tell us a bit about your background in moving image?

DG. For over 20 years I have been engaged with the promotion and curation of artists’ moving image generally in the context of the cinema, working with leading galleries, museums, art fairs and artists worldwide.

TS. Well, I come from the point of view of an artist.
I have been working in moving image since I was a student back in the late 70s but it was only in 1999 that I picked up the medium again. I am currently working on projects that combine moving image with live music and performance. But I don’t see myself as a video artist. I see myself as an artist that trespasses on other territories.

How did you select the artists whose work is included in your curated screening programmes?

DG. The majority of works are by artists I selected for the most recent Film – Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014. The central starting point was for artists’ work that engages with our everyday, static surfing, and obsessive interaction with the natural language and enamour of all things digital and internet, and works that are generally playful.

TS. Although we have given titles and categories to different screening programmes, I want the viewer to treat them with pinch of salt. My choices reflect work that I am curious about, work that has made an impression on me, and work I am jealous of and wish I had made.

Moving image is an important part of virtually every programme area across CSM embracing fashion communication, graphics, animation, screen acting and directing, used in a myriad of ways and not confined to fine art moving image practice. How did that spread impact upon your ideas for the festival?

DG. The festival was intended to show or enable students to take reference from every available source – animation, painting, fashion, dance, performance, sculpture, collage, architecture, online, music, cinema, culture, history, philosophy, language, science and much much more. In essence film is a place where all our learning and experience combines into a powerful collaborative outcome. This was the essence of this festival, to encourage the college to come together to enable greater learning, collaboration, and empowerment via a medium we all use and observe daily in our work, creativity and life.

TS. Yes, I agree

Do you have a must-see event?

DG. Obviously the Armchair Surfers Digital Revolutionaries screening programme – as the digital revolutionaries are all of us as we use, observe, interrogate this ever developing medium that extends, entrances, and baffles us in equal measure. The two films of Jennifer Reeder are a wonderful, engaging, moving and witty insight into the world of post teenage womanhood. The premier of Scott Reeder’s Moon Dust, a feature film that took the artist over 10 years to make. And Beatrice Gibson’s F for Fibonacci, which was premiered during the recent Frieze Art Fair at the Laura Bartlett Gallery. There is also The Music of Regret by Laurie Simmons that I first premiered (with Salon 94 and Performa) in 2006, this features Meryl Streep and the Alvin Ailey II Dance Company. It will be exciting to see this again with different and somewhat older eyes.

TS. I am looking forward to the event on the Monday 16 March, where the screen writer and director Tony Grisoni presents For the Dark. I think this will be a stunning experience and a great way to open the festival. I like the fact that the idea began over a coffee in a cafe in Stoke Newington. I am looking forward also to the Armchair Surfers because a lot of the work is new to me. Of the screenings I chose, I think they are all must see works. We also asked Vassiliki Tzanakou and SHAPE to make their own choices. I worked with SHAPE on the selection and I am looking forward
to seeing the work of Katherine Araniello projected, who is an artist who happens to be disabled. But I guess I personally am looking forward to some of the events that have been generated from staff at CSM.

Strangelove London website – for upcoming and future festival in London and worldwide



STRANGELOVE MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL 2015 devised and programmed in collaboration with Central St Martin’s 

David Gryn

Artprojx worldwide

Curator, Art Basel in Miami Beach Dec 2015

Daata Editions launching May 2014




Strangelove Moving Image Festival 16-20 March 2015

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Still from OM Rider (2013) by Takeshi Murata, courtesy Salon 94 and Ratio 3

Central Saint Martins is pleased to announce Strangelove – an ambitious college wide moving image festival devised and programmed in collaboration with artist Terry Smith (workinprogress) and curator David Gryn (Artprojx).

Usingspaces throughout the Kings Cross campus the festival programme will include screenings, installations, talks, workshop, events and symposia to generate cross-disciplinary discussions and draw attention to the way moving image has become an inescapable part of our everyday experience.

The festival will celebrate the diversity of moving image practice and explore the relationship between art, fashion, communication design, drama, performance and popular culture featuring the work of students through to prominent and established international artists, designers, directors, screen writers and performers.

19 events, as well as the exhibition in the Lethaby Gallery, will be open to the public, allowing a glimpse into the fascinating and innovative world of moving image at Central Saint Martins.

Throughout the Festival there will be an information desk in the Crossing at the front of the Granary Building.

Featuring artists including:

Anne Bean, Babette Mangolte, Beatrice Gibson, Brian Alfred, Brian Bress, Cecile B. Evans, Charles Richardson, Ciprian Mureşan, Clunie Reid, Dara Birnbaum, David Blandy, Douglas Gordon, David Austen, David Bickerstaff, Elizabeth Price, Gary Stevens, Gun Holmström, Hayal Pozanti, Jennifer Reeder, Joan Jonas, John Smith, Jon Rafman, Jordan Baseman, Kevin Frilet, Larry Achiampong, Laurie Simmons, Leo Gabin, Livia Benavides, Mark Wallinger, Marnie Weber, Martha Rosler, Maya Watanabe, Mikhail Karikis, Nate Boyce, Ornana Films, Parker Ito, Paul Bush, Prem Sarjo, Rachel Rose, Rashaad Newsome, Saya Woolfalk, Scott Reeder, Stephen Irwin, Susan Hiller, Tabor Robak, Takeshi Murata, Tony Grisoni, Veronika Reichl, Vest&Page, Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, Yan Xing and many many more artists, film makers, students, teaching staff with their works from across the Central Saint Martin’s creative and artistic disciplines and output.

For the official and comprehensive information with booking details – see http://strangelove2015.tumblr.com/

Tuesday 17th March | 14.30 – 17:30
Studio Theatre
UAL staff and students only

Other guests can get access – more information on how – coming very soon – email artprojx@gmail.com


Armchair Surfers Digital Revolutionaries (Screening)

Tuesday 17th March.

14.30 – 17:30

Studio Theatre
UAL staff and students only

Curated by David Gryn and Terry Smith

We are all digital revolutionaries – as we use, observe and interrogate this ever-developing medium that extends, entrances and baffles us in equal measure. These programmes present works that engage with our everyday static surfing and obsessive interaction with the natural language andour enamour with all things digital and internet.

Screening programme


Still: Un Chien Andalou, Ciprian Mureşan 2004, 51” David Nolan Gallery, Wilkinson Gallery

Part 1: IP Overlords
Running Time: 48 mins

Un ChienAndalou, Ciprian Mureşan 2004, 51” David Nolan Gallery, Wilkinson Gallery
A-PHAN-OUSIA, Maya Watanabe 2008, 4’45” 80m2 LiviaBenavides
Rock Your Body, Brian Bress 2005, 4’45” Cherry and Martin Gallery
A Lifetime of Likes, Hayal Pozanti 2014, 25” Jessica Silverman Gallery
Vatican Vibes, Tabor Robak 2011, 5’16”, team gallery
The Tent, Elizabeth Price, 2012, 12’, MOT International
IP Overlords, Hayal Pozanti 2014 12” Jessica Silverman Gallery
Oh Baby, Leo Gabin, 2013, 2’49” Elizabeth Dee Gallery, Peres Projects
Scroll Sequence, Nate Boyce, 2014 5’33” Altman Siegel Gallery
OM Rider, Takeshi Murata 2013 11’39” Salon 94, Ratio 3
Mobile Blinders, Hayal Pozanti 2014, 15” Jessica Silverman Gallery

Parker Ito Wipeout XL 2014 (screen res) 4

Still: Wipeout XL (Miami Beach), Parker Ito 2014, 15’44” Chateau Shatto

Part 2: Wet Dave (boom boom)
Running Time: 50 mins

ChimaTek: Hybridization Machine, Saya Woolfalk 2013 3’40” Leslie Tonkonow Gallery
Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights, Brian Alfred 2014 3’, Ameringer McEnery Yohe
Wipeout XL (Miami Beach), Parker Ito 2014, 15’44” Chateau Shatto
Virtual Diaspora, Hayal Pozanti, 2014 22” Jessica Silverman Gallery
Rehearsal (Miami edit), Charles Richardson, 2014 4’ Cabin Gallery
A Minute Ago, Rachel Rose 2014 8’43’’ Pilar Corrias Gallery
Empathy Box, Hayal Pozanti 2014, 22” 2014, 25”, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Wet Dave (boom boom), Clunie Reid 2009 5’34” MOT International
KNOT, Rashaad Newsome 2014 4’ Marlborough Gallery
Juan Gris Dream House, Jon Rafman 2013 2’ Zach Feuer Gallery

Barefoot Skank

Soundtrack to Samurai Story by David Blandy, Barefoot Skank, by Nick Raphael / Manasseh Sound System with Artprojx in Dub

Part 3: How happy a thing can be
Running Time: 47 mins

Samurai Story, David Blandy and Manasseh 2008 8’10” Seventeen and Artprojx, commissioned by Parabola
How happy a Thing can be, Cecile B. Evans 2014 9’30’
How to make extinction, David Blandy 2014, 9’48”, Seventeen
F for Fibonacci, Beatrice Gibson, 2014, 16’20” Laura Bartlett Gallery
To Bite, Biters (Larry Achiampong and David Blandy), 2015, 3’35”

morgan sucker

Still: A Million Miles Away, Jennifer Reeder, 2014

Wednesday 18th March


Studio Theatre

In Focus screenings by

Martha Rosler

Mark Wallinger

Susan Hiller

Douglas Gordon

Yan Xing

Jordan Baseman

Laurie Simmons

Scott Reeder

Jennifer Reeder

Strangelove London website – for upcoming and future festival in London and worldwide




David Gryn


Artprojx worldwide

Curator, Art Basel in Miami Beach Dec 2015

Daata Editions launching May 2014


Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach: Documenting an egalitarian perspective – David Gryn interview

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Saudi Gazatte_The Gallery Jan 24, 2015

‘Film at Art Basel: Documenting an egalitarian perspective’

Interview with David Gryn, Curator Film, Art Basel in Miami Beach since 2011

Saudi Gazette, Mariam Nihal, Saudi Arabia, January 24, 2015

(the article is based on the following q&a)

1.      Tell us about this year’s Art Basel and the most challenging part of organizing the film sector for this year?

This year’s Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach had an underlaying vision of ‘playfulness’, the playfulness of internet gaming, online action, art making, dance and performing, colour, sound and music. This was conceived to communicate both to the galleries to consider submitting artists moving image works that were engaging and also to consider the audience in Miami during an art fair, that will want to sit and watch artists’ films that are enthralling, exciting, thought provoking and entertaining. The challenge is to encourage the majority of galleries to think about artists moving image during an art fair and to attract an audience that have so many competitive events during an art fair week in Miami. My other challenge is to encourage galleries to think about artists who are statistically underrepresented by them and think egalitarian and have a global perspective.

2.      How has film and video art developed during the course of the last decade?

Technology over the last 10 years has exponentially been enhanced, this has enabled more and more artists to consider film and video and digital platforms as other powerful mediums to use for their work. Several well known artists such as Steve McQueen, Sam Taylor-Wood have gained notoriety and are celebrated for their feature films that have engaged with Hollywood and the Film industry, therefore this aspect of an artists career, that starts with artists experimenting with film and video to make art works has a now grand vision for many artists and that making feature films is a possible natural output of being an artist. We are also firmly part of a digital, online world and the impact of that on artists work and their career is ever evolving and improving. I planned the talk with Chrissie Iles, curator at the Whitney Museum and artist Tabor Robak and Rachel Rose – titled Playfulness: artists as online gamers, surfers and armchair digital revolutionaries and this was really to give a position of where we are currently finding ourselves in artists practice and in showing this art medium too.

3.      What plays the biggest role in developing art and design?

The artists’ vision and belief in their aesthetic truth. The art fair and galleries only exist because of artists and we need to keep remembering that our role is to support their vision and enable these arenas to be platforms for their voices and how they can inspire, inform, enchant us in every way.

4.      Tell us about the greater role of film art at Art Basel.

Film at ABMB provides the art fair a platform to show works by artists that do not get seen too often at international art fairs. It also enables the general public to see durational works for free, and be part of the citywide art experience and understanding. We show work on the 7000 sq ft screening wall of the Frank Gehry designed New World Center, with a powerful 35k lumen projector and room in SoundScape Park for over 1000 people to see each of this years 8 screening programmes. We also introduced the Art Basel Film Library inside the fair this year, which gave fair goers a chance to interrogate and personally view all the films that were selected for the fair.

5.      Which artist who participated in the show did you most enjoy working with?

I enjoy the whole process of working with the galleries and their artists. This year we introduced sound to play on the amazing 160 speaker, purpose built surround sound system in SoundScape Park working with Raed Yassin, Jennie C. Jones, Larry Achiampong and Stephen Vitiello. Some artists such as Hayal Pozanti, Parker Ito, Charles Richardson completed edited works specifically for the program. I also collaborated with Tabor Robak on the programme I coined ‘The Digital Revolutionaries’ including his work, Jon Rafman, Oliver Laric and a tribute to Harun Farocki. Saya Woolfalk, Dara Friedman, Marcel Dzama, Charles Atlas, Marnie Weber, Takeshi Murata, Rachel Rose were works by other selected artists that had a great resonance with me.

6.      What is the role of art fairs like Art Basel on the medium? How does the fair help nurture the scene?

Art Basel approached me to work with them 5 years ago, to help nurture an area that needs inproving at the art fair and at all art fairs in general. Art Basel recognised the need for the support of artists mediums that do not all have immediate commercial attributes, which often get overlooked by us all during the hustle and bustle of preparing for and being at art fairs. We have to treat film, performance, sound as important and valued mediums in our art world, therefore they will become big and more valued, it is an obvious logic, but one which we all need reminding of and our constant attention.

Main image: from the Art Basel in Miami Beach, SoundScape Park screening of Charles Richardson’s ‘Rehearsal’, 2014

David Gryn, Artprojx worldwide, Curator of Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Curator at Royal College of Psychiatrists, Director of the Strangelove moving image festival at CSM 2015 and of a brand new Digital Art Editions model launching soon in 2015 …..

A Very Happy Artprojx New Year 2015

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Charles Richardson - The Rehearsal

Charles Richardson’s ‘The Rehearsal’ screening in Soundscape Park at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014