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Rites of Spring at Film Art Basel in Miami Beach Sat 6 Dec 8pm

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Marcel Dzama, A Game of Chess, 2011, 14’02”, Sies + Höke, David Zwirner

Film: Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014. Curated by David Gryn.

From December 3 through 6, 2014, Art Basel’s Film sector will include over 80 films and videos. Outdoor Screenings are in SoundScape Park on the 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall of the Frank Gehry designed New World Centre.

Saturday, December 6, 8pm

Rites of Spring

From historical positions, such as Babette Mangolte’s 1978 collaboration with dancer Trisha Brown, to recent works such as Rashaad Newsome’s 2014 KNOT, this program will explore the radical implications of dance. Both Miami-based artist Dara Friedman and the Canadian-born Marcel Dzama were inspired by historical dance pieces: Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Rites of Spring and Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet. Five short animations by the young Greek artist Rania Bellou will punctuate the screenings.

Rania Bellou, Punctuated Hi/stories, 2014, 2’58”, Kalfayan Galleries
Dara Friedman, Rite, 2014, 4’10”, Gavin Brown’s enterprise
Pilar Albarracín, Musical Dancing Spanish Doll, 2013, 3’25”, Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
Rania Bellou, Exercising Catching an Apple, 2008, 12”, Kalfayan Galleries
Marcel Dzama, A Game of Chess, 2011, 14’02”, Sies + Höke, David Zwirner
Ana Roldán, Construction concerned with the relationship between dissimilar emotional values in a composition with black and white, 2008, 2’12”, Instituto de visión
Rania Bellou, Tight Rope / Prison Privacy, 2008, 39”, Kalfayan Galleries
Brian Bress, Rock Your Body, 2005, 4’45”, Cherry and Martin
Rashaad Newsome, KNOT, 2014, 4′, Marlborough Gallery
Rania Bellou, Flying Go Around, 2011, 21”, Kalfayan Galleries
Dara Friedman, Ishmael and the Well of Ancient Mysteries, 2014, 12’, Gavin Brown’s enterprise
Babette Mangolte, Trisha Brown WATER MOTOR, 1978, 7’55”, Broadway 1602, Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
Rania Bellou, Trampoline / The Objectivity of Unprejudiced Witness, 2011, 22”, Kalfayan Galleries
Liu Chuang, Untitled (Dancing Partners), 5’14”, 2010, Salon 94


6pm-8pm Raed Yassin, The Deaf Oud, 2010, Kalfayan Galleries   in surround sound. Selected by David Gryn.

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Artprojx presents The Artist Sound of Film – David Gryn and DJ Max Reinhardt in a Moscow style

In Art Basel Miami Beach, Artprojx, Artprojx Cinema, Cory Arcangel, David Gryn, Film, Max Reinhardt., Moscow, Museum Night, Nick Abrahams on 13/05/2014 at 5:03 pm

Still: Dara Birnbaum ‘Arabesque’ 2012


Artprojx presents 
The Miami Film Selections
Artist Sound of Film 

curated by David Gryn

sounds by DJ Max Reinhardt

Moscow 17 May 2014



Nick Abrahams, Cory Arcangel, Dara Birnbaum, Pierre Bismuth, Martin Creed, Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, Kota Ezawa, Dara Friedman, Leo Gabin, Theaster Gates, William Kentridge and Philip Miller, Lina Lapelyte, Ryan MacGinley, Ari Marcopoulos, Takeshi Murata, Laurel Nakadate, Rashaad Newsome, Nicola Thomas


The films selected are highlights of works that were originally selected and curated by David Gryn for the Film programme at Art Basel in Miami Beach over the last 4 years. The films were all played on the New World Symphony Center’s screening wall in Soundscape Park during the annual art fair.


These works all engage with music, rhythm and sound and remain resonant from their initial playing. They all have a power that is far beyond just the work, one that creates lingering memory with the viewer long after the work has been seen and finished. The selection of these was driven by their sound, engagement and that the language needed to digest these works is that of audio-visual. These works reflect on the current trends and modes of communication such as Youtube, TV, animation, gaming, social media and used to create new images, sounds and unexpected connections.



Nick Abrahams – ekki mukk, 2012, 10’30”
Cory Arcangel – Paganini Caprice No.5, 2011, 3’41”
Dara Birnbaum – Arabesque, 2011/2013, 6’37”
Pierre Bismuth – Following Elvis Presley’s Hands in Jailhouse Rock, 2011, 3’12”
Martin Creed – Work No. 1700, 2013
Nathalie Djurberg with Hans Berg – I wasn’t made to play the son, 2011, 6’27”
Kota Ezawa – Beatles Über California, 2010, 2’03”
Dara Friedman – RITE 2012
Leo Gabin – Stackin, 2010, 2’38”
Rashaad Newsome – The Conductor, 2005/2010, 6’18”
Theaster Gates – Breathing, 2010, 6’58”
William Kentridge with Philip Miller, Tango for Page Turning, 2013, 2’48”
Lina Lapelyte: Candy Shop (special Moscow version), 2014
Ari Marcopoulous – Detroit, 2010, 7’32”
Ryan McGinley – Varúð, 2012, 8′
Takeshi Murata – OM Rider, 2013, 11’39”
Laurel Nakadate – 51/50, 2009, 3’09”
Nicola Thomas – Dancing with Monk, 2013, 2’55″


DJ Max Reinhardt will be playing a live set of World Music, Russian sounds, Artists Music and Sounds and reflecting on soundscapes he created for the Art Basel in Miami Beach Film programme in 2013. Max is a DJ on BBC Radio 3’s The Late Junction. David Gryn and Max Reinhardt are launching Artprojx Radio in 2015.


Artprojx, founded and directed by David Gryn, screens, curates and promotes artists’ moving image and sound, working with leading contemporary art galleries, museums, art fairs and artists worldwide.


For more information on this project contact:
David Gryn, Artprojx david@artprojx.com +447711127848
http://www.artprojx.com https://davidgryn.wordpress.com


Artprojx screening at Ikon Gallery – The Voice and the Lens

In Art Basel Miami Beach, Artprojx, Artprojx Cinema, Dara Friedman, David Blandy, IKON, Ikon Gallery, Kota Ezawa, Martha Rosler, Mel Brimfield, Rashaad Newsome, Sam Belinfante, Screenings, Terry Smith, Video Art on 09/11/2012 at 1:13 pm

Artprojx presents a selection of artists’ films and videos 


The Voice and The Lens at Ikon Gallery


David Blandy

Mel Brimfield

Kota Ezawa

Dara Friedman

Rashaad Newsome

Martha Rosler

Terry Smith


The Voice and the Lens: Part I 

at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Friday 9 November, 7-9.30pm (doors 6.45pm)

Tickets £6 / £4 students & unemployed

Weekend pass £10.50 / £6.50 students & unemployed

To book visit www.bookwhen.com/ikongallery

See the full programme: http://www.ikon-gallery.co.uk/programme/current/event/711/autumn_almanac_the_voice_and_t/

Forthcoming projects – coming very soon: 

David Gryn / Artprojx curates for MOCAtv. The Poetics of Anxiety and Melancholia. Artists: Meredith Danluck, Jesper Just, Kerry Tribe, Matthew Stone, Nick Abrahams, Stuart Croft, Sam Samore and Thomas Nordanstad, Shoja Azari, Jumana Manna, Hans op de Beeck, Nicholas Provost, Susanna Wallinhttp://www.youtube.com/user/MOCATV

David Gryn / Artprojx curates Art Video for Art Basel Miami Beach 2012, Dec. Artists inc: Tim Davis, Adam Shecter, Ryan McGinley, Ragnar Kjartansson, Nick Abrahams, Ari Marcopoulous, Julieta Aranda, Melanie Smith, Sam Samore, Dineo Seshee Bopape, Julika Rudelius, Theaster Gates, Yoshua Okon, Jordan Wolfson, Mauricio Lupini, David Adamo, Jesper Just, Jack Early, Takeshi Murata, Terence Gower, Sefer Memişoğlu, Michael Sailstorfer, Gigi Scaria, Guy Ben-Ner, Cao Fei, Mircea Cantor, Andrea Bowers, Rashaad Newsome, Daniel Arsham, Drew Heitzler & Sam Sharit, Josiah McElheny, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Pedro Reyes, Rubén Ortiz Torres & Emmanuel Lubezki, Michael Portnoy, David Zink Yi, Chen Xiaoyun, Hu Xiangqian, Pierre Bismuth, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Nate Boyce, Evandro Machado, William Kentridge, Adam Shecter, Ana Prvacki, Amar Kanwar, Robin Rhode, Marie Bovo, Hans Schabus, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Jumana Manna. 

Programme details: http://miamibeach.artbasel.com/global/show_document.asp?id=aaaaaaaaaaaznjk



David Gryn, Director & Founder of Artprojx screens, curates and promotes artists’ moving image projects, working with leading international contemporary art galleries, online platforms, art fairs, institutes and artists.

Artprojx projects have included: Art Basel Miami Beach, MOCAtv, Gagosian, White Cube, Sadie Coles HQ, Lisson Gallery, The Modern Institute, Whitney Museum, Tate Britain, ICA, Frieze Art Fair and artists have included: Christian Marclay, Dara Friedman, Santiago Sierra, Mark Wallinger, Christian Jankowski, Tracey Emin, Susan Hiller, Dexter Dalwood, Jeremy Deller, Wilhelm Sasnal, William Eggleston, Natalie Djurberg, William Kentridge, Luke Fowler. www.artprojx.com

Artprojx screening at The Voice and the Lens – Ikon Gallery 9 Nov

In Artprojx, Dara Friedman, David Blandy, David Gryn, IKON, Kota Ezawa, Rashaad Newsome, Terry Smith on 23/10/2012 at 9:33 am

Dara Friedman, Musical 2008 (courtesy the artist and Gavin Brown enterprise)

David Gryn / Artprojx programmes an evening of artists’ films and videos. Featuring artists: David Blandy, Mel Brimfield, Kota Ezawa, Dara Friedman, Rashaad Newsome, Martha Rosler, Terry Smith


The Voice and the Lens: Part I 

at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Friday 9 November, 7-9.30pm (doors 6.45pm)

Tickets £6 / £4 students & unemployed

Weekend pass £10.50 / £6.50 students & unemployed

To book visit www.bookwhen.com/ikongallery


Performances and screenings

Second Floor Galleries

Adam de la Cour performs his interpretation of Kurt Schwitters’ seminal text performance piece, Ursonate, with Neil Luck, alongside his own performance pieces reimagining Al Jolson (La Nosloj), and I-Paine, a violent reading of Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man featuring martial arts…

Adam also performs Live Adult Chat, his new work with Bruce McLean, created especially for The Voice and the Lens (see Exhibition for details of Drumstick, the film counterpart to this performance).

Amy Cunningham performs Oracle, created for The Voice and the Lens (see Exhibition for details).

Neil Luck & Fiona Bevan present a new collaborative work incorporating Luck’s trademark post-symbolist foley and Bevan’s penetrating feminist subtexts. Their interrogation of recorded media takes the form of juxtaposed scenes drawing influences from Grand Opera to Soap Opera.

“Spine-tingling. Fiona Bevan completely transported me” Alex James, Blur

“Soulful and eccentric” Guardian

Dante Rendle Traynor performs a new work, building on his highly theatrical alter egos, together with his film something for everyone.

Luke Deane presents a performance of luke and luke like to look and listen (see details of the film in the Exhibition).

Sepideh Saii – Behind The Scene (2010)

This film features footage from La Vie en Rose, the Hollywood portrait of Edith Piaf. A young woman is seen intently watching and listening to ‘Piaf’ being called from her dressing room to perform on stage. When ‘Piaf’ finally exits her dressing room, so does our heroine, masking Piaf both visually and in audio by singing her own estranged tune.

Stella Capes – Knights Move Thinking (2009)

Shot with a single take, Knights Move Thinking sets up a struggle between performer and voice to construct an image for camera. A voiceover recites fragments from theatre scene-settings, whilst a ‘stagehand’ builds an abstract composition challenging what’s being described. The fixed camera endeavours to capture the unfolding composition, which is constructed in almost complete darkness.

Ed Atkins Delivery To The Following Recipient Failed Permanently (2011)

“Depth, both physical and emotional, is phony here: the back of a head as the most opaque, resistant thing I can think of; smoke as an explication of a particularly morbid kind of speech, like barium quaffed before an x-ray to illuminate those darkened paths inside you; words that seem caring– but which are in fact exploitative tropes conveyed with a cool impunity to anyone who’ll listen. Music! – especially for you.

Samuel Beckett – Not I (1972) 

Not I features a spot-lit mouth in an otherwise dark space, focusing on an actress’s mouth. The mouth utters at a ferocious pace a logorrhoea of fragmented, jumbled sentences which obliquely tells the story of a woman who appears to have suffered an unspecified traumatic experience. This performance, featuring Julianne Moore and directed by Neil Jordan, was made for the Beckett on Film project.

Anri Sala – Answer Me (2008)

Filmed in the abandoned dome of a Buckminster Fuller-designed surveillance station, the dome’s distinctive echo, triggered in the film by a man playing the drums in the large, empty space, drowns out all of the dialogue spoken by the female character, with the exception of the words that give the film its title.

Elsewhere in the galleries:

Simon Lewandowski demonstrates and performs with his automatic voice machines.

ARTPROJX Screenings 


Events Room, 7-9.30pm

Artprojx programmes a night of artists’ films and videos.

Featuring artists: David Blandy, Mel Brimfield, Kota Ezawa, Dara Friedman, Rashaad Newsome, Martha Rosler, Terry Smith

Director David Gryn writes:

‘Sound marshals my seeing and music dictates much of my moving image tastes. Quoting Bill Viola: “ .. sound … goes around corners, through walls, is sensed simultaneously 360 degrees around the observer and even penetrates the body …” All the artists that I have selected have taken the voice and made me want to watch their films and videos over and over again.’

ARTPROJX is a leading brand that screens, curates and promotes artists’ moving image and other art projects, working with leading international contemporary art galleries, art fairs, institutes and artists. Forthcoming project Art Video at Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

David Blandy – White and Black Minstrel Show (2007), From The Underground (2001), I Am (2003-04), Sons of Slaves (2006), and Secrets and Lies (2002)

Blandy’s work deals with his problematic relationship with popular culture, highlighting the slippage and tension between fantasy and reality in everyday life. Either as a white man mouthing the words to the underground soul classic “Is it because I’m black” in White and Black Minstrel Show (2007), or discovering his father courtesy of Star Wars in I Am (2003), Blandy is searching for his cultural position in the world.

Rashaad Newsome – Shade Compositions (2009)

Newsome’s Shade Compositions takes up the body language and voice of certain women of colour — wondering how a seemingly sassy street expression extends across the globe as an open vernacular.

Mel Brimfield – He Hit Me…And It Felt Like A Kiss (2011)

Singer Gwyneth Herbert performs a reworked version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Memories as a half-carved sculpture emerging from a block of marble, but wistfully regretting her abandonment by the sculptor having been relegated to storage when he became interested in abstraction.

Kota Ezawa – Beatles Über California (2010)

Ezawa’s mash up blends an animation of The Beatles’ 1964 performance on The Ed Sullivan Show with the Dead Kennedy’s ‘California Über Alles’.

Dara Friedman – Musical (2007/08)

For three weeks Friedman invited ordinary New Yorkers to burst into song on street corners, in coffee shops, museums and train stations. Friedman’s film collates those discrete happenings, creating a sprawling American musical that is by turns uproariously funny and devastatingly sad.

Martha Rosler – If it’s too bad to be true it could be disinformation(1985)

Rosler’s video uses a partially demagnetised videotape to engage problems of reading popular news media. This video presents news coverage of US conflicts in Latin America during the early 80s, which various media techniques for vilification, obscuring fact with allegation, propagating an illusion of truth.

Terry Smith – Unsung (2012)

Unsung is an homage to Robert Rauschenberg and Merce Cunningham, inspired by their performance at Dartington in 1964. It features vocalist Linda Hirst, who has worked with Cage, Berio, the Michael Nyman Band, Royal Opera House and many more.







Dara Friedman’s Dancer at SoundScape Park, New World Center, Miami – Nov 30

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Dara Friedman 'Dancer' 2011

ART VIDEO Art Basel Miami Beach Nov 30 – Dec 4 2011

Selected by David Gryn, Director, Artprojx

Presents on

Wednesday  November 30 

9pm Dara Friedman, Dancer, 2011, 25′ (screened twice), Gavin Brown’s enterprise

Location: New World Center, SoundScape Park, 500 17th Street, Miami Beach

Dancer documents a series of dances that took place on the streets of Miami this past Spring. In the film, the performers have two dance partners: the camera and the city. The dancers, over 60 in all, represent a range of styles and ages – classical, street, ethnic and improvised. Movement was developed with choreography for and with the camera in hand. The work is in black and white, filmed with a hand-cranked Bolex in Super 16mm. The camera allows itself to be led the film frame delineating the parameters of the stage and the barrel lens sometimes catching the movement merely out of the corner of its eye. Performances are enmeshed with the soundtrack which paces the film throughout its 25 minute running time.

Dancer is the most recent film in an unofficial trilogy of new works by Friedman that focus on performance and public space. In 2007, the Public ArtFund commissioned Musical 2007-2008, which captured spontaneous actions orchestrated across Manhattan. Musical similarly plays upon the vitality of city life where unexpected encounters can be a daily occurrence.

In 2009, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt commissioned Friedman to create a performance as part of the exhibition “Playing The City”. Frankfurt Song, 2010, asked the city’s array of street musicians to interpret the Rolling Stone’s 1969 hit song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. The performance and subsequent film takes a snapshot of the city and makes a point of highlighting the endless renaissance of its people, places and politics.

Dara Friedman 'Dancer' 2011

Art Video: Features film and video works by today’s most exciting international artists, presented by the galleries of Art Basel Miami Beach. Organized in association with London’s Artprojx, Art Video will be screened for the first time in the SoundScape Park, on the 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall of the New World Center, as well as within five viewing pods inside the Miami Beach Convention Center

Free public access. Limited seating is available; bring a blanket or beach chair. Food and beverages are available from Atelier Monnier

also on

Friday December 2 

2-2.30pm ART SALON

Art Video Talk | ‘Dancer’

Dara Friedman, Artist, Miami in converstation with David Gryn, Founder of Artprojx & Curator of Art Video.

Location: Miami Beach Convention Center, Zone D auditorium

Dara Friedman 'Dancer' 2011

Art Video http://www.artbaselmiamibeach.com/go/id/eoe/ 

Showguide http://www.artbaselmiamibeach.com/go/id/ijd/

Dara Friedman 'Dancer' 2011