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The Artist as Composer – in Conversations and Salon series: Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016

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molly palmer, fountain, 2016

Conversations and Salon: Art Basel’s 2016 program in Miami Beach. Art Basel’s Conversations and Salon series will bring together celebrated artists, galleries, art historians, writers, curators, museum directors and collectors from across the globe, including Alexandre Arrechea, Wafaa Bilal, Francesco Clemente, Mark Dion, Lady Bunny, Julio Le Parc, Glenn Ligon, Tony Matelli, Jill Magid, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Damián Ortega, Bernardo Ortiz, Molly Palmer, Howardena Pindell, HE Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi, Howard Rachofsky and Sun Xun among others.

Sunday, December 4, 2016
2pm to 3pm | Artist Talk | The Artist as Composer
Molly Palmer, Artist, London; Susannah Stark, Artist, London; Kathryn Mikesell, Founder, The Fountainhead Residency and Studios, Miami; Rachel Mason, Artist, Los Angeles. Moderator: William J. Simmons, Lecturer in Art History, City College of New York, New York. With an introduction by David Gryn, Curator of Art Basel’s Film sector and Founder of Daata Editions and Artprojx, London.

The Conversations and Salon talks are programmed by Mari Spirito, Founding Director, Protocinema, Istanbul/New York.


info on all the talks art basel press release


The Art Basel in Miami Beach Film & Sound program in Soundscape Park will be Free to attend on Wednesday, November 30 thru Saturday, December 3. The surround sound program starts at 6pm until 8pm and repeats each of the days, this is a compilation of sound artworks, played nightly during the fair from 6pm until 8pm, featuring artists commissioned to create or reform work into surround sound installations. This year’s artists include: Molly Palmer, Sussanah Stark, Ain Bailey, Zoe Buckman, Jonathan Montague and A.K. Burns.

The Film program starts at 8pm each night with a two hour compilation, repeated daily, of 28 moving image artworks screened under the title ‘Best Dressed Chicken in Town’. Artists include: Ana Mendieta, Anri Sala, Derrick Adams with Ramon Silvera, Samson Young, Kudzanai Chiurai, Edgardo Aragón, Luther Price, Catharina van Eetvelde, Ara Peterson, Matt Copson, Martin Creed, Jillian Mayer, György Kovásznai, Tromarama, Kim Gordon, Li Shurui & Li Daiguo, Adam Shecter, Brian Alfred, Dashiell Manley, Haroon Mirza, Zak Ové, Cabelo, Lena Daly, Nate Boyce, Tomislav Gotovac, Rodney Graham, Keren Cytter.

With a title borrowed from a classic 1970s reggae song by Jamaican dj/singer Doctor Alimantado, this year’s short film program focuses on a selection of international artists who engage with music in a multitude of ways. All the films in this varied and exciting program demonstrate the power of music to attract an audience, keep it engaged, elicit suspense and tug at the heartstrings. Similar to classical symphony works, the order of the films builds up to a crescendo creating an awe-inspiring magic derived from the works in their entirety.

Each night at 10pm there are uniquely featured Film program’s including a Rita Ackermann, Christian Marclay Double Bill on Wednesday, November 30, and a Liliana Porter and Alfredo Jaar Double Bill on the Friday, December 2.

On Thursday, December 1 a feature titled New Parthenon, with works by artists: Ain Bailey & Sonia Boyce, Anna Grenman, Rashid Johnson, Alex Prager, Penny Siopis.

The final screening titled Love Songs is on Saturday, December 3 will include four short films by Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal.

All the works have a strong relationship with music.






Tuesday, November 29, 11:00 am
New World Center, SunTrust Pavilion
Coffee, tea and light pastries will be served
Free with RSVP/ticket

Featuring David Gryn, Kathryn Mikesell, Molly Palmer and John Kieser

RSVP/Tickets: www.nws.edu/insights

David Gryn, the curator of Art Basel’s Film & Sound programming and Director of Daata Editions in conversation with Kathryn Mikesell, founder of The Fountainhead Residency & Studios, Miami, and Molly Palmer, a London based artist commissioned for the Surround Sound program and will be resident at Fountainhead. Hosted by John Kieser, Executive Vice President and Provost of the New World Symphony.

A conversation around the curation of this years Film and Sound programming for Art Basel in Miami Beach and its relationship to music, the New World Center, collaborations between the various organisations, artists, residencies, curators and future plans and aspirations. There will be a chance to join in the conversations and ask questions.

For more information on the 2016 Art Basel events in SoundScape Park: http://www.nws.edu/events-tickets/art-basel-at-soundscape-park/.



Film and Sound at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2015

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Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 15.04.12

Howardina Pindell, Free, White and 21, 1980. Garth Greenan Gallery

Our Hidden Futures
Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2015
The Artists Surround Sound Project
Curated by David Gryn of Daata Editions and Artprojx
SoundScape Park, New World Center, Miami Beach
December 2-5, 2015 from 6pm



Dates and Schedule:

Wed, Dec 2
9am New World Symphony Insights Talk with David Gryn and artists Sofie Alsbo, Alice Jacobs, Jillian Mayer, Mariele Neudecker and moderated by Dennis Scholl.

6pm Surround sound work by artist Mariele Neudecker

Artist Film program
8pm Fairy Doll; 58 mins. Artists: Rineke Dijkstra, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Carla Chaim, Anna K.E. & Florian Meisenberg, Anna Maria Maiolino, Howardena Pindell.

9pm Speak Easy; 78 mins. Artists: Simone Leigh & Liz Magic Laser with Alicia Hall Moran, Jumana Manna, JoAnn Verburg, Melanie Smith with Rafael Ortega, Marinella Senatore, Catherine Sullivan, Ann-Sofi Sidén in collaboration with Jonathan Bepler.

Thurs Dec 3
6pm Surround sound work by artist Sofie Alsbo

Artist Film program
9pm Afterward via Fantasia; 60 mins. Artists: Catherine Sullivan with George Lewis and Sean Griffin,

10pm Sea of Silence; 56 mins. Artists: Marnie Weber, Camille Henrot, Shirazeh Houshiary, Cauleen Smith, Minnette Vári, Tracey Emin, Nikki S. Lee.

Fri, Dec 4
6pm Surround sound work by artist Camille Norment

Artist Film program
8pm Duet; 45 mins. Artists: Janet Biggs, Zanele Muholi, Nicola Thomas, Talia Chetrit, Sue de Beer.

9pm Snow Job; 62 mins. Artists: Berna Reale, Shana Moulton, Mary Reid Kelley, Barbara Hammer, Diana Thater, Chloe Wise & Claire Christerson, Ida Applebroog, Breda Beban, Judith Hopf.

Sat, Dec 5
2pm Salon talk – The Artists Surround Sound Project
Moderator: David Gryn, artists: Sofie Alsbo, Alice Jacobs, Mariele Neudecker, Camille Norment

6pm Surround sound work by artist Alice Jacobs

Artist Film program
8pm Vanishing Point; 58 mins; Artist: Breda Beban, María Fernanda Cardoso, Janet Biggs, Fritzia Irizar, Suzanne Harris, Anna Barham, Guan Xiao, Susanne M. Winterling, Pia Camil, Cornelia Parker.

9pm Bikini Carwash; 52 mins; the seven works in this program will explore the great outdoors, capturing urban and rural encounters. Artists: Liz Cohen, Marnie Weber, Jaki Irvine, Micol Assaël, Kristin Oppenheim, Cauleen Smith, Milena Bonilla.


Art Basel in Miami Beach in 2015 http://artbasel.com/miami-beach

David Gryn / Artprojx blog https://davidgryn.wordpress.com/

New World Symphony http://www.nws.edu/events-tickets/concerts/insights-artists-film-and-sound-with-david-gryn/

The Artists Surround Sound Project – Art Basel in Miami Beach 2015

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SoundScape Park during Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach curated by David Gryn (from the 2013 screening of Mickalene Thomas, Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman: A Portrait of My Mother). Image: courtesy Art Basel

The Artists Surround Sound Project

Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2015

Sofie Alsbo, Alice Jacobs, Mariele Neudecker, Camille Norment

Curated and organised by David Gryn of Daata Editions and Artprojx worldwide

SoundScape Park, New World Center, Miami Beach

December 2-5, 2015 at 6pm


Soundcloud trackshttps://soundcloud.com/david-gryn/sets/the-artists-surround-sound

New World Symphony https://www.nws.edu/events-tickets/art-basel-at-soundscape-park/

Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/140052276352255/

Talk at the New World Symphony – http://www.nws.edu/events-tickets/concerts/insights-artists-film-and-sound-with-david-gryn/

Wednesday, December 2: Mariele Neudecker

Thursday, December 3:  Sofie Alsbo

Friday, December 4: Camille Norment

Saturday, December 5: Alice Jacobs

Every evening at 6pm during Art Basel in Miami Beach, prior to the Film program, sound works by Sofie Alsbo, Alice Jacobs, Mariele Neudecker and Camille Norment will be presented at 6pm (until 8pm) on the state-of-the art surround sound system with its 160 speakers in SoundScape Park.

Nothing is going to sound quite like this …

Art Basel in Miami Beach – Talks Program

Salon talks panel (full talks program pdf)

Saturday, December 5, 2015, 2pm to 3pm

The Artists Surround Sound Project
Mariele Neudecker, Camille Norment, Sophie Alsbo, Alice Jacobs
Moderator: David Gryn, Curator of Art Basel’s Film sector and Founder of Daata Edition and Artprojx


Sofie Alsbo, Close Encounter, 2015

Sofie Alsbo

Close Encounter (2015)

Close Encounter (2015) is a surround sound piece made specifically for Miami Soundscape Park as part of Surround Sound Artists Project.

Signals reaching for a wave. Roaming. Vibrations and heartbeats. Clap. A drone that bites its own tail. A circulating loop around the crowd. The body in a mass. Clap. Close Encounter enters the arena with sporadic fragments as the soundscape sway in the contrast of the physicality and transparency of the presence of sound.

Sofie Alsbo (b. 1982, Denmark) received a BA in Fine Art from Central St. Martins UAL and a Postgraduate Diploma from The Royal Academy Schools in London. Working with video, animation and sound a relationship between technology and the human body is explored as the work focuses on the pull between the internal and external space of the body and mind.


Pete Jones Music

Sound Designer
Envy Post Production

Envy Post Production



Alice Jacobs, The Intent I Owe, 2015

Alice Jacobs

The Intent I Owe, 2015

Alter our fear, you frown me,

With her, with her, will feel form.

How dear and fairs, and soul, won’t be.

So kind, giving of being, inhabited here,

She laughed in dear o mourning.

For plans hath loved so grow,

For you, sigh and frown, whore again,

On hold, for hell or high, bitter end,

Alter our fear.

Alter our fear, who, bears flight,

When here, descend our endeavours,

So last, untold and shouts bear down.

Mere time near heart and first once stood,

Don’t lie, the bruise in the family,

In deed, were told fairs and cold.

Oh mother, her again, her screaming!

Oh you, frown hiding by our lost youth,

Alter our fear.

All men here, right, men now,

Dear here, it wont hurt to hold them,

One died, is how this all turned out.

Stay close, and hear the mothers womb,

Her voice still shakes, but I warned her,

The wounds, will hide across her face.

Dear you, only the holy shall save you,

Take care, this fear and thought of you,

Ave Maria!

The Intent I Owe, (2015) is based on Ave Maria by Schubert. Originally sung in German, here the lyrics have been transposed into an English poem. The harmonic sounds focus on religious notations of women, the iconic figure of Madonna and, by contrast, how in reality, men perceive the female as mother and sex object.

Alice Jacobs (b 1992, London) MA Royal Collage of Art (2017). BA (Hons) Central Saint Martins (2015). Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu (2014). Jacobs addresses a feminist perspective to create a platform for the female gaze via performance, sound and sculptural media. She is interested in the visual representation of gender interaction as delineated by a patriarchal society.


Theo Zeal, Sound Producer, UK

Milly Forrest, Voice, Royal Academy of Music, UK

Rodrigo Canas, Royal Collage of Art, UK

Louis Dowdeswell, Assistant Sound Engineer, UK



Mariele Neudecker, Figure of 8 (Rainforest, Ecuador, sound recorded at height: 1.39m, 9.78m, 22.59m, 30.79m and 37.26m), for 5.1 surround, 16 minutes looped, 2015 (courtesy Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin, Germany) PHOTO: Laurie Lax

Mariele Neudecker

Figure of 8 (Rainforest, Ecuador, sound recorded at height: 1.39m, 9.78m, 22.59m, 30.79m and 37.26m), for 5.1 surround, 16 minutes looped, 2015 (courtesy Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin, Germany)

’Figure of 8’ aims to create a soundscape that is artificially collaged from 3-dimensional sound-recordings that, at the time of capture, observed and co-responded with the circadian rhythm of the place. The sound implies and animates a physical shift through a physical space and a horizontal timeline, a sound experience of ‘a night in the jungle’.  Going beyond the image, Neudecker, at times, works with classical music and ‘sound data’, exploring the pathos and evocative power of ‘audio’ that is rooted in ‘ground truth’, a term used in remote sensing to describe data collected on location. In this particular location: no image, moving or still, can possibly capture what the sound manages to convey. Tiputini Biodiversity Station [Ecuador] where these recordings were taken – for a permanent, commissioned work for the new Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital, London, which is due to open late 2016 – is one of the most bio-diverse forests in the world. Its sounds never stop.

Mariele Neudecker [b.1965 Germany] lives and works in Bristol, UK and uses a broad range of media including sculpture, film, photography as well as sound. Her works have been exhibited widely internationally both in group- and solo-exhibitions. Her practice investigates the formation and historical dissemination of cultural constructs around the natural world and notion of a Contemporary Sublime. Neudecker often uses technology’s virtual capabilities in order to reproduce a heightened experience of nature & landscape, thus addressing the subjective and mediated condition of any first hand encounter.


Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity, London, UK

Futurecity, London, UK

Bath Spa University, Bath, UK

Laurie Lax and John Taylor, Bristol and Bath, UK

Jan Meinema, Creative Music Technology @ Bath Spa University, UK

Manus Pitt, BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol, UK

Tiputini Biodiversity Research Station, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador




Camille Norment, Toll – Dissonant Image
 (Re-mixed and mastered from Toll, 2011 for 5.1 surround), 2015

Camille Norment

Toll – Dissonant Image
(Re-mixed and mastered from Toll, 2011 for 5.1 surround), 2015

Three instruments – the rare glass armonica, the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, and the electric guitar – each, once banned for fear of the psychological, physical, or social effects they had on the body – come together in a visceral soundscape of resonance and overtone that levels beauty and noise. The title composition was influenced by Arvo Pärt’s “Fratres,” meaning ‘brotherhood,’ and puts the notion of social harmony and dissonance to question through lulling, taunting, and abrasive textures.The enveloping sonic image invokes the instruments’ relationships to notions of magic and the uncanny, hypnosis and trance, and noise as a psychological atmosphere. The powerful sonic worlds they create resonate through a tantalizing union of the instruments’ voices and their paradoxical cultural histories.

The work of artist Camille Norment guides an investigation of socio-cultural phenomena through particular instances and significations of sound and music. The aim is to produce critical artworks that are equally occupied with experiential form, and conceptual narrative.  There is a particular interest in both sonic and socio-cultural tension – parallels of dissonance – and an underlying interest in the physiological effects of sound on the body that may exceed the cultural boundaries of perception.


David Gryn

Curator Film and Sound at Art Basel in Miami Beach

Director, Daata Editions and Artprojx





Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2015 – Our Hidden Futures

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Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.07.14 PM

Chloe Wise & Claire Christerson, Greece, 2015, 3′, courtesy of the artists

Our Hidden Futures

Film: Art Basel announces 2015 program for Miami Beach

Curated by David Gryn, Daata Editions and Artprojx

Film Trailer


From December 2 through 6, 2015, Art Basel will present a premier program of over 50 films and videos by and about artists selected under the title ‘Our Hidden Futures’. Screened on the 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall of the New World Center, the program is again curated by David Gryn, Director of Daata Editions and London’s Artprojx.

First-time Art Basel film curator Marian Masone, Senior Programming Advisor at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York has selected the feature-length film ‘Troublemakers – The Story of Land Art’ (2015) by filmmaker James Crump for a special screening at the Colony Theatre on Friday, December 4.

Gryn’s program of film and video works, drawn from the show’s participating galleries, will include work by Ida Applebroog, Anna Barham, Breda Beban, Janet Biggs, Sue de Beer, Rineke Dijkstra, Tracey Emin, Barbara Hammer, Shirazeh Houshiary, Jaki Irvine, Anna K.E. & Florian Meisenberg, Jumana Manna, Howardena Pindell, Cauleen Smith, Catherine Sullivan, and Marnie Weber.

Every evening, in addition to the Film program, sound works by Sofie Alsbo, Alice Jacobs, Mariele Neudecker and Camille Norment will be presented on the state-of-the arts surround sound system in SoundScape Park, curated by David Gryn. In conjunction with the outdoor film screenings, over 80 works have been selected to be shown within a designated Film Library at the Art Basel fair, whose Lead Partner is UBS.

Returning for his fifth year with Art Basel, curator David Gryn’s selection of works for Film will explore the history and future path of moving image artworks. Framed under the title ‘Our Hidden Futures’, the lineup will highlight an international selection of emerging and established artists, encompassing a range of moving image works that illustrate the breadth of these various analogue and digital mediums.

On Saturday, December 5 at 2pm, Art Basel’s Salon program will feature ‘The Artists
Surround Sound Project’ a talk between Art Basel film curator David Gryn and the artists
Sophie Alsbo, Alice Jacobs, Mariele Neudecker and Camille Norment. Art Basel
entry tickets include admission to the Salon.

For the full list of films featured at Art Basel in Miami Beach in 2015, please visit artbasel.com/miami-beach/film


Daily (December 2 – 6)

Miami Beach Convention Center Film Library

In conjunction with the outdoor program, over 80 selected works will be presented on six touch-screen monitors within the Film Library at Art Basel’s show during show hours. Access with a show entrance ticket.

Nightly (December 2 – 5)

SoundScape Park Evening Film Program

Outdoor screenings will take place in SoundScape Park on the 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall of the New World Center, a three-minute walk from the Miami Beach Convention Center. Admission to Film at SoundScape Park is free. Visitors are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs.

Every evening from 6pm to the start of the first film screening, sound works by different artists, curated by David Gryn, will be presented in SoundScape Park: Weds, Dec 2: Mariele Neudecker / Thurs, Dec 3:  Sofie Alsbo / Fri, Dec 4: Camille Norment / Sat, Dec 5: Alice Jacobs. Free public access, seating is limited – bring a blanket or lawn chair.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

6pm | Sound work

Mariele Neudecker, Figure of 8 (Rainforest, Ecuador, sound recorded at height: 1.39m, 9.78m, 22.59m, 30.79m and 37.26m), 2015, Galerie Barbara Thumm

8pm | Short Film program | Fairy Doll

Running time approximately 58’; selected by David Gryn

The 2015 Film program will open with a selection of short works in which artists focus on a single portrait to draw out the nuances of what it means to be human.

Rineke Dijkstra, Marianna (The Fairy Doll), 2014, 19’13”, Marian Goodman Gallery

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, The Countermand, 2014, 9’48”, Jenkins Johnson Gallery

Carla Chaim, Lua Certa, 2011, 1’03”, Galeria Raquel Arnaud

Anna K.E. & Florian Meisenberg, Late Checkout (Part II), 2015, 9’58”, Simone Subal Gallery

Anna Maria Maiolino, Um Momento, Por Favor, 1999/2004, 4’30”, Hauser & Wirth

Howardena Pindell, Free, White and 21, 1980, 12’15”, Garth Greenan Gallery

9pm | Short Film program | Speak Easy

Running time approximately 78’; selected by David Gryn

‘Speak Easy’ will consider the artistic use of the creative, the audience, and the allure of the arena, the theater and the theatrical to explore the unsaid or unsayable.

Simone Leigh & Liz Magic Laser with Alicia Hall Moran, Breakdown, 2011, 9’46”, Tilton Gallery

Jumana Manna, A Sketch of Manners (Alfred Roch’s Last Masquerade), 2013, 12′, CRG Gallery

JoAnn Verburg, Watching Trisha Brown, 2015, 2’40”, Pace/MacGill Gallery

Melanie Smith with Rafael Ortega, Aztec Stadium. Malleable Deed, 2010, 10’29”, Sicardi Gallery

Marinella Senatore, Speak Easy, 2009, 15′, Peres Projects

Catherine Sullivan, Triangle of Need (Olympian and Doves), 2007, 8’22”, Metro Pictures

Ann-Sofi Sidén in collaboration with Jonathan Bepler, Curtain Callers, 2011, 20′, Galerie Barbara Thumm

Thursday, December 3, 2015

6pm | Sound work

Sofie Alsbo, Close Encounter, 2015, , courtesy of the artist

9pm | Afterward Via Fantasia

Catherine Sullivan with George Lewis and Sean Griffin, Afterword via Fantasia, 2015, 60ʹ, Metro Pictures

Catherine Sullivan’s film, ‘Afterword Via Fantasia’, is conceived within the framework of an opera written by composer George Lewis and co-directed by Sullivan and longtime collaborator Sean Griffin. Sullivan transposes material from Lewis’s libretto into a series of scenes shot on sets for other plays with parallel and divergent social and cultural themes. The opera and film are based on Lewis’s widely-acclaimed book A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) and American Experimental Music. The AACM has long played a key role in American experimental music, forging new models of black identity and social activism.

10pm | Short Film program | Sea of Silence

Running time approximately 56’; selected by David Gryn

Works within ‘Sea of Silence’ reflect on the poetic silence of the absent and, in so doing, create a louder and much more visceral language.

Marnie Weber, Sea of Silence, 2009, 14’15”, Gavlak Gallery / Simon Lee Gallery

Camille Henrot, Million Dollars Point, 2011, 5’35”, Galerie König / kamel mennour

Shirazeh Houshiary, Dust, 2011-2013, 7’08”, Lehmann Maupin

Cauleen Smith, Crow Requiem, 2015, 11′, Corbett vs. Dempsey

Minnette Vári, Quake, 2007, 6’23”, Goodman Gallery

Tracey Emin, Love Never Wanted Me, 2013, 2’48”, Lehmann Maupin

Nikki S. Lee, Yours, 2015, 8’41”, One and J. Gallery

Friday, December 4

6pm | Sound work

Camille Norment, Toll – Dissonant Image, (Re-mixed and mastered from 2011 version of Toll), 2015, courtesy of the artist

8pm | Short Film program | Duet

Running time approximately 45’; selected by David Gryn

‘Duet’ will present artworks that embody pairs, the split screen, duos and unions, which are found in the style of the film, the artistic process or within the narrative.

Janet Biggs, Duet, 2010, 6’47”, Cristin Tierney Gallery

Zanele Muholi, Ayanda & Nhlanhla Moremi’s Wedding, 2013, 11’50”, Stevenson

Nicola Thomas, S-time, 2015, 3’53”, courtesy of the artist

Talia Chetrit, Parents, 2014, 9’44, Sies + Höke, kaufmann repetto

Nicola Thomas, Julian in two parts, 2015 2’02”, courtesy of the artist

Sue de Beer, The Blue Lenses, 2014, 19’03”, Marianne Boesky Gallery

9pm | Short Film program | Snow Job

Running time approximately 62’; selected by David Gryn

Selected works in ‘Snow Job’ use satire to communicate messages that engage and humor us.

Berna Reale, Cantando na Chuva (Singing in the Rain), 2014, 4’15”, Galeria Nara Roesler

Shana Moulton, MindPlace ThoughtStream, 2014, 11’57”, Galerie Gregor Staiger

Mary Reid Kelley, Camel Toe, 2008, 1’25”, Pilar Corrias

Barbara Hammer, Snow Job: The Media Hysteria of Aids, 1986, 7’44”, KOW

Diana Thater, Male Gyr-Peregrine Falcon (Grim), 2012, 30”, Hauser & Wirth

Chloe Wise & Claire Christerson, Greece, 2015, 3′, courtesy of the artists

Ida Applebroog, It’s No Use Alberto, 1978, 9’36”, Hauser & Wirth

Breda Beban, Jason’s Dream, 1997, 10′, courtesy of the artist’s estate & Kalfayan Galleries

Mary Reid Kelley, Swinburne’s Pasiphae, 2014, 8’58’, Pilar Corrias

Judith Hopf, Lily´s Laptop, 2013, 5’29”, kaufmann repetto

8:30 pm | James Crump, Troublemakers – The Story of Land Art, 2015

Special Film Screening at Colony Theatre, 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Running time 72ʹ; selected by Marian Masone

Troublemakers – The Story of Land Art, 2015 unearths the history of land art in the tumultuous late 1960s and early 1970s. Focused on a cadre of renegade New York artists that sought to transcend the limitations of painting and sculpture by producing earthworks on a monumental scale in the desolate desert spaces of the American southwest, the film includes rare footage and interviews with artists such as Robert Smithson (Spiral Jetty), Walter De Maria (The Lightning Field) and Michael Heizer (Double Negative). The screening is followed by a panel discussion between the movie’s Director James Crump and Art Basel Film co-curator Marian Masone.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

6pm | Sound work

Alice JacobsThe Intent I Owe, 2015, courtesy of the artist

8pm | Short Film program | Vanishing Point 

Running time approximately 58’; selected by David Gryn

‘Vanishing Point’ will feature a selection of artworks which employ kinetic and choreographed movement to investigate the factory, machines, and the futility of war, as well as the demise of manufacturing and its consequences.

Breda Beban, Let’s call it love, 2000, 7’30’’, artist’s estate, Kalfayan Galleries

María Fernanda Cardoso, On the Origins of Art: Maratus Volans, Male and Female, Artists, 2015, 3’13”, Casas Riegner

Janet Biggs, Vanishing Point, 2009, 10’32”, Cristin Tierney Gallery

Fritzia Irizar, Sin título (requiem JMAF), 2015, 4’19”, Arredondo \ Arozarena

Suzanne Harris, The Wheels / Flying Machine, 1973, 5’47”, Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Anna Barham, The squid that hid, 2015, 5’05”, Galerie Nordenhake

Guan Xiao, Hidden Track, 2015, 4’51”, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler

Susanne M. Winterling, Immersion Vertex (Prototyp Diadem), 2’22”, 2014, Jessica Silverman Gallery

Pia Camil, No A Trio A, 2013, 7’31”, OMR

Cornelia Parker, War Machine, 2015, 9’25”, courtesy of the artist and Frith Street Gallery

9pm | Bikini Carwash

Running time approximately 52’; selected by David Gryn

The seven works in this program will explore the great outdoors, capturing urban and rural encounters.

Liz Cohen, Bikini Carwash, 2002, 5’58”, Salon 94

Marnie Weber, Songs Hurt Me, 1994, 2′, Gavlak Gallery / Simon Lee Gallery

Jaki Irvine, Se Compra: Sin é, 2014, 17’37”, Kerlin Gallery

Micol Assaël, Overstrain, 2012, 3′, ZERO…

Kristin Oppenheim, Ultramarine, 2015, 7’43”, in collaboration with Don Maclean, 303 Gallery

Cauleen Smith, H-E-L-L-O, 2014, 11′, Corbett vs. Dempsey

Milena Bonilla, Ceremony for a Homogeneous Landscape, 2009, 2’34”, mor charpentier


New World Symphony https://www.nws.edu/events-tickets/art-basel-at-soundscape-park/

Artlyst http://www.artlyst.com/articles/art-basel-announces-2015-film-programme-for-miami-beach-fair

ARTnews http://www.artnews.com/2015/10/23/art-basel-miami-beach-2015-announces-film-program/

Artlyst on Talks program http://www.artlyst.com/articles/artists-and-art-professionals-lead-talks-programme-at-art-basel-miami-2015

Buro on Nikki S. Lee http://www.buro247.sg/culture/news/art-basel-2015-program-for-miami-beach.html


About the Curators

David Gryn

David Gryn is the founder and director of Daata Editions, a new online platform commissioning artists video, sound and web editioned artworks and director of London’s Artprojx, screening, curating, promoting and lecturing on artists’ moving image and other art projects, working with leading contemporary artists, art galleries, museums, art fairs, art schools and film festivals worldwide.

Marian Masone

Marian Masone is a film curator, lecturer and writer based in New York. For over 20 years Masone has worked at The Film Society of Lincoln Center, America’s pre-eminent film organization. She sits on the selection committees for two of The Film Society’s most prestigious festivals: ‘The New York Film Festival’ and ‘New Directors/New Films’, a co-production with the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Masone has been a guest lecturer and curator for leading institutions such as Parsons School of Design in New York and Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid. Her writings on film and media have appeared in many leading newspapers and magazines.

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Interviews from Yale University Radio WYBCX by Brainard Carey

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Interviews from Yale University Radio WYBCX

Conversations with artists, writers, curators and more – about art and the art world as we know it.

Hosted by Brainard Carey

Quite a few names here:

G. Roger Denson
Kathy Battista
Buzz Spector
Connie Butler
Rob Garrett
Brian Buttler
Sans façon
Uta Kögelsberger
Steve Katz
Jack Sal
Michael Workman
Colin Westerbeck
Susan Silas
Paula Hayes
Bruno Leitão
Lee Boroson
David Gryn
Helen Molesworth
Nils Norman
Heidi Voet
Khosro Adibi
Adam Moskowitz
Emily Cheng
Christian Siekmeier
Regine Basha
Conor Fields
Chris Verene
Barry N. Neuman
Barbara A. MacAdam
Jason Middlebrook
Shaheen Merali
Jennifer Parker
Cristiana de Marchi
Kevin Clarke
Dotty Attie
Simone Battisti
Céline Condorelli
Rachael Gorchov
Bérénice Reynaud
Stephan Balleux
Warren Neidich
Saul Melman
Sue Stoffel
Michael Steinberg
Liz Rosenfeld
Bonnie Marranca
Karim Noureldin
Tim Sullivan
Allard van Hoorn
Joseph Nechvatal
Christian L. Frock
Siona Benjamin
Toni Kleinlercher
Stephan Pascher
Anton Kern
Catarina Leitão
Ramesch Daha
Nancy Chaikin
Elena Cologni
Jacob Fabricius
Stephen Lack
Richard West
Steven Rand
Laura F. Gibellini
Valerie Sonnenthal
Mary Mattingly
Suzanne Landau
Ilya Budraitskis
Ofri Cnaani
Matthew Rose
Christina McPhee
Chris Wilder
Stefan Bruggeman
Jelle Bouwhuis
Robert Storr
Anuradha Vikram
Jason Yates
Derek Boshier
Rainer Judd
Ingrid Bachmann
Cora Cohen
Roger Herman
Michelle Grabner
Susan Leopold
Diane Lewis
Flora Fairbairn
RaúI Zamudio
Ben Mills
Carla Camacho
Giuliana Bruno
Brett Littman
Jeff Talman
Maurizio Bortolotti
Chiemi Karasawa
Alejandro Zaera-Polo
Joe Davis
Lawrence R. Rinder
Dane Jensen
Jorge Pardo
David Balzer
Laurie Rosenwald
Marlen Suyapa Bodden
Erwin Redl
Rafal Niemojewski
Douglas I. Sheer
Elizabeth Dunbar
Bill Arning
Rachel Cook
Rebecca Belmore
Rui Amaral
Gaëtane Verna
Duane Michals
Joyce Kozloff
Ann Landi
Jo-Anne McArthur
Heather Nicol
Lara Almarcegui
Pacita Abad Art Estate / Interview with Jack Garrity
Katrin Sigurdardottir
Tyler Barstow
Barbara Rachko
Mira Schor
Deborah Kass
Nancy Spector
Vicki DaSilva
Michael David
Gary Lucas
Susan Sollins
Dave Hardy
Erin Shirreff
Jenna Lash
Karyn Olivier
Judy Glantzman
Betty Cuningham
Barry Schwabsky
Lawrence Weiner
Barbara Gallucci
Ida Applebroog
Stanley Casselman
Todd Levin
David Hickey
Jennifer Steinkamp
Adam Putnam
Richard Klein
Ann Lauterbach
Linda Yablonsky
Tamar Ettun
Derek Larson
Jo Nigoghossian
Ken Lum
Eve Andree Laramee
Carol Snow
Robert Taplin
Ester Partegas
Joan Snyder
Sheri Pasquarella
Raphael Rubinstein
Brooke Kamin Rapaport
Marie Lorenz
Annette Lemieux
Nancy Princenthal
Christoph Heinrich
Gregory Volk
Robin Hill
Nina Katchadourian
WIlliam Pope L.
Chrissie Iles
Jen Durbin
Lisa Hoke
Rick Beerhorst
Arthur Danto (from 2011)
Barbra Drizin
Rita Reed
Katrina Mayer
Peter Ragnar
Grace Graupe Pillard
Sid Limitz
Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky
John Currin
Mary Ceruti, Sculpture Center
Sarah Thornton
Catya Plate
Fred Wilson
Spencer Tunick
David Batchelor
Tom Sachs
Mary Heilman
Marilyn Mintner
Gregory Crewdson
Grayson Cox
David Wolfe, Raw food nutritionist
Ken Aronson, (hell.com)
Daniel Salin
Nato Thompson
Dan Cameron
Shamim Momin
David Ross
Abbey Ryan
Laura Hoptman

Diaspora @ The V&A feat Larry Achiampong

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Scan 20

Song for my Mama by Larry Achiampong

Diaspora @ The V&A 17/04/15
The Shrine & The V&A Present
Friday 17th April 2015
The V&A
The Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL
The Shrine Synchro System’s Musical Installations celebrate and animate the history of the struggle, splendour and success of black communities across the UK from the 1950’s to present day at The V&A.

Join the amazing Errollyn Wallen around a grand piano; fix up, look sharp at Faisal’s barbershop; exult in the Gospel of the promenading IDMC; hang out at Larry Achiampong’s African Soul Food Hot Spot [Artprojx] plus 21st Century street music from Lewis Floyd Henry’s One Man Psych Band.

FREE Entry

More Info

‘Song for my Mama’ by Larry Achiampong is a new multi-sensorial installation – meeting the aural, visual and gustatory senses in a memory – based artwork that retrospectively (re)visits, the Larry’s childhood and relationship with his mother and her efforts to single-handedly create a home of love and familiarity for her 3 children, whilst being surrounded by poverty and prejudice in east London between the 80s and 90s.

The work entails the artist playing multiple sets of records from his mother’s record collection upon the backdrop of a visual installation that memorises a sequence of events; the artist’s mother’s recipe and method for preparing a favourite West African dish – jollof rice, and the gathering of people at traditional Ghanaian events i.e. wakes and naming ceremonies.

Larry Achiampong is a British-Ghanaian artist who has exhibited, performed and presented projects in various institutions within the UK and abroad including Tate Britain/Modern; London, Hauptbahnhof (dOCUMENTA 13); Kassel, Iniva; London, ICA; London, Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Project Space; London Westergasfabriek; Amsterdam, Ausland; Berlin, Sound at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014 curated by David Gryn and the Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation; Accra.








Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach: Documenting an egalitarian perspective – David Gryn interview

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Saudi Gazatte_The Gallery Jan 24, 2015

‘Film at Art Basel: Documenting an egalitarian perspective’

Interview with David Gryn, Curator Film, Art Basel in Miami Beach since 2011

Saudi Gazette, Mariam Nihal, Saudi Arabia, January 24, 2015

(the article is based on the following q&a)

1.      Tell us about this year’s Art Basel and the most challenging part of organizing the film sector for this year?

This year’s Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach had an underlaying vision of ‘playfulness’, the playfulness of internet gaming, online action, art making, dance and performing, colour, sound and music. This was conceived to communicate both to the galleries to consider submitting artists moving image works that were engaging and also to consider the audience in Miami during an art fair, that will want to sit and watch artists’ films that are enthralling, exciting, thought provoking and entertaining. The challenge is to encourage the majority of galleries to think about artists moving image during an art fair and to attract an audience that have so many competitive events during an art fair week in Miami. My other challenge is to encourage galleries to think about artists who are statistically underrepresented by them and think egalitarian and have a global perspective.

2.      How has film and video art developed during the course of the last decade?

Technology over the last 10 years has exponentially been enhanced, this has enabled more and more artists to consider film and video and digital platforms as other powerful mediums to use for their work. Several well known artists such as Steve McQueen, Sam Taylor-Wood have gained notoriety and are celebrated for their feature films that have engaged with Hollywood and the Film industry, therefore this aspect of an artists career, that starts with artists experimenting with film and video to make art works has a now grand vision for many artists and that making feature films is a possible natural output of being an artist. We are also firmly part of a digital, online world and the impact of that on artists work and their career is ever evolving and improving. I planned the talk with Chrissie Iles, curator at the Whitney Museum and artist Tabor Robak and Rachel Rose – titled Playfulness: artists as online gamers, surfers and armchair digital revolutionaries and this was really to give a position of where we are currently finding ourselves in artists practice and in showing this art medium too.

3.      What plays the biggest role in developing art and design?

The artists’ vision and belief in their aesthetic truth. The art fair and galleries only exist because of artists and we need to keep remembering that our role is to support their vision and enable these arenas to be platforms for their voices and how they can inspire, inform, enchant us in every way.

4.      Tell us about the greater role of film art at Art Basel.

Film at ABMB provides the art fair a platform to show works by artists that do not get seen too often at international art fairs. It also enables the general public to see durational works for free, and be part of the citywide art experience and understanding. We show work on the 7000 sq ft screening wall of the Frank Gehry designed New World Center, with a powerful 35k lumen projector and room in SoundScape Park for over 1000 people to see each of this years 8 screening programmes. We also introduced the Art Basel Film Library inside the fair this year, which gave fair goers a chance to interrogate and personally view all the films that were selected for the fair.

5.      Which artist who participated in the show did you most enjoy working with?

I enjoy the whole process of working with the galleries and their artists. This year we introduced sound to play on the amazing 160 speaker, purpose built surround sound system in SoundScape Park working with Raed Yassin, Jennie C. Jones, Larry Achiampong and Stephen Vitiello. Some artists such as Hayal Pozanti, Parker Ito, Charles Richardson completed edited works specifically for the program. I also collaborated with Tabor Robak on the programme I coined ‘The Digital Revolutionaries’ including his work, Jon Rafman, Oliver Laric and a tribute to Harun Farocki. Saya Woolfalk, Dara Friedman, Marcel Dzama, Charles Atlas, Marnie Weber, Takeshi Murata, Rachel Rose were works by other selected artists that had a great resonance with me.

6.      What is the role of art fairs like Art Basel on the medium? How does the fair help nurture the scene?

Art Basel approached me to work with them 5 years ago, to help nurture an area that needs inproving at the art fair and at all art fairs in general. Art Basel recognised the need for the support of artists mediums that do not all have immediate commercial attributes, which often get overlooked by us all during the hustle and bustle of preparing for and being at art fairs. We have to treat film, performance, sound as important and valued mediums in our art world, therefore they will become big and more valued, it is an obvious logic, but one which we all need reminding of and our constant attention.

Main image: from the Art Basel in Miami Beach, SoundScape Park screening of Charles Richardson’s ‘Rehearsal’, 2014

David Gryn, Artprojx worldwide, Curator of Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Curator at Royal College of Psychiatrists, Director of the Strangelove moving image festival at CSM 2015 and of a brand new Digital Art Editions model launching soon in 2015 …..

Art Basel Film Library 2014

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Mark Leckey, Pearl Vision, 2012, 3’10”, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Cabinet, Galerie Buchholz

Mark Leckey, Pearl Vision, 2012, 3’10”, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Cabinet, Galerie Buchholz

Art Basel Film Library

Film: Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014. Curated by David Gryn.


In a dedicated film viewing room within the Miami Beach Convention Center’s exhibition halls, an extended selection of over 120 selected works, will be presented for individual, viewer-directed private screening on 6 touch-screen monitors. Access is next to the Salon/Conversation area of the Fair and available to all ticket holders.

The Film Library includes works by all the following artists:

Gabriel Acevedo, Rita Ackermann, Chantal Akerman, Julien Berthier, Johanna Billing, Julien Bismuth, Botner & Pedro, Pia Camil, Stephen Dean, Elmgreen & Dragset, Haroon Gunn-Salie, Matthew Day Jackson, Daniel Jacoby, Zdjelar Katarina, Maria Laet, Pablo Lobato, Gerald Machona, Marcellvs L., Marina De Caro, Ana María Millán, Carlos Motta, Shana Moulton, Mark Neville, Jim Shaw, Alyson Shotz, Diana Thater, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Adrián Villar Rojas, Jacques Villeglé & Raymond Hains, Heimo Zobernig

The Film Library also includes:

the following artists showing in the SoundScape Park/New World Center outdoor screenings:

Pilar Albarracín, Brian Alfred, Charles Atlas, Vartan Avakian, Bill Balaskas, Rania Bellou, Nate Boyce, Brian Bress, Olaf Breuning, Tricia Brown, CAR (Conceptual Artists Research/Michelle Grabner), Liu Chuang, Martin Creed, Jose Dávila, Tim Davis, Chris Doyle, Marcel Dzama, Cécile B. Evans, Harun Farocki, Dara Friedman, Leo Gabin, Tomislav Gotovac, Brent Green, Frank Heath, Camille Henrot, Susan Hiller, Parker Ito, Taro Izumi, Atsushi Kaga, Oliver Laric, Mark Leckey, Babette Mangolte, Dashiell Manley, Florian Meisenberg, Theo Michael, Takeshi Murata, Ciprian Muresan, Jayson Musson, Rashaad Newsome, Hans Op de Beeck, Hayal Pozanti, Alex Prager, Elizabeth Price, Laure Prouvost, Jon Rafman, Clunie Reid, Robin Rhode, Charles Richardson, Tabor Robak, Alex Rodríguez, Ana Roldán, Rachel Rose, Hiraki Sawa, David Shrigley, Wagner Malta Tavares, Mark Wallinger, Maya Watanabe, Marnie Weber, Wood & Harrison, Saya Woolfalk.



Playing with Reel Life – David Gryn interview on ArtInfo

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Takeshi Murata and Robert Beatty, OM Rider, 2013, 11’39”, Salon 94, Ratio 3

The creative harvest at Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB) is so colossal that picking one stand-out event is an exercise in impossibility. However, despite the enormity of the art showcase, certain sectors of the ABMB — from nine that it has been sectioned into — always reap more audience mindshare than most others. The film sector is one of those hallowed events.

The film program of the ABMB 2014 is expectedly humungous in scale with over 80 films and videos to be screened. The films and video works have been selected by David Gryn, director of London’s Artprojx, who has culled out work from ABMB’s participating galleries. The showcase also includes a tribute to Harun Farocki, the Indian-origin German filmmaker who passed away recently.

Gryn speaks to Blouin Artinfo about the films being screened at ABMB 2014.

BA. Why did you choose ‘Playfulness’ as the theme of the film section for ABMB 2014?

DG: This year, my selection for the 4th edition of Film section has been driven by the notion of ‘Playfulness’: the playfulness of Internet gaming, online action, art making, dance and performing, color, sound and music. Most art making is playful by its very nature, however I have always designed the film program to consider audience engagement; the films selected reflect an exciting range of artist works that stimulate, enliven and rivet the audience, with captivating color, sound and process. This is not about showing art that is just easy to digest, but about showing art that is inherently engaging and encourages audiences to stay for an hour or three.

BA. Could you explain the selection process in detail?

DG: We have approximately 200 artist submissions from about 150 galleries at the fair. I work closely with many galleries to encourage their submissions of their artists. Galleries are usually the experts in their artists’ outputs. I see my role as a facilitator and enabler. Some galleries submit many entries and others, very few. My challenges are the galleries who do not submit at all, although some just do not represent any artists who use moving image. But my pleasure is the galleries who send me plenty.

Usually galleries who have seen the vast scale, brilliant sound and huge and receptive crowds are very happy to reapply each year. There are some galleries that I request artists from and some emerging artists that I introduce into the program.

BA. What are the most popular subjects that artists today are making films on?

DG: The internet and the multifarious worlds it intersects is an obvious subject. Art making remains at best when it is about making art but speaks to us about the essence of the human condition, without using a sledgehammer to make its point. True artists are constantly striving for a newness in their work and with the ever growing demands of making commodities, seek to turn to areas of art practice which have a difficult relationship with finance and demand an audience that actually looks, interrogates and digests their artworks.

BA. Is there a fundamental difference in the way artists approach the art of filmmaking today than it was about two decades back?

DG: The big change is the evolution over the last 20 years of digital technology. But the great artists remain few. There is a language of the internet that didn’t exist, but it is inherently about communication and it obsessively feeds our innate appetite for information and that is all about our need to co-exist with each other. Artists are now growing up with the online world as their natural language.

BA. Somehow, films by artists largely remain in the realm of documentary. Why is it so?

DG: Film and video by artists are another distinct artist medium like painting and sculpture. Filmmakers have often other concerns, however filmmakers like John Waters, Sophia Coppola, Ingmar Bergman are great artists whose art is film.

BA. At ABMB 2014, you are also going to give the talk — ‘Playfulness: Artists as Online Gamers, Surfers, and Armchair Digital Revolutionaries’. Could you explain?

DG: The title of the talk was central to my initial thinking for this year’s film programming, with a goal to have Tabor Robak speak, as he was one of my starting points. He curated the program that includes his work and that of Oliver Laric and Jon Rafman, they are leading lights amongst artists working in the digital art making sphere. I included Harun Farocki — whom I would have added anyway, but he sadly died in the process, so his inclusion is now a tribute to such a great artist, whom I spent much time with recently at the Loop Video Art Fair in Barcelona. Rachel Rose is the other artist on the panel, and her work had been introduced to me by Chrissie Iles, the brilliant curator of ‘Film and Beyond’ at the Whitney, and I am delighted she had agreed to be the moderator.

BA. Do films by artists find patrons with deep pockets just as visual arts do or is there still a financial divide between the two? 

DG: The positive financial world of artists’ films is still an evolving process. My role in doing this work with Art Basel evolved from the belief by the art fair that we still need to encourage galleries to show artists’ moving image, even if the market is very limited. It is an ever growing practice by artists — which has yet to fully find its commercial feet. This is indeed work in progress.

BA. What films would you suggest to a lay admirer of art who wants to educate himself on the subject? What is your personal all-time favourite film in the genre?


RACHEL ROSE, Palisades in Palisades, 2014

DG: There is a shot in a recent Rachel Rose film ‘Palisades in Palisades’, where the camera pans in on the flesh and v-neck part of a sweater, and you see the goosebumps next to the weave and texture of the sweater, and it is just a brilliant moment of human encounter in an artists’ work. That is currently my favourite moment by an artist film.

My advice is to regard us art organisers, curators, galleries as generally a good level of quality assurance, decision making conduits and filters to often really great work. To name any one artist would be disingenuous to others. However, to give you an answer, if Philip Guston was alive and could make films like his paintings then I would be truly happy with that, perhaps with the additional choreography of dancer Michael Clark and the melancholic balletic piano sounds of Chopin.



Film Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014 Overview

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Film: Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014. Curated by David Gryn, Artprojx – Overview


Playfulness – Wed Dec 3, 8pm

Hayal Pozanti, Wood & Harrison, Alex Rodríguez, Mark Leckey, Brian Bress, Elizabeth Price, Rachel Rose, Camille Henrot, Tomislav Gotovac, Taro Izumi, Laure Prouvost, Martin Creed


Armchair Surfers – Wed Dec 3, 9pm

Saya Woolfalk, Chris Doyle, Charles Richardson, Nate Boyce, Dashiell Manley, Florian Meisenberg, Leo Gabin, CAR (Conceptual Artists Research/Michelle Grabner) and David Robbins, Clunie Reid, Jayson Musson


Ex-Romance – Wed Dec 3, 10pm

Charles Atlas, Parker Ito


The Digital Revolutionaries – Thurs Dec 4, 10pm

Tabor Robak, Jon Rafman, Oliver Laric, Harun Farocki


Radio Ga Ga – Fri Dec 5, 8pm

Bill Balaskas, Frank Heath, Wagner Malta Tavares, Vartan Avakian, Susan Hiller


The Night of Forevermore – Fri Dec 5, 9pm

Ciprian Mureşan, Tomislav Gotovac, Olaf Breuning, Jose Dávila, Laure Prouvost, Maya Watanabe, Tim Davis, Marnie Weber, Hans Op de Beeck, Alex Prager


Rites of Spring – Sat Dec 6, 8pm

Rania Bellou, Dara Friedman, Pilar Albarracín, Marcel Dzama, Ana Roldán, Brian Bress, Rashaad Newsome, Babette Mangolte, Trisha Brown, Liu Chuang


The Magic of Things – Sat Dec 6, 9pm

Atsushi Kaga, Brian Alfred, Hiraki Sawa, Takeshi Murata, Robin Rhode, Theo Michael, David Shrigley, Mark Wallinger, Cécile B. Evans, Brent Green


Artists’ Surround Sound at Film ABMB – Wed 3/Thurs 4/Fri 5/Sat 6 at 6pm

Larry Achiampong, Jennie C. Jones, Stephen Vitiello, Raed Yassin


Playfulness: artists as online gamers, surfers and armchair digital revolutionaries. Talk at the ABMB Salon – Fri Dec 5, 2pm

Chrissie Iles, Rachel Rose, Tabor Robak and David Gryn


Art Basel Film Library

Includes all artists in the outdoor program plus

Gabriel Acevedo, Rita Ackermann, Chantal Akerman, Julien Berthier, Johanna Billing, Julien Bismuth, Botner & Pedro, Pia Camil, Stephen Dean, Elmgreen & Dragset, Haroon Gunn-Salie, Matthew Day Jackson, Daniel Jacoby, Zdjelar Katarina, Maria Laet, Pablo Lobato, Gerald Machona, Marcellvs L. De Caro Marina, Ana María Millán, Carlos Motta, Shana Moulton, Mark Neville, Jim Shaw, Alyson Shotz, Diana Thater, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Adrián Villar Rojas, Jacques Villeglé & Raymond Hains, Heimo Zobernig

selected by David Gryn


11 More Musts in Miami

Auto Body




Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014 – in general


MEEM – Ryan McNamara/Performa


Public curated by Nicholas Baume


Conversation and Salon


Bass Museum


Rubell Family Collection


Design Miami


The Miami Beach Cinemateque


Pedro Reyes – ICA Miami



David Gryn




skype: Artprojx



SoundCloud: Miami Soundscapes 2013 by Max Reinhardt, DJ on Late Junction, BBC Radio 3.