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Daata Editions News – Frieze Art Fair Week 2016

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Daata Editions will be launching new artworks online and at Frieze London in the Reading Room, featuring artists: Keren Cytter, Melanie Eckersley, Hannah Ford, Ed Fornieles, Jasmine Johnson, Scott Lyman, Scott Mason, Ariana Reines, Daniel Swan, Abri de Swardt, Artie Vierkant. 

Daata Editions is collaborating with New Contemporaries, Gutter Records, Elephant MagazinePOSTmatter / WeTransfer (featuring Saya Woolfalk), FAD, alongside a co-commission project with Artspace launching with a new video work by artist Keren Cytter called ‘Terrorist of Love’ which will be available for FREE download via both websites. A new ‘Curated’ section is now live on the platform, through which guest curators will introduce new artists’ works on the website, launching with Katherine Finerty as curator and introducing artist Phoebe Boswell to the Daata platform. New York based curator and writer Lindsay Howard has written the new foreword to the website. Daata is screening selected new artworks at Cultural Traffic, a new print publishing arts fair.


Art Meets Tech: The Democratisation of Art an article by Moira Benigson: http://thembsgroup.co.uk/internal/art-meets-tech-the-democratisation-of-art/

Frieze London, Reading Room
Daata Editions will be screening newly commissioned artworks at Frieze London’s Reading Room, October 6 – 9 2016, by artists Ed Fornieles, Ariana Reines, Daniel Swan, Artie Vierkant and Keren Cytter.

New Contemporaries
Daata Editions will also feature new commissioned artworks by artists selected by New Contemporaries, artists include: Melanie Eckersley, Hannah Ford, Jasmine Johnson, Scott Lyman, Scott Mason, Abri de Swardt.


Daata Editions & Artspace co-commission

Daata x Artspace Commissions: Keren Cytter, Terrorist of Love, 2016:                          Daata Editions and Artspace have collaborated to co-commission a video work by the artist Keren Cytter, which will be available for FREE download from Tuesday Oct 4 & Wednesday Oct 5 on both websites.

Daata Editions will host a talk at Frieze London Reading Room, on Friday 7 October, 12.30pm with artist Keren Cytter and Andrew Goldstein, Editor in Chief, Artspace, in conversation. https://www.facebook.com/events/1608517026108863/

Artspace will be screening Terrorist of Love at Sunday Art Fair, 6-9 October at Ambika P3

Frieze Art Fair, London

Artspace @ Sunday Art Fair


More Info
Daata Editions and Artspace are delighted to announce the offer of a new co-commissioned video work by Keren Cytter as a downloadable collectible edition, free of charge. The video entitled ‘Terrorist of Love’ continues the New York based artist’s experimental filmmaking practice that subverts cinematic tropes, layers multiple fractured narratives, and reflexively refers to the medium. Tapping into a viral strain of humour found on Tumblr and GIF-sharing sites, the video is as chuckle-worthy as it is contemplative. Using a fixed 4K camera, Cytter shot the video in one take, before devising an unconventional music video format in post-production using key framing, meme-like imagery, and an original soundtrack—an unprecedented approach to video-making in any genre.


Lindsay Howard a text for Daata Editions
Curator Lindsay Howard will contribute in the Foreword section of Daata Editions, presenting a text on the platform and the new artworks release. The text will become available to read online together with the launch of the new artworks during Frieze London. https://daata-editions.com/info/foreword



Daata Editions at Cultural Traffic
A New Print Publishing Arts Fair

CULTURAL TRAFFIC is launched by editor, designer and collector Toby Mott who says: “CULTURAL TRAFFIC is a fascinating window into the flourishing post-digital zine scene”.
Daata will screen works by: Keren Cytter, Ed Fornieles, Ariana Reines, Daniel Swan, Artie Vierkant / New Contemporaries selects Melanie Eckersley, Hannah Ford, Jasmine Johnson, Scott Lyman, Scott Mason, Abri de Swardt (all released at Frieze London) / Larry Achiampong, Casey Jane Ellison, Rashaad Newsome, Tameka Norris, Saya Woolfalk / Gutter Records has selected Jake Chapman, Graham Dolphin, Joachim Koester & Stefan A. Pedersen (all released at EXPO Chicago)

CULTURAL TRAFFIC: Friday/Saturday 7–8th October 2016.
Juju’s Bar & Stage, Old Truman Brewery, Ely’s Yard, 15 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR
For further info contact: culturaltraffic@gmail.com
New Curated section on Daata Editions website
We are excited to announce the launch of a new section on the website, titled ‘Curated’ through which Daata Editions will invite guest curators to introduce new artists’ works on the website. The curators will be asked to make a selection of Daata Editions artworks as well as present works by other artists, in a way that facilitates the artistic conversation and creates a dialogue between the platform and various contemporary art practices.

Our inaugural curator is Katherine Finerty, who presents works by Daata Editions artists Tameka Norris and Rashaad Newsome, alongside a video artwork by Phoebe Boswell. All of these works address interrogating identity politics through a digital confessional portrait of sorts, employing sound, communication and voice (from inflection and cadence to signification and representation) to challenge stereotypes, double consciousness, and modes of self expression / storytelling. The Curated section launched online during EXPO Chicago, September 22 – 25.

EXPO Chicago
Daata Editions participated at EXPO CHICAGO, the International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art, September 22 – 25 presenting newly commissioned artworks by Daata Editions artists: Larry Achiampong, Casey Jane Ellison, Rashaad Newsome, Tameka Norris, Saya Woolfalk.
In addition, Daata Editions has commissioned Gutter Records, a record store and label for music made by artists based at David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, to select artists for the Daata Editions website. Gutter Records has selected Jake Chapman, Graham Dolphin, Joachim Koester & Stefan A. Pedersen, whose works for the platform were also presented during the fair.

The newly launched artworks were joined by other recently released artists on Daata, including: Sofie Alsbo, Thora Dolven Balke, Tracey Emin, Michael Manning, Rashaad Newsome (sound works), Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Jacolby Satterwhite, John Skoog, Katie Torn and bitforms gallery selects Sara Ludy, Jonathan Monaghan and Quayola.



Saya Woolfalk – Colour Mixing Machine

POSTmatter Collaboration
We are excited to announce our collaboration with the digital publication POSTmatter and the file sharing online platform WeTransfer, for the launch of Saya Woolfalk’s commission for Daata Editions, collectively titled ‘Color Mixing Machine’.

Saya Woolfalk’s works went online at Daata Editions on Thursday 8 September to coincide with the launch of a custom-made wallpaper created by the artist and presented by Daata Editions and POSTmatter on WeTransfer. In addition, POSTmatter presented an interview with the artist, focusing on her practice, which spans from performance to digital practices, and the Emphatics, her fictional future female species.

Saya Woolfalk’s ‘Color Mixing Machine’ series formed part of Daata Editions presentation at EXPO Chicago, September 22 – 25, with a solo screen installation in the main fair. In addition, POSTmatter will present the works in the launching party of its redesigned site and first online issue ‘New Mythologies’ in London on September 29th at Second Home London Fields.

Saya Woolfalk’s works on Daata Editions:

Saya Woolfalk POSTmatter interview:

There is Much More Exciting News, Announcements & Adventures coming very soon …