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Artprojx events May June July 2014

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Lina Lapelyte, Candy Shop, video still_3’47. Photo Victoria Lucas

Still: Lina Lapelyte, Candy Shop

MAY 17

Artprojx presents The Miami Film Selections. Artist Sound of  Film at Moscow Museum Nights with artist sound and music by DJ Max Reinhardt

Artists include: Nick Abrahams, Cory Arcangel, Dara Birnbaum, Pierre Bismuth, Martin Creed, Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, Kota Ezawa, Dara Friedman, Leo Gabin, Theaster Gates, William Kentridge and Philip Miller, Lina Lapelyte, Ryan MacGinley, Ari Marcopoulos, Takeshi Murata, Laurel Nakadate, Rashaad Newsome, Nicola Thomas




MAY 29

Artprojx Cinema presents… After/Hours/Drop/Box: Oliver Sutherland // HENGE

Hackney Picturehouse Cinema – Screen 1. 10pm Thursday May 29th. Tickets on sale now.





JUNE 5-7

3 Day Forum on Engaging audiences. LOOP Studies.  June 5-7 2014

In parallel with LOOP Fair and Festival


morgan sucker


Artprojx Cinema presents Teen and Keen at  Rich Mix for The Voice and the Lens – 14 June 

Artists: David Blandy and Larry Achiampong, Leo Gabin, Rachel Maclean, Rashaad Newsome, Tameka Norris, Jessica Ann Peavy, Jennifer Reeder





3D work by Jane Bustin

JUNE 26 – JULY 11

The Astonishing by Jane Bustin and Where are you ? by Lina Lapelyte at Austin Forum – opening June 26 with live performance and music by Lina Lapelyte




Jane Bustin in John Moores Painting Prize 2014 – July 5



JUNE 27 – JULY 19

Lions & Tigers & Bears by Nick Abrahams at The Horse Hospital – opening June 27




David Gryn david@artprojx.com http://www.artprojx.com +447711127848

Film at Art Basel in Miami Beach selected by David Gryn

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Mickalene Thomas: Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman: A Portrait of My Mother (still)

Mickalene Thomas: Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman: A Portrait of My Mother (still)







Wednesday, December 4, 8pm
Shuffle Notes – Beauty in Danger
A selection of artists’ films with a view towards animation and perception.
Liliana Sánchez, Gulana Dressed as a parrot, 2003, 2’36”, Casas Riegner
David Shrigley, New Friends, 2006, 1′, Stephen Friedman Gallery, Anton Kern Gallery, Yvon Lambert, Galleri Nicolai Wallner
Brian Alfred, Beauty in Danger, 2013, 2’1”, SCAI The Bathhouse
Marco Rios, At Loulou’s door, 2013, 3′, Simon Preston Gallery
Alice Maher, Godchildren of Enantios, 2010, 6’41”, David Nolan Gallery
Miljohn Ruperto & Suntek Chung, As Himself, 2006, 4’58”, Koenig & Clinton
Shimabuku, Leaves Swim, 2011, 2’30”, Zero…
Regina Silveira, Mil e um dias (1001 days), 2007, 11’16”, Alexander Gray Associates
Oscar Muñoz, Hombre de Arena, 2006-2009, 3’40”, mor charpentier
David Shrigley, Headless Drummer, 2012, 1′, Stephen Friedman Gallery, Anton Kern Gallery, Yvon Lambert, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, BQ
Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, Deceiving Looks, 2011, 5’58”, Lisson Gallery
David Austen, Smoking Moon, 2006, 13′, Ingleby Gallery

Wednesday, December 4, 9pm
New Dream Machine and Other Films
This program features four very different films, varying in rhythms and themes. Martin Creed’s ‘Work No. 1700′ (2013) is presented as an international premiere.
Mickalene Thomas, Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman, 2012, 23’07”, Lehmann Maupin.
Shezad Dawood, New Dream Machine Project, 2011, 15′, Chemould Prescott Road.
Martin Creed, Work No. 1700, 2013, Gavin Brown’s enterprise.
Shirin Neshat, Turbulent, 1998, 10’, Gladstone Gallery

Thursday, December 5, 9pm
Tango at the Edge of the Fair
The program focuses on works that incorporate elements of dance and look at movement as an abstract narrative.
Rineke Dijkstra, The Krazyhouse (Nicky), 2009, 6’15”, Marian Goodman Gallery
Linder, The Ultimate Form, 2013, 31’19”, Blum & Poe
Nevin Aladağ, Top View 29,53 ft, 2012, 2’48”, Wentrup
Jeremy Shaw, Best Minds Part One (excerpt), 2007, 5’40”, Johann König
Rineke Dijkstra, The Krazyhouse (Phillip), 2009, 10’06”, Marian Goodman Gallery
William Kentridge with Philip Miller, Tango for Page Turning, 2013, 2’48”, Goodman Gallery

Thursday, December 5, 10pm
Arabesque and Reanimation: Dara Birnbaum and Joan Jonas
Dara Birnbaum and Joan Jonas have transformed our way of seeing and responding to the world. Dara Birnbaum’s ‘Arabesque’ (2011/2013) was specifically re-edited for the program.
Dara Birnbaum, Arabesque, 2011/2013, 6’37”, Marian Goodman Gallery
Joan Jonas, Reanimation, 2010, 19’11”, Yvon Lambert
Dara Birnbaum, Fire! Hendrix, 1982, 3’13”, Marian Goodman Gallery
Dara Birnbaum, Kiss The Girls: Make Them Cry, 1979, 6’50”, Marian Goodman Gallery
Dara Birnbaum, PM Magazine/Acid Rock, 1982, 4’09”, Marian Goodman Gallery
Dara Birnbaum, General Hospital/Olympic Women Speed Skating, 1980, 6′, Marian Goodman Gallery
Dara Birnbaum, Kojak/Wang, 1980, 3′, Marian Goodman Gallery
Dara Birnbaum, Remy/Grand Central: Trains and Boats and Planes, 1980, 4’18”, Marian Goodman Gallery

Friday, December 6, 8pm
An Elegy for Voice and Silence
The program looks at themes such as communication, self-reflection, introspection and the sense of belonging.
Kehinde Wiley, The World Stage: Jamaica, 2013, 6’57’, Stephen Friedman Gallery
Cevdet Erek, Studio, 2005-2007, 12”, mor charpentier
Ari Marcopoulos, Anything, 2012, 59”, Kavi Gupta Gallery
Chris Johanson, Encinitas Realization, 1999, 3′, Altman Siegel
Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, My Mouth is a Temple, 2009, 3’51”, Luciana Brito Galeria
My Barbarian, The Cassandra, 2013, 13’30”, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects
Luz María Bedoya, Dirección, 2006, 4’48”, 80M2 Livia Benavides
Christian Jankowski, Orientación, 2012, 8’25”, Proyectos Monclova
JR, Women are Heroes, 2010, 9’11”, Galerie Perrotin
Nicola Thomas, Imitation 34/59, 2013, 3’20”, courtesy of the artist
Cheng Ran, The Last Sentence, 2013, 12’34”, Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing – Lucerne
Stanya Kahn, Who do you Think you Are, 2012, 8’05”, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Friday, December 6, 9pm
Farewell to the Past: Yinka Shonibare MBE
Yinka Shonibare MBE – known for work exploring cultural identity, colonialism and post- colonialism within the contemporary context of globalization – uses music and dance to captivate and engage the viewer by mirroring our world in a regal, beautiful and unexpected way.
Yinka Shonibare MBE, Un Ballo in Maschera (A Masked Ball), 2004, 34′, Stephen Friedman Gallery, James Cohan Gallery
Yinka Shonibare MBE, Addio del Passato, 2011, 16’52”, Stephen Friedman Gallery, James Cohan Gallery
Yinka Shonibare MBE, Odile and Odette, 2005, 14′ 28”, Stephen Friedman Gallery, James Cohan Gallery

Friday, December 6, 10pm
Prelude to a Syncopation
Artists connect sound, choreography and social media – the results reveal diverse relationships between the visual, music and the meditative repetition of the ordinary and urban.
Leo Gabin, Stackin, 2010, 2’38”, Peres Projects, Elizabeth Dee
Rashaad Newsome, Dance of Succubus, 2011, 4’04”, Marlborough Gallery
Leo Gabin, Girls Room Dance, 2010 4’15”, Peres Projects, Elizabeth Dee
Shezad Dawood with Mukul Deora, The Body Electric, 2008, 3′, Chemould Prescott Road
Rashaad Newsome, Painting Opponents Red, 2011, 3’14”, Marlborough Gallery
Leo Gabin, Hair Long, 2013, 1’53”, Peres Projects, Elizabeth Dee
Rashaad Newsome, Grand Duchess of Gainesville, 2011, 2’34”, Marlborough Gallery
Leo Gabin, Cleaning, 2012, 2’32”, Peres Projects, Elizabeth Dee
Rashaad Newsome, Devices, 2011, 3’03”, Marlborough Gallery
Leo Gabin, With Me, 2012, 2’43”, Peres Projects, Elizabeth Dee
Kemang Wa Lehulere, Behave or You Jump, 2010, 1’34”, Stevenson
Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski, Chic, 2012, 3’34”, courtesy of the artist

Saturday, December 7, 10pm
Fantasia for Dissonant Harmonies
In all the films in this program, the soundtrack plays a crucial role. The relationship that is developed between the visual and the audio builds a bridge to the location of the screening: the New World Center, Home of the New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy.
Mahony, Los Tres Invitados, 2011, 3’03”, Galerie Emanuel Layr
Ana Gallardo, A boca de jarro, 2008, 6’36”, Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo
Lucien Smith, I Like America and America Likes Me, 2013, 3’39”, Salon 94
Karen Kilimnik, …introducing Tabitha, 1991, 1’10”, 303 Gallery
Nicola Thomas, Dancing with Monk, 2013, 2’55”, courtesy of the artist
Takeshi Murata, Monster Movie, 2005, 4’12”, Salon 94, Ratio 3
Carlos Amorales with Julian Lede, Orellana’s Fantasia, 2013, 7′, Yvon Lambert, kurimanzutto
Tin Ojeda, Daughter, 2013, 7′, 303 Gallery
Friedrich Kunath, You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Crazy, 2012, 16’53”, Blum & Poe
Kemang Wa Lehulere, Lefu La Ntate, 2005, 3’1”, Stevenson
Avinash Veeraraghavan, Breathing charcoal soaked in a shallow forest stream, 2010, 4’20”, GallerySKE
Bill Balaskas, Parthenon Rising (II), 2011, 2’45”, Kalfayan Galleries
Pietro Roccasalva, Giocondità, 2002, 3’53”, Zero…
Bruce McLean, EARACHE: an Opera Bouffant, or ‘How Elvis’s Quiff Killed Johnnie Ray’, 2’08”, 2013, Tanya Leighton Gallery
William E. Jones, The Soviet Army Prepares for Action in Afghanistan, 2011, 2’55”, David Kordansky Gallery, The Modern Institute

Viewing Pod Selection
Shown in conjunction with the outdoor program, in addition to all the listed works above, the following works are presented exclusively within the five interactive touchscreen viewing pods inside the Miami Beach Convention Center:
Adela Jušić, The Sniper, 2007, 4’09”, Alan Cristea Gallery
Kathan Brown, John Cage at Work (1978-1992), 2013, 44′, Crown Point Press
Ciprian Mureşan, Untitled (Monks), 2011, 12’13”, David Nolan Gallery
Suh Dongwook, Light on the water, 2011, 19’08”, One and J. Gallery
Song-Ming Ang, Be True to Your School, 2010, 12′, Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Raed Yassin, The New Film, 2008, 12′, Kalfayan Galleries
Carlos Amorales, Amsterdam, 2013, 21′, Yvon Lambert, kurimanzutto
Philippe Gruenberg, Domestic Landscape, 2010, 14’17”, Revolver Galería
Wiliam E. Jones, Bay of Pigs, 2012, 3’56”, David Kordansky Gallery, The Modern Institute




InArt InStars InStyle, Moscow – images

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June 24 – Sep 11

Featuring: Nicholas Abrahams, Sarah Baker, Slater Bradley, Hussein Chalayan, Jeremy Deller, Oriana Fox, Michael Gondry, Jeremy Deller, Stuart Pearson Wright, Laurie Simmons, Sam Taylor-Wood, Jessica Voorsanger.

Selected by David Gryn and Pinky Ghundale

at Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow

as part of the XXII Moscow International Film Festival

see www.artprojx.com

InArt. InStars. InStyle at Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow 24 June – 11 Sept

In Art, Artprojx, David Gryn, Film, Film and Video, Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, Gryn, Hussein Chalayan, Instyle, Jeremy Deller, Jessica Voorsanger, Laurie Simmons, Max Wigram, Meryl Streep, Michael Gondry, Moscow, Nicholas Abrahams, Oriana Fox, Pinky Ghundale, riflemaker, Sam Taylor-Wood, Sarah Baker, Screenings, Slater Bradley, Solyanka State Gallery, Stuart Pearson Wright, Video Art, White Cube on 23/06/2010 at 7:28 am

curated by David Gryn and Pinky Ghundale

InArt. InStars. InStyle
June 24 – Sep 11
Featuring: Nicholas Abrahams, Sarah Baker, Slater Bradley, Hussein Chalayan, Jeremy Deller, Oriana Fox, Michael Gondry
Jeremy Deller, Stuart Pearson Wright, Laurie Simmons, Sam Taylor-Wood, Jessica Voorsanger.
Curated by David Gryn, Pinky Ghundale and Katya Bochavar
Solyanka State Gallery
Solyanka street, 1/2 bld. 2 (access from ulitsa Zabelina)
Gallery hours
Tue-Thur, Sat-Sun 12-8pm, last admission 7.30pm
Fri 12pm-12am, last admission 11.30pm
Late director’s/ curator’s tour of the current exhibition – every Friday 11pm as of July 2
Admission 120 rub
XXII Moscow International Film Festival
This is a pre-inaugural show for the new state museum space SOLYANKA VPA (Video. Performance. Animation) planning to open this coming autumn

Slater Bradley - Intermission

Love Your Celebrity as You Love Yourself
Unless he is painter Nikas Safronov or sculptor Marc Quinn, the real artist is obliged to hate celebrities.
The show InArt. InStars. InStyle explores the electricity between artists and celebrities – for example, between Sam Taylor-Wood and her fellow celebrities the Klitschko brothers. Or between fashion-world wizard Hussein Chalayan and Tilda Swinton, who in the video The Absent Presence literally performs magic by steaming DNA sequences from the clothing of ordinary, non-British Londoners (contemporary art without politics is not contemporary art). Or between the stunning Meryl Streep and Laurie Simmons, who is not only an artist, but wrote all the lyrics to the songs in the gorgeous musical The Music of Regret. Or between one of Britain’s most uncompromising contemporary artists,Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller, and the shadow of Depeche Mode, whom Jeremy and his collaborator Nicholas Abrahams followed round the world for their documentary The Posters Came from the Walls without once showing them onscreen.

Oriana Fox - Workout

Shadows and doppelgängers are the focus of this show. Swinton performing her witchery, Michael Jackson melting in the snow (Slater Bradley’s Intermission), Keira Knightley lost amidst a neatly trimmed green labyrinth: the artists want the stars to drown, to stew in the juices of their own myths. What matters to the artists is not only taking a swipe at the celebs, but also mentally (or even literally, as in the cases of Oriana Fox, Jessica Voorsanger, Sarah Baker, and, in a slightly different vein, Stuart Pearson Wright) substituting themselves for the stars and then viewing the results from the sidelines. Video is the most fitting genre for this sort of viewing – a funhouse mirror, as it were. But that’s okay: we get the picture.
In the same way, slowly but surely, Solyanka State Gallery is transforming itself from a universal gallery space into a museum project wholly devoted to screen culture. This autumn we will explain to you what Solyanka VPA (Video. Performance. Animation) is all about, but for now just gaze into the eyes of the artists and their stars and don’t worry about mixing them up. However much this might anger the artists, this show essentially places a big, fat equals sign between artists and celebrities.
text by Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich Director, Solyanka State Gallery

Hussein Chalayan's Absent Presence with Tilda Swinton

Nicholas Abrahams
Sarah Baker
Slater Bradley
Hussein Chalayan
Jeremy Deller
Oriana Fox
Michael Gondry
Jeremy Deller
Stuart Pearson Wright
Laurie Simmons
Sam Taylor-Wood
Jessica Voorsanger
Curated by David Gryn, Pinky Ghundale, Katya Bochavar

Jeremy Deller & Nicholas Abraham's The Posters Came From The Walls

24 июня – 11 сентября
Сэм Тейлор Вуд, Джереми Деллер, Мишель Гондри, Хусейн Чалаян и ещё 10 важнейших видеохудожников мира
Кира Найтли, братья Кличко, Мерил Стрип, Бьорк, Тильда Суинтон, и ещё 15 главных мировых звёзд
в рамках выставки
InArt. InStars. InStyle.
в пространстве
Государственной галереи на Солянке (ул. Солянка, д. 1/2, стр. 2, вход с улицы Забелина)
Часы работы галереи:
Вт-чт, сб-вс, 12:00 – 20:00, касса работает до 19:30
Пт, 12:00 – 00:00, касса работает до 23:30
Ночная экскурсия по выставке с директором/ куратором галереи каждую пятницу с 23:00 со 2 июля
Вход 120 р.
под эгидой
XXII Московского Международного Кинофестиваля
Эта выставка предвосхитит открытие нового государственного музейного проекта СОЛЯНКА ВПА (Видео. Перформанс. Анимация)
Кураторы: Дэвид Грин, Катя Бочавар.
Настоящий художник обязан ненавидеть знаменитостей, если только он не живописец Никас Сафронов и не скульптор Марк Куинн.

Chalayan installation shot, Moscow

Выставка InArt. InStars. InStyle показывает связь и электричество между словом artist и словом celebrity – вот, к примеру, между Сэм Тейлор-Вуд и ее братьями по селебрити-цеху Кличко. Между удивительным колдуном фэшн-сцены Хуссейном Чалаяном и его тоже в своем роде сестрой Тильдой Суинтон (в видео «Отсутствие присутствия»/The Absent Presenсe она и правда колдует, выпаривая ген ДНК из одежды обычных лондонцев необычных национальностей – совр. искусство без политики – никакое не совр. искусство). Между умопомрачительной Мэрил Стрип и не только художницей, но и автором всех текстов песен этого прекрасного мюзикла («Музыка отчаяния», Music Of Regret) Лори Симмонс. Между, очевидно, одним из самых непримиримых современных художников Британии, лауреатом Тернеровской премии Джереми Деллером – и тенью группы Depeche Mode, которую Джереми вместе со своим соавтором, Николасом Абрамсом, преследовал по всему миру – но так ни разу и не помещает в кадр.

3 minute round by Sam Taylor Wood

Тени и доппельгангеры (призрачные двойники) – вообще, наверное, главная тема этой выставки. Колдующая Суинтон, тающий в снегах Майкл Джексон («Большая перемена»/Intermission Слейтера Брэдли), теряющаяся в аккуратно постриженном зеленом лабиринте Кира Найтли – художники хотят, чтобы звезды утонули, растворились в вареве собственного мифа. Им важно не только поглумиться над селебом – но и, на всякий случай, мысленно (или вполне буквально, как Ориана Фокс, Джессика Фозенгер, Сара Бейкер или – в несколько ином ключе, но все же – Стюарт Пирсон-Райт) подставить на место звезды самое себя. И посмотреть на это со стороны, благо видео – самый удачный для такого смотрения жанр: такое себе кривое зеркало – но ничего, суть различима.

Jessica Voorsanger in Stage Struck

Так, медленно, но верно, Государственная галерея на Солянке из выставочной площадки универсального применения обращается в музейный проект, полностью посвященный экранной культуре. Этой осенью мы объясним вам, что такое СОЛЯНКА ВПА (Видео. Перформанс. Анимация), – а пока что смотрите в глаза художникам и их звездам и, не беспокоясь, путайте их между собой – в сущности, как бы художники ни сердились, этот выставочный проект ставит жирный знак равенства между двумя словами – artist и celebrity.

Sarah Baker - Studs

Федор Павлов-Андреевич,
Государственная галерея на Солянке
Николас Абрамс
Сара Бейкер
Слейтер Брэдли
Мишель Гондри
Джереми Деллер
Стюарт Пирсон-Райт
Лори Симмонс
Сэм Тейлор-Вуд
Джессика Фозенгер
Ориана Фокс
Хусейн Чалаян


David Gryn www.artprojx.com


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Laurie Simmons - Music of Regret