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The 2nd Royal College of Psychiatrists Artists Video Commission

In 21 Prescot Street, Orson Sieverding, Ranu Mukherjee, Uncategorized on 17/12/2015 at 2:43 pm

The 2nd Royal College of Psychiatrists Artists Video Commission
Curated by David Gryn, Daata Editions / Artprojx and Curator Film, Art Basel in Miami Beach.

Artists: Ranu Murkerkjee, Orson Sieverding, Terry Smith

Ranu Mukherjee - Chimeric still

Ranu Mukherjee – Chimeric (dogowl living on the edge of free trade zone), 2015

Chimeric (dogowl living on the edge of free trade zone) is a 5 minute ‘hybrid film’, focused on the chimeric, as a leading aspect of imaginative experience and urban sensibility. It brings together photographic, painted and digital images, suggesting a fluid and morphing exchange between these often siloed forms of visual culture. In placing a creature, simultaneously fantastical and mundane, against backdrops of contemporary urban development layered on accumulated pasts and bathed in the radiant frequencies of telecommunications, the work is an attempt to visualize a confrontation between two kinds of speculation.

Ranu Mukherjee (MFA Royal College of Art, London & BFA Massachusetts College of Art, Boston) is an artist making animated video works, ink drawing and collage, printed textiles, and collaborative projects that take a variety of forms from audio installation to printed matter. Her works bring material. mythological and political or historical references to bear on each other and explore the construction of culture through creolization, the nomadic, ecology, speculative fiction and the unknown. Solo Exhibitions include the Asian Art Museum San Francisco 2015-16, San Jose Museum of Art, 2012 and Gallery Wendi Norris 2011 and 2013-14. Ranu lives and works in San Fransisco, USA.

Orson Sieverding - Classify still

Orson Sieverding – Classify, 2015

For “Classify” Orson decided to feature various animals and plants as his protagonists. All of them were filmed in a public aquarium were they are grouped by a specific system of classification. Ignoring the offered system Orson was looking at them in terms of movement, texture and visual appeal. Referencing spectral colours, the animal’s and plant’s extraordinary blues, reds, greens and yellows form a colour system of their own. Filmed with a photographic approach, still and observing, the video almost seems to be a moving slide show.

In his work Orson Sieverding is recombining strategies within the field of sound and vision; focusing on sonic production, selective sampling, sound culture and the deconstruction of documentary categories. Orson lives and works in Berlin and Düsseldorf.

Terry Smith - Night and Day - still

Terry Smith – Day for Night, 2015

The term Day for Night is a set of cinematic techniques used to simulate a night scene while filming in daylight. It is also the title of a 1973 film by Francois Truffaut, where a committed film director struggles to complete his movie while coping with a myriad of crises, personal and professional.

I wanted to make a film that had some relationship to the people and places of the surrounding area. There were many visits and several shoots at different times of the day, from early morning and throughout the day and into night, looking at all aspects, from the tourist at the Tower to the crowded streets of the local markets. But during the editing process, I decided to focus on just two moments, the period between five and nine am when the workers at Barney arrive and begin their early morning shift and late at night, once the office workers had started to slowly drift home. So the film is a kind of bookend to the beginning and end of the day.

Terry Smith (born 1956) is a British-born artist living in London and Folkestone, England. In 2008, Smith was a recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Award. He is exhibited throughout the world in museums and galleries including the British Museum, The Fogg Museum in Boston and The Drawing Center in New York in 2012.

David Gryn – Curator for RCP Video Art Project

David Gryn is the director of Artprojx, screening, curating, promoting and lecturing on artists’ moving image, working with leading contemporary artists, art galleries, museums, art fairs, art schools and film festivals worldwide. In 2015 Gryn launched the online platform Daata Editions that commissions artists’ video, sound and web artworks. David is also the Curator of Film and Sound for Art Basel in Miami Beach.

The RCP Foyer Screen featuring these artworks is visible to all visitors. Open daily from 8am until 6pm. But let the reception know why you are in the building.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

21 Prescot Street
E1 8BB


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