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The Miami, Moscow and Bermondsey Film Selections – Artists Sound of Film – Moscow 16 May 2015

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Still: Takeshi Murata, OM Rider 2013, courtesy the artist, Salon 94, Ratio 3

The Miami, Moscow and Bermondsey Film Selections

Artist Sound of Film

curated by David Gryn, Artprojx, Daata Editions

Friday 16 May, 2015

Moscow Museum Nights

The films are selections of works that were originally selected and curated by David Gryn for the Film programme at Art Basel in Miami Beach over the last 5 years. The films were all played on the New World Symphony Center’s screening wall in Soundscape Park during the annual art fair. This selection was played outdoors in Moscow as part of the Museum Nights in May 2014 along with DJ Max Reinhardt and then played at the closing of the Bermondsey Project in London. 

These works all engage with music, rhythm and sound and remain resonant from their initial playing. They all have a power that is far beyond just the work, one that creates lingering memory with the viewer long after the work has been seen and finished. The selection of these was driven by their sound, engagement and that the language needed to digest these works is that of audio-visual. These works reflect on the current trends and modes of communication such as YouTube, TV, animation, gaming, social media and used to create new images, sounds and unexpected connections. Selected as these works communicate across cultures and language, as they are all predominantly music based soundtracks.


Nick Abrahams – ekki mukk, 2012, 10’30”

Cory Arcangel – Paganini Caprice No.5, 2011, 3’41”

Dara Birnbaum – Arabesque, 2011/2013, 6’37”

Pierre Bismuth – Following Elvis Presley’s Hands in Jailhouse Rock, 2011, 3’12”

Martin Creed – Work No. 1700, 2013

Nathalie Djurberg with Hans Berg – I wasn’t made to play the son, 2011, 6’27”

Kota Ezawa – Beatles Über California, 2010, 2’03”

Dara Friedman – RITE 2012

Leo Gabin – Stackin, 2010, 2’38”

Rashaad Newsome – The Conductor, 2005/2010, 6’18”

Theaster Gates – Breathing, 2010, 6’58”

William Kentridge with Philip Miller – Tango for Page Turning, 2013, 2’48”

Lina Lapelyte – Candy Shop, 2014

Ari Marcopoulous – Detroit, 2010, 7’32”

Ryan McGinley – Varúð, 2012, 8′

Takeshi Murata – OM Rider, 2013, 11’39”

Laurel Nakadate – 51/50, 2009, 3’09”

Nicola Thomas – Dancing with Monk, 2013, 2’55″

David Gryn screens, curates and promotes artists’ moving image and sound, working with leading contemporary art galleries, museums, art fairs and artists worldwide. David has launched Daata Editions (May 14), a new online platform dedicated to commissioning artists to make video, sound and web based artworks for sale and research.

For more information on the artists and other things related contact:

David Gryn, Daata Editions info@daata-editions.com





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