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Strangelove Moving Image Festival 16-20 March 2015

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Still from OM Rider (2013) by Takeshi Murata, courtesy Salon 94 and Ratio 3

Central Saint Martins is pleased to announce Strangelove – an ambitious college wide moving image festival devised and programmed in collaboration with artist Terry Smith (workinprogress) and curator David Gryn (Artprojx).

Usingspaces throughout the Kings Cross campus the festival programme will include screenings, installations, talks, workshop, events and symposia to generate cross-disciplinary discussions and draw attention to the way moving image has become an inescapable part of our everyday experience.

The festival will celebrate the diversity of moving image practice and explore the relationship between art, fashion, communication design, drama, performance and popular culture featuring the work of students through to prominent and established international artists, designers, directors, screen writers and performers.

19 events, as well as the exhibition in the Lethaby Gallery, will be open to the public, allowing a glimpse into the fascinating and innovative world of moving image at Central Saint Martins.

Throughout the Festival there will be an information desk in the Crossing at the front of the Granary Building.

Featuring artists including:

Anne Bean, Babette Mangolte, Beatrice Gibson, Brian Alfred, Brian Bress, Cecile B. Evans, Charles Richardson, Ciprian Mureşan, Clunie Reid, Dara Birnbaum, David Blandy, Douglas Gordon, David Austen, David Bickerstaff, Elizabeth Price, Gary Stevens, Gun Holmström, Hayal Pozanti, Jennifer Reeder, Joan Jonas, John Smith, Jon Rafman, Jordan Baseman, Kevin Frilet, Larry Achiampong, Laurie Simmons, Leo Gabin, Livia Benavides, Mark Wallinger, Marnie Weber, Martha Rosler, Maya Watanabe, Mikhail Karikis, Nate Boyce, Ornana Films, Parker Ito, Paul Bush, Prem Sarjo, Rachel Rose, Rashaad Newsome, Saya Woolfalk, Scott Reeder, Stephen Irwin, Susan Hiller, Tabor Robak, Takeshi Murata, Tony Grisoni, Veronika Reichl, Vest&Page, Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, Yan Xing and many many more artists, film makers, students, teaching staff with their works from across the Central Saint Martin’s creative and artistic disciplines and output.

For the official and comprehensive information with booking details – see http://strangelove2015.tumblr.com/

Tuesday 17th March | 14.30 – 17:30
Studio Theatre
UAL staff and students only

Other guests can get access – more information on how – coming very soon – email artprojx@gmail.com


Armchair Surfers Digital Revolutionaries (Screening)

Tuesday 17th March.

14.30 – 17:30

Studio Theatre
UAL staff and students only

Curated by David Gryn and Terry Smith

We are all digital revolutionaries – as we use, observe and interrogate this ever-developing medium that extends, entrances and baffles us in equal measure. These programmes present works that engage with our everyday static surfing and obsessive interaction with the natural language andour enamour with all things digital and internet.

Screening programme


Still: Un Chien Andalou, Ciprian Mureşan 2004, 51” David Nolan Gallery, Wilkinson Gallery

Part 1: IP Overlords
Running Time: 48 mins

Un ChienAndalou, Ciprian Mureşan 2004, 51” David Nolan Gallery, Wilkinson Gallery
A-PHAN-OUSIA, Maya Watanabe 2008, 4’45” 80m2 LiviaBenavides
Rock Your Body, Brian Bress 2005, 4’45” Cherry and Martin Gallery
A Lifetime of Likes, Hayal Pozanti 2014, 25” Jessica Silverman Gallery
Vatican Vibes, Tabor Robak 2011, 5’16”, team gallery
The Tent, Elizabeth Price, 2012, 12’, MOT International
IP Overlords, Hayal Pozanti 2014 12” Jessica Silverman Gallery
Oh Baby, Leo Gabin, 2013, 2’49” Elizabeth Dee Gallery, Peres Projects
Scroll Sequence, Nate Boyce, 2014 5’33” Altman Siegel Gallery
OM Rider, Takeshi Murata 2013 11’39” Salon 94, Ratio 3
Mobile Blinders, Hayal Pozanti 2014, 15” Jessica Silverman Gallery

Parker Ito Wipeout XL 2014 (screen res) 4

Still: Wipeout XL (Miami Beach), Parker Ito 2014, 15’44” Chateau Shatto

Part 2: Wet Dave (boom boom)
Running Time: 50 mins

ChimaTek: Hybridization Machine, Saya Woolfalk 2013 3’40” Leslie Tonkonow Gallery
Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights, Brian Alfred 2014 3’, Ameringer McEnery Yohe
Wipeout XL (Miami Beach), Parker Ito 2014, 15’44” Chateau Shatto
Virtual Diaspora, Hayal Pozanti, 2014 22” Jessica Silverman Gallery
Rehearsal (Miami edit), Charles Richardson, 2014 4’ Cabin Gallery
A Minute Ago, Rachel Rose 2014 8’43’’ Pilar Corrias Gallery
Empathy Box, Hayal Pozanti 2014, 22” 2014, 25”, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Wet Dave (boom boom), Clunie Reid 2009 5’34” MOT International
KNOT, Rashaad Newsome 2014 4’ Marlborough Gallery
Juan Gris Dream House, Jon Rafman 2013 2’ Zach Feuer Gallery

Barefoot Skank

Soundtrack to Samurai Story by David Blandy, Barefoot Skank, by Nick Raphael / Manasseh Sound System with Artprojx in Dub

Part 3: How happy a thing can be
Running Time: 47 mins

Samurai Story, David Blandy and Manasseh 2008 8’10” Seventeen and Artprojx, commissioned by Parabola
How happy a Thing can be, Cecile B. Evans 2014 9’30’
How to make extinction, David Blandy 2014, 9’48”, Seventeen
F for Fibonacci, Beatrice Gibson, 2014, 16’20” Laura Bartlett Gallery
To Bite, Biters (Larry Achiampong and David Blandy), 2015, 3’35”

morgan sucker

Still: A Million Miles Away, Jennifer Reeder, 2014

Wednesday 18th March


Studio Theatre

In Focus screenings by

Martha Rosler

Mark Wallinger

Susan Hiller

Douglas Gordon

Yan Xing

Jordan Baseman

Laurie Simmons

Scott Reeder

Jennifer Reeder

Strangelove London website – for upcoming and future festival in London and worldwide




David Gryn


Artprojx worldwide

Curator, Art Basel in Miami Beach Dec 2015

Daata Editions launching May 2014



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