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Martha Fiennes – Nativity and a talk on Digital Art at the V & A – Fri 19 Dec 6.30

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Martha Fiennes: Nativity (still)

Martha FiennesNativity

and a discussion on Digital Art with:

Martha Fiennes, Pete Muggleston, Francesca Gavin, Eddie Berg, and David Gryn

Friday 19 December, 6.30pm-8pm 

Victoria and Albert Museum

South Kensington
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

The Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre


EVENING EVENT: Join award-winning artist and director Martha Fiennes and producer Pete Muggleston in discussion with the writer, curator and visual arts editor Francesca Gavin, the film and creative technology specialist Eddie Berg, and David Gryn, Director, Artprojx worldwide and curator, Film at Art Basel.

The discussion is chaired by Ben Latham Jones, Head of Ealing Studios and Film Producer. They will talk about the launch of the world’s first digital painting – SLOimage Nativity. Completely self-generating, the mesmerising image has been inspired by the great paintings of Renaissance art. The panel will discuss this project and the possibilities opened up by the new technology.

Organised in collaboration with SLOimage

Find out more about SLOimages.

18.30 – 20.00

Free, booking essential

or via the V & A bookings office +44 (0)20 7942 2211


David Gryn Notes for the talk:

The future is digital. …. No … The future is humans.

I work with artists film with a speciality in artists digital moving image and sound. But my real interest is in people. People as audience, artists, collaborators, technical and venue support, networks of marketing support, artworld connections.

I generally aim to work on projects with people I like, trust, admire and the chances are is that I like something about their work. There are very few artists whom I know I love their work. All other artists are making works that take on risk and usually I only know what I think after the outcome of working with them and digesting their work. Some times it takes years or even centuries.

There are reasons based on humans chemistry why we like certain artworks, artists, projects. Often we have no knowledge of the work before seeing it. We pay to see films without knowing or liking the works in advance.

The artworld is very particular and very peculiar. And it is always curious that there is an inherent demand and need to know more and be knowing prior, during and after an art experience – as opposed to just being with the work.

It is in this just beingness that I believe. The experience of music, film, theatre, ballet resides often in that moment of encounter with an art form. The forces that drive an audience are often the people in or connected to the work.

But we are getting to a point where I believe true art is being made using digital mediums as the enamour of the material is waning as it is such a natural language for most new artists now and the technology and distribution is increasingly better and cheaper. However audiences and consumers need to be worked on, developed, established, nurtured like all other art forms. One such method is the digital domain – And thus the mythology of social media. It is socialising we need at art events – social media is just a communications mean to an end. The end should be people are coming to an event. But with art it isn’t that straight forward.



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