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Nick Abrahams at The Horse Hospital – oh my !!!@!

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Nick Abrahams front copy


Artprojx presents

Lions & Tigers & Bears


Nick Abrahams


The Horse Hospital. The Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD 

Exhibition dates: 28th June – 19th July 2014

Open: Monday – Saturday 12-6pm

In association with The School of Sound

Lions & Tigers & Bears by Nick Abrahams

about the works in the show …

on the main screen:

EKKI MUKK – a tale of a man, a snail and a fox. The precursor of the 7 inch single

YOUR HEART IS THE COMPASS – in the darkest hour, a snail could be the one to lead you out of danger.

‘FOREVER’S GONNA START TONIGHT’ – a documentary of the Hampstead wildman, who comes out of the woods looking for change,

on the smaller monitor:

BALLAD OF A LONELY WILDMAN – rare images of the London wildman caught on camera contrasts with frankly amateur footage by Patterson of Bigfoot, which some people believe to be fake.

‘EKKI MUKK’ ANIMATIC – this is how i planned ‘ekki mukk’. Music of Sigur Ros illustrated by sketches of what I wanted to film.

FLARE – middle aged men on the Heath at night.

DOGHOUSE – dogs ‘dancing’ to the music of Iggy Pop

the sleeping fox:

the audio recording is of a real 3 legged fox, Miss Snooks, who lives in her own flat near Brighton. It was recorded by hiding microphones around the comfy chair she likes to sleep on. On the wall is a photograph of Felix the fox outside 10 Downing street.

the eating snail:

For something so small and so slow, snails are incredibly successful creatures. And maybe they aren’t so slow after all. But this is how they sound eating.

the Tolpuddle tree:

It seems amazing to me that a tree can be a meeting place, a green room, beneath which the first union used to meet in Tolpuddle. But spending some time there it occurred to me how little the sounds i was hearing would have changed since the days when they used to meet under its boughs.  To this day trade unions gather at Tolpuddle en masse to celebrate their roots.

the wild man:

appears in photos and videos here. The wildman, a relative of the Yeti, Sasquatch and other semi mythical creatures, and crytozoologists are studying his appearances on Hampstead Heath. He seems to be lonely and looking for a wildwoman possibly. His seeming love for power ballads has been baffling scientists, and some find him rather pathetic. Artist Ronnie Lang captured a quick sketch of one of these urban wildmen when visiting London.

water damaged memories:

a selection of photographs entitled ‘Water Damaged Memories’ – which is exactly what they are, a random selection of photographs that were damaged when the my neighbour fell through my garage roof… the rainwater seemed to enhance these images, several of which by chance feature my dear departed friend Mary Hansen who used to play in the band Stereolab.

the 7 inch single:

the second incarnation of the short film ‘ekki mukk’ comes in the form of these audio recordings. They don’t tell the same story, but expand on its vision. Trying to harness the imagination to what we hear in nature, whether the tiniest of sounds, or the beautiful things that we allow to merge into a forgotten background. And if there is a story here, it is that the human voice, in this case the folk singer Shirley Collins, makes sense of life by creating stories …

The third incarnation is currently a feature film script which, with the correct stars in alignment, may one day soon be a feature film about a man walking home in the shadow of the M11 motorway, also entitled ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears’.

the limited vinyl single ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears’ is available here for £5! a bargain! from the Horse Hospital or from Lo Recordings – and includes a free digital download with each copy.

your fortune:

please don’t forget to take a lucky a ‘lions and tigers and bears’ fortune cookie!

all audio pieces recorded in collaboration with Jens Rosenlund Petersen www.tracklay.com

the wild man costume was created by Stephen Fowler http://stephenfowler72.blogspot.co.uk/

animatronics by Adam Wright  http://www.adam-wright.com/ 

drawn portrait of Nick Abrahams as the wildman by Ronnie Lang

photographs of snails and of wildman are a collaboration with Toby Amies, who also collaborated on the video pieces ‘Flare’, ‘Forever’s gonna start tonight’ and ‘the Ballad of a Lonely Wildman’. http://www.tobyamies.co.uk/

the Horse Hospital:

Long may the Horse Hospital spread its nurturing wings over art, music and culture of all forms that otherwise falls between the cracks….


please feel free to get in touch www.nicholasabrahams.com

an Artprojx project http://www.artprojx.com/






Twitter @Artprojx @AbrahamsNick @HorseHospital


Nick Abrahams and David Gryn. The Hard Men of Snail Racing

Nick Abrahams and David Gryn. The Hard Men of Snail Racing photo by: Sarah Lee



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