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Live Snail Racing at The Horse Hospital on Friday 27 June

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Nick Abrahams and his Friend

Filmmaker, artist, poet Nick Abrahams will be presenting “Lions and Tigers and Bears” an exhibition of photographs, installations and artworks inspired by the lush magic of the British countryside.

The show which opens at The Horse Hospital in London on Friday, examines our changing relationship with nature by inviting the spectator “to use their own imagination to bear on sounds and images which are both extraordinary and overlooked”.

Last year Nick made “Ekki Mukk,” a short film collaboration with Sigur Rós that won the Best UK short film award for 2013. That short forms part of the “Lions and Tigers and Bears” project and also inspired Abrahams’ 7-inch single of the same name:

The single and exhibition include 3 key audio recordings – that of a snail eating, a fox sleeping, and sounds recorded around a tree. The sounds evoke mysterious worlds – the tree is the Martyrs tree in Tolpuddle, under whose branches the first trade union in England met in 1834, to fight for better pay and working conditions… the snail is heard eating, amplified to a level which we can hear and sounding something like a chainsaw – what else would we hear if we could listen closely enough ? And a sleeping fox…. what does a fox dream about ?

A fourth recording features the voice of Shirley Collins, a living national treasure and seminal folk singer, who reads a prose poem by Nick Abrahams, leaving us in the world of fairytales.

A feature film of the “Lions and Tigers and Bears’ project is currently in development.

There will be a live snail race at the opening (6pm to 9pm) and to “please come, bring friends (although not more snails, they can be rather ‘me me me’).”


Text by Richard Metzger for Dangerous Minds http://dangerousminds.net/comments/what_does_a_snail_eating_sound_like


– details …

Artprojx presents: Lions & Tigers & Bears by Nick Abrahams

at The Horse Hospital

Private View: Friday 27th June 6-9pm

The Horse Hospital. The Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD Tel: 02078333644

Dates: 28th June – 19th July 2014

Open: Monday – Saturday 12-6pm

In association with The School of Sound

RSVP events@artprojx.com


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Opening night there will be:

Snail-racing LIVE 
Free Nick Abrahams Fortune Cookies (including incredibly ‘accurate’ fortune predictions!)
DJ Nervous Stephen playing wildlife pop tunes
The 7 inch single will be available for the very first time

2 Film Premiere’s

Plus bar 

Come and support the Horse Hospital in its hour of need!!


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Contact: David Gryn, Artprojx david@artprojx.com http://www.artprojx.com +447711127848


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Nick Abrahams http://www.nicholasabrahams.com/

Horse Hospital http://www.thehorsehospital.com/now/nick-abrahams-lions-tigers-bears/

School of Sound http://www.schoolofsound.co.uk/

David Gryn Blog https://davidgryn.wordpress.com

Artsy https://artsy.net/artprojx-cinema/posts


and lots of wonderful listings …


Artupdate http://artupdate.com/en/

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FAD http://www.fadwebsite.com/2014/06/23/art-events-to-visit-this-week-23rd-june-29th-june/

Art Map London http://www.artmaplondon.co.uk/

Twitter @Artprojx @AbrahamsNick @HorseHospital @nicktrash

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