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Bodies Without Organs at Hackney Picturehouse

In Adrian Paci, Aisha Stoby, Angelica Sule, Beatrice Gibson, Curating Contemporary Art, Guy Maddin, Hackney Picturehouse, Huma Kabakci, John Smith, Joseph Constable, Laure Prouvost, Lux, Mark Leckey, Maya Deren, RCA, Royal College of Art, Shirin Neshat, Shoja Azari, Tarini Malik, Video Art, Yuval Etgar, Zsuzsanna Stánitz on 30/04/2013 at 9:20 pm
Shirin Neshat: Turbulence (still)

Shirin Neshat: Turbulent (still)


14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd May

at 6.45 pm

at Hackney Picturehouse

 270 Mare Street, London E8 1HE

Students from the Curating Contemporary Art MA programme at the Royal College of Art present a series of four film screenings entitled Bodies without Organs. Inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s notion, ‘the body without organs,’ these four programmes refer us to the sensory structures, rhythms and logics which underlie appearances. The programme explores the experimental camera’s ability to deterritorialise and defamiliarise, to reveal invisible worlds, forms and meanings that extend beyond the literal bodies that we inhabit everywhere and are part of.

By taking a different ‘body’ as its starting point, each programme will explore how artists and filmmakers have used the camera to deconstruct the relation of subject to object that binds our everyday perception. Through a rich variety of contemporary and historical material, Bodies without Organs aims to transport its audience to a realm of flux, instability and changing intensities.

Booking recommended: Tickets are £6 per screening, £5 concessions

Book tickets via these links: The Site  / The VoiceThe Pulse  / The Fall

THE SITE – Tuesday 14th May, 6.45pm

This programme, including films by Arthur Lipsett, Patrick Keiller and Natasha Mendonca, explores the way in which the movements of parts (animate or inanimate) within a metropolis or site form a living and breathing set of collective rhythms. It looks at different ways in which the camera tracks moments of expansion and contraction, rising and collapse, cohesion and fragmentation.

Bridges Go Round, Shirley Clarke, 1958
a-b-city, Dieter Hormel and Brigitte Bühler, 1985
21-87, Arthur Lipsett, 1964
The End, Patrick Keiller, 1986
Jan Villa, Natasha Mendonca, 2010

Ticket holders for ‘The Site’ will receive a complimentary beer courtesy of Harviestoun Brewery.

Book here:

THE VOICE – Thursday 16th May, 6.45pm

Featuring work by Shirin Neshat, Beatrice Gibson, and Turner Prize nominee, Laure Prouvost, this programme considers how sound becomes a protagonist – how it moves beyond the camera’s visual field and into a different realm of meaning. Here, voices resonate beyond their source, adhering to a new logic and narrative by deconstructing and disrupting the linear.

Turbulent, Shirin Neshat, 1998
Owt, Laure Prouvost, 2007
The Tiger’s Mind, Beatrice Gibson, 2012
Sniper, Adela Jušić, 2008
Turn On, Adrian Paci, 2004
Veronique Doisneau, Jérôme Bel, 2004

Book here:

THE PULSE – Tuesday 21st May, 6.45pm

This selection of films from artists including Maya Deren, Malcom Le Grice, Guy Maddin and Gunvor Nelson, looks at the pulse or rhythmic movement within a film and asks how that movement can control or emancipate a narrative (and our perception of it). Techniques such as abstraction, repetition and layering connect all these films — challenging and deepening our sense of reality. The screening will include a special 35mm screening of Daïchi Saïto’s Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis, a first time showing in London.

Send Me to the ‘Lectric Chair, Guy Maddin, 2009
Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis, Daïchi Saïto, 2009
Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, Mark Leckey, 1999
My Name is Oona, Gunvor Nelson, 1969
Waterfall, Chick Strand, 1967
Berlin Horse, Malcolm Le Grice, 1970
Meshes of the Afternoon, Maya Deren, 1943

Book here:

THE FALL – Thursday 22nd May, 6.45pm

Featuring works by John Smith, Emily Richardson and Cyprien Gaillard, this programme questions what happens when structures collapse and individual voices lose their sense of fixed locality. These films explore the potentiality of architectural frameworks (specifically those of modernist design) to encase individuals and test how traces or memories can exist beyond these ostensibly solid structures.

Blight, John Smith, 1994-6,
Block, Emily Richardson, 2005
Desniansky Raion, Cyprien Gaillard, 2007

Book here:

3rd of May-1st of June

Bodies in Motion is an accompanying programme of artist moving image displayed looped on monitors in the Hackney Picturehouse exhibition space. The programme features a variety of archival material which explores the appropriation and manipulation of the body by the camera. Featuring seminal works by Yvonne Rainer, Norman McLaren, Lumière Brothers and Maya Deren, each of the four films isolate and celebrate the dynamism of motion and viewer’s ability to visually arrest the forward march of time.

Pas de Deux, Norman McLaren, 1968
Danse Serpentine, Lumière Brothers, 1894
Hand Movie, Yvonne Rainer, 1966
A Study in Choreography for Camera, Maya Deren, 1945,

****Entrance for the exhibition is free*****

Curated by: Joseph Constable, Yuval Etgar, Huma Kabakci, Tarini Malik, Zsuzsanna Stánitz, Aisha Stoby, and Angelica Sule

Organised in partnership with LUX, London.


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