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Artprojx and workinprogress presents Performance on 18 May at Reial Cercle Artistic Barcelona

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Roi Vaara 'Artist's Dilemma' (1997) photograph by Naranja

Artprojx & workinprogress present

in association with LOOP Barcelona


screening of films and videos by

artists including:


David Austen

David Blandy

Matt Calderwood

Marie Losier

Marianela Orozco

Nigel Slight

Terry Smith

Gary Stevens

Roi Vaara

Jessica Voorsanger

Carl Von Weiler

Richard Wilson


18 May 2011 at 19 h.


Reial Cercle Artístic

C/ Arcs, 5

08002 Barcelona

93 301 59 37


Artist Film and Video Barcelona Loop (Notes from Terry Smith)

Artist throughout history have been at the forefront of technology. In the sixties taking full use of 16 mm and then when 8mm film was introduced for the domestic market capitalized on the opportunity.
The availability of the new technology, allowed artist and filmmakers to explore the medium. From the structuralist works with filmmakers like Stan Brakhage and Michael Snow who explored the media as experimental film to those exploring the more theatrical aspects like Stuart Sherman and Derek Jarman, to artists like Bruce Nauman, Chris Burden, Richard Serra and Joan Jonas who turned from performance to moving image.
Today artists are taking on cinema, with artists like Steve McQueen and Douglas Gordon, moving into the world of feature films. Art has always been involved with popular culture, but there has often been an uneasy relationship between the different strands of the use of moving image; feature films, experimental film and artists film and video works.
There is a long history of artists use of film and video, but it’s a history not often taught in art school. This collection of artists demonstrates some of the different strands in current artists practice in the medium of film and video.
This selection is in two parts the first by the artist Terry Smith of workinprogress and the second by David Gryn the director of Artprojx. What is fascinating about this collection of works is in the different areas that each selector chosen to emphasize. Smith is looking at the sculptural and performative works, while Gryn is concerned more with the theatrical and filmic tendencies in contemporary video. This is of course just a small selection of the wide range of works that occupy the same ground.
Performance artists have from the beginning embraced the medium of film and video. It is a way for performers to distribute their work to a wider audience and into different contexts. So the medium is used by a mixed group, from artists, filmmakers and performance artists all emphasizing different aspects. This collection present some of the range of work that can be seen today.
Part one running time 35 minutes
Part two running time 55 minutes
Part one ( Part one running time 35 minutes )
David Austen, Matt Calderwood, Marianela Orozco, Nigel Slight, Gary Stevens, Terry Smith, Carl von Weiler, Roi Vaara
Part two ( Part two running time 55 minutes )
boyleANDshaw, David Blandy, Marie Losier and Jessica Voorsanger
PART ONE (Notes from Terry Smith)
David Austen is primarily a painter, but it’s probably more accurate to say he is a picture maker. The transition from prints and photography to film and video as been seamless. In this work Man Smoking, Austen keeps the 16mm camera fixed on subject, the Italian artist Enzo Cucchi. The subject nervously shifts his balance aware, self-conscious of the act of being looked at.
Matt Calderwood takes performance to its extreme, coming out as much from the earlier videos of Chris Burden and Bruce Nauman as well as British Artists Harrison and Wood, vaudiville, the comic situations and extraordinary play to camera has seen Calderwood pursue a body of work that captures the set piece ‘act’ that aspires as much to sculpture as early silent comedy
Marianela Orozco, is a Cuban artists who continues to live in Havana. Her work oscillates between performance and photography and film. The work here Sal is a block of salt that is worn away by the sea. Her works often deals with a single locked off shot. Her work explores the incidents of real life, finding poetry in the everyday.
Nigel Slight comes in a sense form the old school. Contemporary with Stuart Brisley Brian Catling and Alastair MacLennan, Slight presents performances that can best be described as hard core. Dealing with all kinds of subjects, controversial and taboo. His live performances have elements of humour and threat that categories his work.
Gary Stevens made his first videos in the mid seventies. A graduate of Goldsmiths College, he moved quickly from text works to performances. He has shown internationally for many years, and continues to be one of the most innovative performance artists in the UK. He has recently returned to video with a series of video works that explore the possibilities technology.
Terry Smith I have included my own work here because it demonstrates and pays homage to Bruce Nauman and artists who influence is immense. This was a work developed as a project in a London art school.
Carl Von Weiler is as artist who works with video and performance. Just like in painting the self portrait is a device for the artist to use their own face or body to create simple works. The act of representing the self as the self has a long history in art.
Roi Vaara  has been traveling the world from his native Norway, creating performance at the Venice Biennial to the Hayward Gallery in London. Primarily a performer he has translated his work, like many performers the use of video to enhance and compliment the performance work.
Part two – notes (well almost notes) by David Gryn
boyleANDshaw, David Blandy, Marie Losier and Jessica Voorsanger
The choice of these artists is a combination based on the quality of their work, their risk taking, their sense of fun and their warm collaborative nature. I traditionally do not say much about artists’ work – as I like art to speak for itself or let the artists speak for themselves – however I was compelled to write even this much as Terry Smith has been so diligent above. Terry is an arch collaborator and has been a great support on this project and many others. I regard performance and video as strange labels – nothing more than names of media that artists use to make their work. In this case the artists I have selected make work through various processes (performance, installations, video/film etc) and film is a way of capturing their work.
boyleANDshaw are growing from strength to strength, with a major performance project with Artprojx at the ICA last year and then for the ICA’s annual fundraiser this year, working with curator David Thorp on those projects and at Calvert 22 and beyond. Jessica Lack captures their essence in the Guardian: “The irascible boyleANDshaw scrape the very edge of artistic decency. Holed up in a cafe on Vauxhall Bridge Road they pen lurid sketches of the art world. Certainly not for the faint hearted, boyleANDshaw’s surreal visions suggest that there’s a hideous, self-loathing wretch lurking beneath every artist’s aloof, monosyllabic exterior. From comic drawings to bizarre happenings, boyleANDshaw push the boundaries of taste to its outer limits.”
David Blandy recent film and seventeen gallery exhibition Child of the Atom has been widely acclaimed. His work deals with his problematic relationship with popular culture, highlighting the slippage and tension between fantasy and reality in everyday life. The work in this compilation, Samurai Story, was part of an exhibition project collaboration with Artprojx and dub sound system legend Manasseh that featured at Artprojx Space, Whitechapel Gallery and Tate Britain.
Marie Losier has recently been introduced to Artprojx and her work is so full of brilliance, vitality, life and joie de vivre that it makes me smile. She is a film maker artist. Whimsical, poetic, dreamlike and unconventional, her films explore the life and work of other artists through an endless variety of cinematic means.
Jessica Voorsanger has a wonderful sense of mischief and amusement. She creates inter-active installations, objects, performances and events that reference pop and celebrity culture. Her recent project with Peckham Space was screened in NY during the Armory Show collaboration at the SVA Theatre with Artprojx Cinema


Artist                                                   Title                                                        Year                        Duration

David Austen                                    Man Smoking                                     2008                        5:29

Roi Vaara                                          Artist Dilemma                                    1997                        5:00

Carl von Weiler                               Drop it                                                    1999                        4:17

Gary Stevens                                    Landscape /tracking                          1975                        3:00

Terry Smith                                      Fuck Nauman                                        2005                      0:53

Matt Calderwood                           Rope                                                         2000                       2:30

Nigel Slight                                    Anthem                                                   1998                        3:46

Marianela Orozco                        Sal                                                            2003                        3:00

Richard Wilson                            Turbine Hall Swimming pool           2000                        6:43

Maria Losier                                 Tony Conrad, DreaMinimalist         2008                        25:00

Jessica Voorsanger                     The Woody Allen Show                     2008                        14:10

David Blandy                                 Samurai Story                                      2008                        8:00

boyleANDshaw                            Bang it while ya can, Barcelona    2011                        10:00

Presentació de la sessió a càrrec de Terry Smith (Artista i comissari del programa) i David Gryn (Artprojx).

El programa reuneix una selecció de projectes que mostren diferents pràctiques creatives que incorporen elements performatius o teatrals.

El programa reúne una selección de obras que retratan diversas prácticas creativas informadas por elementos performativos y teatrales.

This collection of artists portrays various creative practices informed by performative and theatrical elements.

Un projecte fruit de la col·laboració de ARTPROJX, WORKINPROGRESS i Screen Projects.





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