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Contort Yourself – panel discussion 16 June

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16 JUNE 2010
In Conversation

David Gryn, Dr Alison Rowley, Dr Anthony Downey, Irit Rogoff

7 – 9pm
ACME Project Space, 44 Bonner Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9JS

Limited capacity for all free events. To reserve a seat, please email: info@contortyourself.org
A panel discussion centred on identity trends and categories explored in the exhibition. The role of curators, critics and art professionals in relation to how trends are generated and operate in the art world will also be considered. The session will be chaired by Dr Alison Rowley, and moderated by Ulrika Frink, RCA CCA (Inspire) Student.

DR ALISON ROWLEY: Reader in Art and Design, Liverpool School of Art and Design
Dr Alison Rowley is presently working on a book entitled Common Gestures, Class Acts: Studies in ‘young British art’, an analysis of the return in the 1990s of neglected histories of British social and political life since 1945 in key works by artists grouped under the heading ‘yBa’. Dr Rowley’s research interests centers around modern and contemporary art; feminist history, theory and practice in the visual arts and cinema; psychoanalysis and aesthetics; aesthetics and politics and configurations of social class in British art.

DR ANTHONY DOWNEY: Programme Director, MA Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s Institute
Dr Anthony Downey completed his PhD and is currently researching a book on ethics, politics and aesthetics and the production of knowledge in contemporary art. He sits on the editorial board of Third Text, and is a London correspondent for Flash Art and he has also published essays, criticism and interviews in over twenty different publications and has recently given papers and chaired conference panel.

IRIT ROGOFF: Curator, theorist, and founder of the Department of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths, University of London
Irit Rogoff is a curator, theorist, and organiser who writes at the intersections of the critical, the political, and contemporary arts practices. Her work across a series of new “think tank” PhD programs at Goldsmiths (Research Architecture, Curatorial/Knowledge) is focusing on the possibility of locating, moving, and exchanging knowledge across professional practices, self-generated forums, academic institutions, and individual enthusiasms.

DAVID GRYN: Director, Artprojx
David Gryn is the director of Artprojx which has been promoting artist’s film since 2001. He has worked with artists such as Christian Marclay, Sarah Morris, Mark Wallinger, Susan Hiller, Jeremy Deller, Dexter Dalwood, Jane Bustin, Mark Leckey, William Kentridge, William Eggleston, Willie Doherty and institutes including Gagosian Gallery, White Cube, Whitney Museum, Matt’s Gallery, ICA, Sadie Coles HQ, Victoria Miro, Tate Britain, Prince Charles Cinema. see http://www.artprojx.com

David Blandy's 'Choose Your Character' - Street Fighter battles at the ICA produced by David Gryn

Press Release

Contort Yourself Works by Harold Offeh, Jan Hendrickse and David Blandy

ACME Project Space Gallery, 44 Bonner Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9JS

Curated by the first year MA Curating Contemporary Art (Inspire), Royal College of Art                                         Exhibition: 4 June – 27 June, 2010

Open Thurs – Sun, 11.00am – 6.00pm

Contort Yourself brings together the work of three UK based artists who twist, stretch, and re-appropriate notions of the construction of self through performance, digital video and sound. In exploring the theme of self-realization, the works playfully critique processes of identity formation and re-formation. The title of the show ‘Contort Yourself’ is inspired by the popular love song of the same name by James Chance and The Contortions which situates the body in an abstract imaginary space, where thought and matter become enmeshed. In borrowing this title, the exhibition alludes to hybrid trans-mutational categorizations and the miscegenation of cultural specificities.

Alien Communication by Harold Offeh (b. 1977) utilizes a variety of lenses to distort his features; magnifying his eyes, lips and teeth to exaggerated proportions whilst referencing historical representations of the ‘other.’ It interrogates the ever-contested site of the body, and latent or forgotten memory.

David Blandy’s (b. 1978) The White and Black Minstrel appropriates humour to pose questions which relate to the degree to which the self is formed by its immersion in the world of records, films and television. His clown-like white minstrel figure simultaneously appropriates a sub-cultural formation and explores the inverse of modes of popular cultural stereotyping

Artist in residence Jan Hendrickse’s (b. 1966) work exists across the boundaries of performance, improvisation, installation and socially engaged practice. Trained initially as a musician, Hendrickse’s new commission, Self Portrait, is an interactive sound installation examining the structures and parameters of self-categorization through visitor participation in the form of telephone as transporter and generator of immediate sound, and as a self-referential object.

Alongside these works additional research documentation offers fragments from the artists’ creative processes; sketches, notes, documents and supplementary material illustrate a rich frame of reference. The material questions and explores a multitude of influences within perceived spheres of national, popular and personal identities.

An accompanying series of events includes a panel talk at ACME Project Space Gallery  on 16 June 2010, with Dr Anthony Downey, Professor Irit Rogoff and David Gryn.

Additional information about talks and events held during the exhibition can be found on the following websites: www.contortyourself.org & http://www.acme.org.uk/projectspace.php


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