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Shirin Neshat’s Women Without Men – opens this week

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Shirin Neshat's Women Without Men

Women Without Men

Director: Shirin Neshat. Starring:Mina Azarian. 95 mins

Starts Friday 11 June 2010 at Curzon Renoir, Brunswick Centre, WC1N 1aw

Shirin Neshat’s striking Women Without Men weaves together the stories of five women against the backdrop of the American- and British-backed coup that brought down Prime Minister Mossadegh and reinstalled the Shah in 1953. Contrasting the political drama of the time with the complexities of the women’s intimate lives makes for an imaginative and emotional film that engages us on a myriad of levels.

Bookings for this film can be made at www.curzoncinemas.com or on 0871 703 3991.

Don’t miss this mesmeric and powerful feature film by the wonderful artist Shirin Neshat.





  1. I went to see Shirin Neshat’s film last Saturday and thought it was totally brilliant. Cinematically evocative of its time and space historically, culturally and geographically. The extremely tender portrayal of the women’s lives brought me to tears at some points. The diverse dichotomy between strength and vulnerability was somehow very grounding in its confirmation of our own human fallibility.
    And above all to highlight the consequences of inequality and misogynistic regime.

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