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Calligrams opens Weds 23 June at The Eagle Gallery featuring Jane Bustin

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Beloved by Jane Bustin

Jane Bustin features in the forthcoming show


Join us for drinks at the Private View 6.30pm-8.30pm on June 23rd

Exhibition runs 24 June – 24 July

The Eagle Gallery

159 Farringdon Road

London EC1R 3AL

open Weds-Fri 11am-6pm and Sat 11am -4pm

0207 833 2674



les derniers fleurs by Jane Bustin

CALLIGRAMS 24 June – 24 July 2010
Jane Bustin, Kevin Finklea, Matt Magee, Estelle Thompson

Calligrams features four artists whose work explores contemporary paths of minimalist abstraction. The exhibition brings together UK-based painters Jane Bustin and Estelle Thompson with American artists Matt Magee and Kevin Finklea.

Calligrams poses questions about the challenge involved in reinventing non-representational genres. The artists work within traditional parameters of colour, form and support, yet each in individual ways extends them.

Echoes of Suprematism and Colour Field abstraction are evident in the work of Kevin Finklea and Estelle Thompson, in the use of geometric forms and the manipulation of ranges of complex, high-keyed colours.

Finklea’s recent paintings arise from memories of place and time and have moved off the two-dimensional picture plane into three-dimensional reliefs. The range and vocabulary of Finklea’s colour, whether the exclamatory blush of two contrasting pinks or the meditative quality of a light blue are focused and projected into space through these sculptural forms
The intense colours and re-worked surfaces of Estelle Thompson’s oils on panel bring to mind a range of associations from past traditions in painting, from the shimmering light of Renaissance frescos to the distressed surface of Jasper Johns ‘Flag’. Thompson’s nuanced surfaces act in counterpoint to her plays with geometric form, in which a simple division of a rectangle can offer myriad visual possibilities.

Matt Magee’s more emblematic paintings employ simple pictograms such as punctuation marks or numbers, as a way of incorporating language into the work under his own abstract terms. Formally satisfying simply as shapes, these signs are also weighted with exclamatory meaning and are held within surfaces of painterly marks.

Jane Bustin’s investigations into the potential for the abstract image to allude to emotional states or metaphorical ideas are closest perhaps to traditions of the sublime in abstraction. Exploring sources in literature, her recent series of works are made in response to Mallarmé’s volume of poems ‘’Pour Anatole un tombeau’. Employing a range of materials and supports the work has moved into the territory of installation where related paintings and text are sited in three-dimensional arrangements.

Jane Bustin is represented by the Eagle Gallery. Her most recent solo exhibition Unseen – A collaboration, took place at the British Library, London.

Kevin Finklea’s recent solo exhibition Memories are Uncertain Friends was held at Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York.

Matt Magee’s forthcoming solo show takes place at the Knoedler Gallery, New York.

Estelle Thompson is represented by the Purdy Hicks Gallery, where she had a solo show In 2009.

Four Rectangles (for KM) by Estelle Thompson

Geary Street by Kevin Finklea

Division by Matt Magee


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